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Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White
Light therapy lamp and natural sunrise alarm clock for improving your sleep, energy, and well beingRelax and drift off to sleep with dimming sunset and sounds. Colored sunrise simulation alarm clock wakes you gradually with a natural light lamp and a speaker that plays a choice of 5 wake up sounds, or FM radio with tap to snoozeNew PowerBackUp+ feature maintains internal clock settings and back-up alarm for at least 8 hours in the event of power failure90 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee from Philips and can be used as a bedside reading lamp with 10 brightness settingsPhilips’ #1 best-selling wake up light alarm clock. Only Philips wake- up lights are clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshedPower Output: 12Watt ; Voltage: 100/240 Volt ; Cord length: 150 cm
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162 Reddit comments about Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White:

u/AlfredoEinsteino · 327 pointsr/educationalgifs

A sunrise alarm clock really helped me, especially in winter. (I still have a back-up alarm on my phone though.) It's a light that gradually gets brighter over the course of a half-hour and then it sounds an audible alarm at the end. The light's enough to get me awake enough to realize that my alarm is going off.

u/trashlikeyourmom · 254 pointsr/AskWomen

I bought this one and it's great. It wakes me up smoothly, to the sound of birds chirping. My bedroom is very dark and is on the backside of my house, which never gets any sun, so it's really good since I don't get a natural sunrise in that room.

However, while this clock does wake me up it doesn't motivate me to actually get up and start my day.

u/The3rdConch0rd · 42 pointsr/malefashionadvice

TOJ A-2 in brown lambskin; /u/thescottster isn't the only kid on the block anymore with one of these bad boys! (However, he will probably still be the only one of us with that awesome GBV shirt that basically celebrates the shirtless volleyball from Top Gun.)

Common Projects suede derby one, two

Our Legacy light wash denim one, two; I've been wearing raw denim so often that I'd forgotten how soft and comfortable washed denim is

Brooks Bros OCBD and khaki chinos from the Red Fleece collection

Velva Sheen white tees; product pics b/c they are in the wash

A virginized pair of these Viberg boots from last month's SF group order. I stumbled across them on accident while I was unsuccessfully trying to find that Bleu de Paname jacket /u/tttigre sports occasionally. If anyone is curious about the boot's deets, they're waxed flesh service boots with commando soles. They'll differ from the pic in that they won't have speed hooks and they'll be shaped with the 2045 last with an unstructured toe, which is a combo that doesn't exist yet (apparently, it'll have a rounder toe than the 110 last, but tighter around the heel cup area). I hope to have them by about mid-April. One more pic.

Non-fashion related: a Philips sunrise alarm clock so I can be gently woken by a simulated sunrise and tranquil sounds from a forest. As a goddamn snowflake I am not only unique but also fragile, especially in the mornings.

u/WarSport223 · 31 pointsr/productivity

Buy one of these.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, with 3 Months Free Headspace Subscription, White (HF3520)

You are welcome.

This will make it much easier to become a morning person.

Also, in addition to alarms set on this, i have alarms set on my iPhone AND my ipad which charges in my EDC bag at the foot of the bed. When my iPad goes off, I’m forced to get out of bed to silence it.

You could also just keep your phone on the other side of the room, which would prevent you staying on it too long (or at all) at night before bed, and forcing you to get out of bed to grab it when it goes off.

Good luck!

u/mankind_is_beautiful · 24 pointsr/explainlikeimfive
u/onosendaicyberspace7 · 18 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

I just bought this one a month ago. So far it's been great. Our apartment is on a lower floor by a corridor, and the bedroom doesn't get any light whatsoever in the morning.

When we first moved in I had the hardest time getting up, whereas our last place had a big window right next to the bed that let the sunrise in and I always woke up before the alarm and felt ready to go, even on the weekends. At the new place, I was hitting the snooze three or four times before waking up and feeling groggy for awhile once I was up.

I started setting the clock's alarm to follow the actual sunrise (my mornings are pretty flexible) and it'll start lighting up about half an hour beforehand. I use the sound during the week, and no sounds on the weekend. For me, it was completely worth the money.

u/--Danger-- · 18 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

I got a thing for u.

It is not cheap.

