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Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor
Up to 60 minutes cordless shave. Battery operated (2 AA batteries included; Best with Polaroid AA Batteries)Provides a clean shave on-the-goSelf-sharpening blades for a close shaveIndependently floating heads follow the curve of your faceBlade Type:RotaryProvides a clean shave on-the-goSelf-sharpening blades for a close shaveIndependently floating heads follow the curve of your faceUp to 60 minutes cordless shaveBattery operated (2 AA batteries included)
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5 Reddit comments about Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor:

u/lsof- · 15 pointsr/minimalism

I do want to point out r/onebag (even if you don't do just one bag) has a lot of good information. I've found Eagle Creek compressible packing cubes help keep bulk down on most items, namely clothing. I use a down puffy that packs to nothing and a few underlayers designed for snowboarding for colder weather. Both take up little space and accomplish climate versatility.

Eagle Creek also makes a garment sleeve but I've not used it, instead I just use wrinkle free button ups from Rohan and roll them. One great tip I use is to wear your dressier clothes while flying so you can avoid packing them all together. This takes the complication out of keeping business attire wrinkle free during the flight there and back. Be sure not to overpack things that can be picked up there for cheap, most of these fall into the toiletry department.

(I'm male so this may not be directly actionable for everyone, but materials may be useful*) I have 5 undershirts - the ones in heather gray are a poly blend, two wrinkle free button ups, one pair of outlier slim dungarees, one pair of western rise evolution pant, 7 pairs of synthetic reebok boxer briefs, 3 pairs of darn tough merino racer socks (which get washed by hand), 2x long sleeve base layer for both bottom and top (no link, off brand), down puffy (no link, discontinued), one heather gray uniqlo airism hoodie, and a cheap pair of synthetic shorts for the gym. Most of the stuff gets put into compression cubes or more rarely ranger rolled. It all packs down extremely well.

I also pack a laptop (Asus C302) and some of that dongle life (USB-C). I'm sure I'm missing more than a few things but my goal really isn't to provide a complete packout breakdown, just get some ideas out there for minimal packing/living. It's been a few months since I've packed my belongings into my 30l backpack and took a plane so my memory is a bit hazy but I could do it now if I wanted because I haven't increased/changed my belongings much since.

As a general rule I try to avoid bulky cotton stuff as much as possible and just go with synthetic or merino wool, stuff that will pack down easy. Freezer/gallon ziplock bags can make great compressible organizers if you're looking to save some money. The corners can be reinforced by clear packing tape, with the air pushed out for clothing as well. This is my razor of choice, as it's super light and you can pick up the batteries anywhere in the world.

u/NoAngel815 · 7 pointsr/DontFundMe

For "on the go" touch ups I would suggest a travel razor like this one. It has good reviews and I checked FakeSpot which gave the reviews an A. The one I use is an older model but this one is very similar and it's from the same brand. Honestly you can't go wrong with Philips Norelco for electric shavers in my opinion.

u/outpath · 3 pointsr/onebag

Try the Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor.

  • Only $15
  • Takes 2AA batteries, so no adapters.
  • Weights 3.24 oz without the batteries
  • 4.5 stars with 1,050 reviews on Amazon
u/VirtualLife76 · 1 pointr/onebagging

I bought this:
It's not perfect, but at least I don't have to buy a new one at each location. Prefer a rechargeable one, but this was the best weight ratio I could find. Close enough shave that I can't complain too much, plus it seems to be the standard reddit answer.

u/Rararatard · 1 pointr/NavyNukes

theres a phillips one I call the nugget and leave it in my foul weather jacket to shave when master chief complains my face looks rough, runs off AA which can always be found in the RIMR
lasted 3+ years at sea