But ask yourself this: what would it be worth to you to wake up at 5 feeling normal and pleasant instead of OH MY GOD WHY IS IT SO EARLY AAAARGH WARM BED NOOOO I HATE LIFE?

u/Denairastas · 18 pointsr/DIY

Not OP, but I also work nights and this is the one I bought:

Pricy, but it sure beats feeling like a living dead vampire zombie.

u/rumourmaker18 · 17 pointsr/ADHD

If you have stimulants, setting an alarm to take your meds about an hour before you wake up can help a lot.

Similarly, recently someone recommended keeping a piece of fruit or something else breakfast-y on your nightstand, and start eating it as soon as your alarm goes off. I've found it to be pretty helpful. (I also leave tea or coffee. No, I don't mind cold tea or coffee, but I tend to make them pretty sweet.)

It's an investment, but I use a wake up light and it's done wonders for my sleep schedule. For 40 minutes before your alarm, it has a very strong light which gradually brightens the room, which makes you wake up far more gradually. [This is the one that I have - it's amazingly well reviewed, but fairly expensive.](Philips Wake-Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation alarm clock & sunset fading night light, White HF3520 There's a $50 one from Phillips, and some off brands which are even cheaper. (Make sure you do some research into the cheaper ones - if the light isn't bright enough at its peak, or if it's not gradual enough, it won't be very effective.)

u/BabySealSlayer · 15 pointsr/AskWomen

this one is pretty awesome.
the light is wonderful warming and welcoming. you just feel good. but heavy sleepers would require their smartphone to sound an alarm because the integrated noises aren't that loud.

I got the Philips HF3531 but the HF3520 linked is fine if you don't need that night light to read in bed or something.
Also got it for a friend who was always stressed in the morning and waking up feeling crushed and with a headache.

u/StarOriole · 14 pointsr/AskTrollX


  • A ladder for changing lightbulbs
  • A 2- or 3-step step-stool for getting into your kitchen cabinets (your choice between super lightweight or sturdy with a latching mechanism)
  • A flashlight per floor, and maybe even a battery-operated lantern if your area is prone to power outages
  • A fire extinguisher for your kitchen (that you know how to use!)
  • A carbon monoxide detector for your bedroom (with a display, so you can tell instantly whether there's a leak or a low battery if it goes off)
  • A black-and-white multi-function printer (for Amazon return labels and photocopying all the legal documents you'll still be dealing with for a while)
  • A one-year subscription to Consumer Reports ($30) because you're going to be buying a lot of stuff and it will save you hours of research


  • A super comfy place to relax (whether that's a glider rocker for your living room or a hammock for your backyard)
  • A wake up light if your bedroom is dark
  • A swiveling aerator for your kitchen sink if you don't have a sprayer
u/itypeallmycomments · 13 pointsr/malelivingspace

Yeah no problem, it's this one here

Unfortunately it's a bit of an investment as you can see! Basically it fills your bedroom with 'natural' light gradually (over 20 mins or so), to simulate waking up to a sunrise. And then it can do the same at night time, where it'll fade out to help you sleep to a sunset.

And it's got birdsong, radio, gentle tunes etc to wake you up. I'd recommend it, but it works best when you sleep in a dark room, not sure how effective it would be in a room like this with those blinds, but I could be wrong. Also it works as a bedside lamp too, with levels of brightness if you need that.

u/bobadrunk · 12 pointsr/bodybuilding

Bought myself a fancy wakeup light. Friend made fun of me for the purchase, which I understand since it's essentially $120 bucks for an alarm clock (paid ten bucks from sales tax), but if it's something that's gonna improve my sleep/sleep schedule I figured I might as well go for it. Will report back with results after a week.

u/hofftari · 9 pointsr/getdisciplined

I live in Sweden, where the darkness is considered worse than the cold during winter. I purchased this device which is awesome and helps a lot. I've been using it for two years now, and it helps me start my day energized. I really recommend it.

u/harimundir · 8 pointsr/getdisciplined

It sounds like everyone posting so far has some good advice. I've had similar struggles with depression, low energy and anxiety so I will add one more thing. What has been working for me lately is a sunrise simulating "alarm" clock. I've only started using it recently but the impact has been almost unbelievable. The product I've been using is Phillips HF3520 It's a bit pricey at $133 but there are more affordable options out there too - even as little as $30 - $40. May be worth looking into.

u/fanta_romanta · 8 pointsr/Atlanta

Anyone get anything good for Prime Day so far? I bought myself a fancy simulated-sunrise alarm clock in hopes of making waking up easier and subsequently making my mornings less shitty, for $90 down from $140 - it was the one thing on my wedding registry that I REALLY wanted, but nobody bought it (because why on earth would anyone spend so much on an alarm clock???), and last night I was in a "treat yoself" mood.

u/ltamr · 8 pointsr/GetMotivated
u/icebox56 · 8 pointsr/xxfitness

I purchased this one a year ago when my first sunrise simulating alarm died after 8 years. Pull the trigger and change your life.

u/kittens45 · 8 pointsr/xxfitness

This sunrise simulating alarm clock has helped me a ton:

I have it set to wake me up with NPR (can program it to be a more generic alarm sound) and the type of light it emits really does help. I get up, make myself a cup of coffee (coffee maker is set and ready to go) and grab my overnight oats (also set from the night before, or earlier night in the week when I had time). I bring those two back to bed, sit up, sip and eat while listening to the news.

I know a lot of people advise getting up and going right way to avoid falling back asleep, but it helps me to know I have ~30 min of sitting up in bed and sipping coffee to kind of get myself going. Takes the edge of how initially groggy I feel when I open my eyes and think "nooo this isn't even possible."

u/THE_GREAT_PICKLE · 7 pointsr/AskMen

I got one for my wife about 3 years ago, and she uses it religiously. Helps her wake up in the morning, but also helps her fall asleep at night. Theres a reverse function where it will also dim at night. We both like to read at night, so when we decide to go to bed, we will just put it on that feature and it will slightly dim over 20 minutes. Best purchase I ever made.


This is the one I got her:

u/digableplanet · 7 pointsr/DecidingToBeBetter

I just bought this alarm clock that slowly brightens over a period of time (30 min. but you can choose). When it's time to wake up (say 6:30 AM), a flute or some birds will start playing.

Honestly man, this has helped me get my ass out of bed in the morning because I'm not waking up to a dark room (especially during the winter). Give this some thought.

u/gormand0 · 7 pointsr/productivity

Pretty sure it’s this

u/iStayedAtaHolidayInn · 7 pointsr/medicalschool

This works like a charm for me

Philips Morning Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation and Dusk Fading Night Light, White, HF3520

Also if you want to get back into a normal cycle, doctors often recommend going camping. Puts you back in a more natural circadian rhythm

u/mdeneiko · 7 pointsr/LifeProTips

We use this alarm clock from Phillips and it simulates a sunrise for 30 minutes in the morning. We have it synced with another Phillips light on the other bedside table as well as the lights in our kitchen so the whole house lights up like a sunrise. It's helped us quite a bit, especially in the winter in Canada getting up early for work. Hope this helps!

u/solidcheese · 6 pointsr/ADHD

In order:

  1. Vyvanse. I'm not a pill this was a lifestyle change for me.

  2. calms me down somehow. Not sure why.

  3. Alarms. Lots of alarms. I accepted that I have no sense of time.
  1. Focus on a good nights sleep at night, 7 days a week, consistently.
  • Melatonin to help me get to sleep.
  • Completely dark room to sleep in.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Air cleaner which I only mention because it adds white noise to the bedroom.

  1. Learning responsibility, accepting things as they are. These worked for me:
u/nooseknight23 · 6 pointsr/Narcolepsy

Oops sorry for the late reply. I went in on it and bought the more expensive, but not the most expensive model.]

It was about $100 when I bought it, seems to be so now as well. I think the main difference in the prices is how bright they get

u/ryanknapper · 6 pointsr/Cyberpunk

I have a sunshine lamp. It really helps me wake up.

u/OH_NO_MR_BILL · 6 pointsr/todayilearned

Thank you:)

I use something like this..

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation, White

u/Stepwolve · 5 pointsr/educationalgifs

I've been using this one off amazon. It's a bit pricey, but will honestly change how you wake up each morning. Each morning It goes from a very muted red (like early sunrise) all the way up to a full bright white light like a solar lamp. And you can adjust the brightness/lightness of it like a lamp for normal use. I love using it at the lowest light level before bed, and any time you turn it on or off it fades the brightness/darkness so it's not a shock

u/Jerks_took_my_name · 5 pointsr/Fitness

Get a light alarm. I have this one and it's fucking amazing, especially since the sun doesn't rise until around 9 am right now.

(PS: I don't know why it's so expensive. My fiancee bought ours and I didn't ask the price but I refuse to believe she spent $700 on it)

EDIT: Asked the future-wife. She bought for around $70. We're guessing maybe it's discontinued or something, there are newer models for $130 like this one or $50 for this one.

u/longshanks881 · 5 pointsr/Narcolepsy

>I have used a sun rise alarm clock for years. I used to work shift and it was absolutely essential to be able to wake up at night and get going. I have continued to use it even after coming off shift because it just works better for me. There is a noticeable difference in how I feel when I wake up if I forget to set it the night before and I get up to my SO's alarm.
>I have an older Phillips model and did a lot of research before I bought one, it was expensive. I have mine set to start lighting up 15 minutes before I need to wake up, I think you can set it to start as far out as 60 minutes early. You can also change how bright it gets. Once it is my wake up time it plays forest sounds and crescendos them in so it is not a jolt but to be honest I am almost always mostly awake by the time the sounds start. You can of course choose not to have sound or turn on the radio if you prefer,
>This is the one I have but there are newer ones on the market now.

u/NekuSoul · 5 pointsr/worldnews

>Though sounds like a great invention.

I hate to break it to you, but there's already dozens of products out there:

u/Rygar82 · 5 pointsr/Hue

You could always buy the stand-alone alarm clock.
Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation, White

u/advwench · 5 pointsr/xxfitness

I bought myself a sunrise alarm clock a couple of years ago (I have this one, but there are others.) It really does make it easier to get out of bed while it's still dark out.

u/4RJ56NJ5j2oEtcxyVkOo · 4 pointsr/getdisciplined

This is a good second. Over 30-45 minutes before your time it gets brighter mimicking natural sunlight and various morning sounds. Very peaceful way to wake up.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3520)

u/cyale4 · 4 pointsr/InteriorDesign

Maybe you should consider a ["natural light" sunrise alarm clock?] ( It will start producing light 20-45 minutes before you have to wake up, and imitates the sunrise. Might make your wake-up less disorienting?

u/Corm · 4 pointsr/soylent

I also have a phillips light alarm and it's AMAZING. Easily one of the best purchases I made. I was wary of getting a $100 alarm clock, but waking up is so nice now. I have it set to 40 min wake up and it legitimately feels like sunrise every morning. My only gripe is that it doesn't get bright enough for my tastes.

Edit: I forgot to mention why it's nice. It's cuz my brain is already fully powered up by the time my alarm goes off. It's never a surprise.

u/MCHammerCurls · 4 pointsr/Weakpots

Did I tell you the magic of my daylight alarm clock? It's not a sun lamp, but it does wonders for my wellbeing during winter months. Also good for sleeping with room darkening curtains but wanting to be gently awakened - I'd imagine it would be good if your apartment is super dark. It's this one. Are you already supplementing vitamin D in pill form?

u/_surfhappens · 3 pointsr/bodybuilding

Greatest aid for my mornings has been the Philips Wake-up Light. This model
Expensive, but worth every penny. Beats my iphone alarm any day.

u/bakedpotatosale · 3 pointsr/CasualConversation

I've got one of those too! (As you may have guessed, I do not do well with the lack of sunlight during winter months.) I like this one because it's a little tinted – starts out with a reddish hue when it's dim and then gets really bright, like an actual sunrise.

u/ripcurly · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

I have been thinking about this forever, so I just impulse bought this one. Not cheap, but I'm a little desperate at the moment. I can't wake up on time for work :(

u/natinaut · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

Absolutely. I'm naturally pretty easy-going, so I can't speak to stress. However, I have been working on sleeping better for the past 6 months, and I have finally got it locked down. Here's my sleep tips.

  • Maintain a regular sleep schedule and stick to it. Yes, even on the weekends. My sleep schedule is 11pm-6:30am and the most I divert from is by a half hour.
  • Turn all devices off at least 1 hour before bedtime. This is so important and has been the biggest help to me in getting better sleep. It also leaves more intentional time for reading/journaling/cleaning/whatever.
  • Stop eating at least 2 hours before bed. Some people would even say 3-4 hours. I work until 8pm some nights, so I give myself 2 hours.
  • Get rid of your awful alarm clock. There's nothing worse than being jolted out of sleeping by the blare of your iPhone. I switched over to this light-based alarm clock earlier this year and it has made a huge difference. Totally worth the investment. I always wake up naturally with the light.

    So there it is. These are all pretty common sleep tips. I dragged my feet on implementing some of them because they sounded so inconvenient--who wants to wake up at 6:30am on the weekend?--but I have felt 10x better since doing so. And now I have more energy and more time because I'm not sleeping 12 hours on my weekends.
u/mloth · 3 pointsr/GetMotivated
u/micktorious · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

I got a sunrise simulator and placed it far enough from my bed that I have to sit up to use it, works great for me. It slowly increases the light and alarms only at the set wake up time and makes me feel less suddenly struck awake. I usually wake up about 5 minutes before peak brightness and just relax and slowly warm up. Once the sound starts I have to sit up and turn it off and it works perfect.

u/salthecrawfish · 3 pointsr/GetOutOfBed

I have this one, got it when it was on sale 30% off.

u/mrks_ · 3 pointsr/minimalism

I'm with you on not wanting my phone in the bedroom. If I have it charging on my nightstand, I always reach for it first thing in the morning and burn through 30 minutes on twitter.

I use a Philips wake-up light (specifically, this one, but they have cheaper models). The display dims in dark light so it isn't bothersome. It also simulates a sunrise that I find wakes me up gently even before the alarm sound goes off. You get two different alarm settings for different schedules, and it doesn't go off unless you set it.

If that's outside your budget, I'm sure almost any basic alarm clock will do.

u/pinkiemarie · 3 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

Another idea, although it wouldn't eliminate the alarm, is to get one of those alarm clocks that turns on a light about half an hour before it's time to wake up. Personally I have a really hard time waking up in the winter but I'm up at 5:30 in the summer. Something to think about!

u/poidogs · 3 pointsr/WinterBlues

Mine is no longer made, it's too old. But- there are better ones out there now.

I think this is the most popular now- A key feature for me in addition to the sunrise is the "sunset" so that I don't fall asleep with my bedside light on.

If you are an evening/nighttime computer/smartphone user, screen dimming apps that pull the blue light out of your displays may further help. Check out f.lux, though there are others depending upon what OS you have.

There is a thread a bit further down about biurnal beats which may be a relaxation aid.

Good luck!

u/InSOmnlaC · 3 pointsr/DSPD

The one I got which I love is this: Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device - HF3332

Found it on ebay for like $40. Read the reviews. After like a week of usage, I found myself getting dead tired at 9 pm. Im used to going to sleep later and later, until I finally have to say fuck it, and not go to sleep one night.

Next, try to use software that limits blue light in screens for when you are using them. Get [f.lux]( for your PC and there are other options for your Android devices. They basically drop the level of blue as it gets darker outside.

Lastly, I want to try a nice sunrise/sunset simulator alarm clock to work in conjunction with my light panel. Here's the one I found which seems to be pretty awesome.
Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation
I've seen it drop down to $114 so I wouldn't get it now, but yeah, seems great for DSPS.

Those three things combined should work great for you, especially since you're waking up before dawn.

u/Brothernod · 3 pointsr/keto

Those daylight alarm clocks help a mountain with waking up groggy.

Something like this
Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation, White

It gently pulls you out of your sleep cycle before the alarm goes off so you always wake up in the right mood.

u/BoringNormalGuy · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

This is a great proTip! Thank you.

Cats are another great wake up timer for anyone interested; they'll make sure you get up.

I've been looking at this on Amazon for some time, curious how bright it is, really

I'd love to try these. There are two windows in my room, and I'd love to put these on each shade. At $250 a pop they are a little expensive for a glorified alarm clock, but waking up to the sun sounds fantastic to me. All hail the sun god.

u/DelayedEntry · 3 pointsr/ADHD

I already have the Phillips Wake-Up Light, but it would be more effective combined with Hue...right?

^(must stop impulse buyingg)

u/jevdokimoff · 3 pointsr/homeautomation

I use one of these and love it:

I just don't like a lot of noise in the morning. I'm sure there is some way to setup your lutron lights as well. I have a sunrise alarm setup through my Hue Bridge and Smartthings for my other lights

u/theedgeofcool · 3 pointsr/CasualConversation

I found that I always have an easier time getting up if light wakes me up. So I got this alarm clock that slowly wakes me up with light and sound. Expensive but it's so much better not being jolted awake in the morning.

Even if I have to wake up at 3 am to catch a flight, it feels better than an alarm.

u/stellastellamaris · 3 pointsr/relationship_advice

What does his therapist think about his morning struggles? Does the therapist know the extent of the issue?

Perhaps he needs an adjustment in his meds?

Why is it up to you to turn on the lights? Perhaps he would benefit from a light-up alarm clock? Perhaps one that mimics a sunrise? (such as

What do you think would happen if you weren't there to rub his back, hug him, turn on the lights, etc.? Like, if you were on a business trip or vacation?

u/aquasharp · 3 pointsr/nursing

Laugh at the price [but it's worth every penny]( Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light, White (HF3520)

u/deceasedhusband · 3 pointsr/minimalism

I use a dawn simulator. It's my bedside lamp and my alarm clock. Waking up to gradual light is so much nicer than sudden noise too.

I have this one:

It has sound options too if you need that. I don't, I'm very light sensitive.

u/ValkyrieVance · 2 pointsr/GetMotivated

Sure thing. This is the one I wound up purchasing (non-referral link).

If I had to do it over again, I would probably look for one with a wake up noise which is a little louder. I can never consciously hear the little birds that are supposedly chirping to wake me up. Other than that I've been really happy with it - especially the "fall asleep" function it includes (sunset instead of sunrise).

u/zoodlenoodle · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Seriously. These lights save me.

I have this one.

u/GeoBurns · 2 pointsr/networking


Oh and something that works for me, don't put it next to your bed, or you may hit the snooze and fall back asleep. Instead, place it on the other side of your room. That way, when the alarm goes off, you have to actually get out of bed to turn it off.

u/xmasterZx · 2 pointsr/getdisciplined

"Phillips Wake-Up light alarm clock" ... this is the one I got:

Kinda pricey, but there's cheaper ones with less features too

u/audacious_monk · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

I feel better waking up to a sunrise simulating alarm clock like this one:
Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation, White
It simulates a sunrise and slowly wakes you up naturally. I was a skeptic at first, but it's helped me so far. It's definitely better than being jostled by a loud, obnoxious alarm. Hope it gets better-- good luck!

u/LadyMoonstone · 2 pointsr/minimalism

Not OP, but I can respond to you! I have had my Philip Wake Up Light since January.

Sorry for the ugly link, I don't quite know how to make pretty Reddit links, but that is I believe the one that I have.

I absolutely adore the clock. It not only simulates sunrise, but it is able to simulate sunset, which I find relaxing at night. I do feel like it helps wake me up more refreshed. I think my favorite thing though is that it fades the melody and light in softly so that it doesn't give me a panic attack when I wake up. I struggle with cell phone alarms. I have severe anxiety and a number of other issues, and the loud sudden sound of most cellphone alarms scares me too badly.

u/bokan · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

Thanks. I do use Flux, and also have a sun-esque light alarm which is super cool. I used to have an alarm where I had to go outside and take a picture of a certain tree for the alarm to turn off.

(If anone is interested:

I think I am just some kind of night creature.

u/physalisx · 2 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

I'm literally on the other end of that... I haven't needed an alarm for a long time, since I'm almost always awake before it would go off, usually still with too little sleep. It's extremely rare that I get 8 hours of sleep. And yeah I would definitely trade with you.

Anyway, maybe you should try one of those light alarms, one like this, they simulate sunrise and make you wake up slowly and naturally over the span of a half hour or so. People I've talked to that have it said it's awesome.

u/justadorkygirl · 2 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

If your alarm is going off so loudly that it's a interrupting your neighbor's sleep and has become a nuisance to them (and the neighbor has made it clear that they are very, very bothered by it), then yeah, YTA. Emailing the building manager is a nice try, but chances are they're going to tell you to turn your alarm down and stop bothering your neighbor with the noise.

What you really need to do to stop being TA is this: Get into the habit of allowing yourself one snooze. Just one. When the alarm goes of the first time, use that time to check your phone or read or do something else that'll help you wake up. Then, when the alarm goes off the second time, you force yourself to get up and head to the shower. You'll get better sleep anyway with one snooze and then up, because you're not being interrupted every 30 minutes (and I honestly don't know how you stand that, holy crap, that's horrible for your sleep cycle). Also try a wake-up light instead of a traditional alarm. I use one myself, and the chime + the bright light near my face makes it easier to wake up and stay awake. I say all of this as someone who doesn't sleep particularly deeply, but who does have an extremely hard time peeling myself off the mattress in the mornings.

Here's a link to the one I use, btw. It's a little pricey but I think there are less expensive ones too:

u/aldld · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

It would be really cool if you could program it to gradually brighten before you wake up, simulating a sunrise. Kind of like a DIY wake-up light.

u/HearTheRaven · 2 pointsr/RedPillWomen

To add to that, this light-up alarm clock has worked wonders for me:

Basically, 15 minutes before the alarm goes it slowly starts lighting up...then when you're actually waking up, it's already fully lit. Expensive, but worth every penny.

u/VanFailin · 2 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

Another option I personally recommend is a dawn simulator. I personally use this one though there are cheaper ones out there. I usually wake up rather peacefully about 5 minutes before the alarm sound comes on because the room gets gradually bright enough for my brain to wrap up the dreaming all by itself.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

If it's now once again light when you wake up in the morning, then perhaps a sunrise simulating wake up light will help you. I don't care what time it is, if it's dark when I wake up I feel like I got up in the middle of the night. I've always struggled with that in winter, so this year we found this light on sale and have been using that. It gradually lights up so as not to jolt you awake, and it has an audible alarm option as well.

u/shrillthrill · 2 pointsr/StackAdvice

> I guess there's no magic pill you can take to wake up on time easier... is there? Do you know of one??? Hah

If sunrise works for you then allowing sunlight to spill into your room naturally will start waking you up gradually. If that's not possible or you need to wake up before or after sunrise, there are simulated sunrise alarm clocks which gradually warm your room with color while you're asleep before the light eventually causes you to wake.

A few people on /r/nootropics have been discussing artificial dawn here: /r/Nootropics/comments/2ryl0i/effects_of_artificial_dawn_and_morning_blue_light/

> I have had a blood test within the last year and no issues with anemia or vitamin D that I recall. The inositol is just in the Theanine brand I have and the Selenium/Molybdenum are in the fish oil.

Cool and that's fine.

> The dark chocolate, is that for the antioxidants?

Nope. Theobromine and flavanols seem to be pretty remarkable for cardiovascular health in reducing arterial stiffness, might be slightly anti-diabetic and may help lessen stress a little.

Good work on the fibre too.

u/WasabiLobby · 2 pointsr/SleepApnea

You might try a Phillips Wake-Up Light like this one. It will flood your room with light and actually creates a very nice and peaceful waking experience.

u/Ivalise · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I have the Philips Wake-up Light, and I would recommend their brand of sunrise simulation. However, they've changed the design since I bought mine four years ago, so I can't speak to the new design. I have the old model that's a conical shape (their new models are circular), here's what it looks like.

If mine ever broke down though, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Philips brand, and I'd probably buy [this one] (, which is essentially the same as my current and around the same price that I paid for mine.

u/mnnsn · 2 pointsr/CautiousBB

Apparently I now sleep like this:

  • Fall asleep
  • Sleep 1 hour
  • Wake up
  • Pee and flip my pillow over to sleep on my other side
  • Repeat

    On a more positive note, my husband bought me a wake-up light for Christmas, and it's amazing. The sunset simulation puts me right to sleep, and the sunrise simulation makes waking up a much more gradual (and less painful) process. Highly recommend!
u/erisedwild · 2 pointsr/Narcolepsy

I used a Phillips Wake-up Light throughout college and it made a significant difference in how I was able to wake up for morning classes. The light has 20 settings from dark red to bright white-yellow, to mimic sunlight, and it starts lighting up about 30 minutes before your actual scheduled alarm, so that you’re inclined to naturally wake up easier. For example, if my alarm was set to 7AM and it was dark outside because it was winter, sometimes I found myself waking up naturally around 6:45AM (feeling rested and actually not irritated to boot, since I wasn’t forcibly jolted awake by the sound of my alarm). It comes with multiple sound effects you can choose from as well; I picked chirping birds to help with the “natural wake-up call” aspect.

The clock also has a nice “tone down” feature that helped me with sleep hygiene a lot. I’d set it to 15 min. when I got into bed, and the light would gradually darken and fade over that period of time. After 15 min., my room would be dark and I’d put away my phone or book (no more procrastinating sleep) and close my eyes.

In all, I love my light clock and I’ve recommended it to many friends, especially those that have a tough time with early morning shifts. Let me know if you have other questions!

u/faerygrrrl22 · 2 pointsr/AskMen

I was actually looking at some of these alarm clocks a couple nights ago & found some different models: $131 and

u/StillARedditor · 2 pointsr/ADHD

I got this for my son:

It absolutely does NOT wake him up. However, it DOES make it much easier for ME to wake him up when it's time. Normally it's really really difficult to wake him, but if the light has been going for a bit (it starts dim and gradually goes to full brightness over about twenty minutes) he stays asleep but is more ready to wake.

For the waking part, I got this for him:

It only kind of works too. Yeah, the full sunlight, bed shaking (even pillow shaking if I put it under his pillow isn't enough), siren blaring, wake-everyone-in-a-half-mile-radius isn't QUITE enough to wake him every time.

But both are helpful. I would try those PLUS an old school windup clanger alarm that you have to get out of bed to turn off.

Or get serious about the hours change. My husband is the same way and there is just no way his is getting up early. When we were younger I thought he just needed to grow up already. Now ... I think it's just not physiologically a possibility. Fortunately he can work some flexible hours - nobody tech likes to be early! - and doesn't sleep QUITE as soundly as he used to. But he sleeps like a rock. Kid inherited it. Fighting nature is REALLY hard there. I hope kid can get a job where it isn't dependent on him being there early, because he'll be in your shoes then.

Good luck. The sun lamps really do help get your body ready to wake up.

u/nijitokoneko · 2 pointsr/japanlife

This is the one we have (caution: expensive), it basically starts turning on 20 minutes before the alarm (possibly changeable) and so you wake up before the chime comes on, but if the light really is not enough you will be greeted by a sound (we have birds chirping) at the time you set the alarm for. I also really like the function that simulates sunset, it's a lot easier for me to fall asleep this way than just lights out.

u/sionnachglic · 2 pointsr/Advice

Hi. You should consider a sunrise alarm. This is a light alarm, as in it is a lamp. It starts to brighten about 30 minutes before your alarm, gradually getting brighter, mimicking a sunrise. You can also assign a sound alarm (which I would recommend for you). It has nature scape sounds or you can set it to the radio.

This is a less jarring way to wake up, which may be why you feel so groggy when your alarm goes off.

I've used it for more than a decade. I like the one that has a sunset setting as well because it helps you fall asleep. It is worth every penny and I haven't even had to replace the bulb on mine yet.

u/burritoace · 2 pointsr/pittsburgh

Dude you gotta get one of these bad boys

u/seanmharcailin · 2 pointsr/theXeffect

i have a philips one. amazon link

u/NewAgeNeoHipster · 2 pointsr/funny

You could try this expensive alarm clock.

u/dxiao · 2 pointsr/askTO

Haha it was a joke...but some people in this sub apparently can’t take one.

There is a philips sunrise alarm clock that I use to wake up to, I love it. Expensive but there are other cheaper but similar options as well.


u/simoncherian · 2 pointsr/india

Another thing you could try out, along with going to sleep early, is to ensure lots of light in the room that you are sleeping in. IF there is insufficient light in your room, you could consider getting a alarm with a light. Something like this.

u/dubknight · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

I got one of those alarm clock lights that simulates a sunrise. It is a totally different experience waking up, highly recommended.

u/Xylarax · 2 pointsr/TrueAskReddit

I just recently started using this Phillips wake up light to simulate that. I can't fall asleep with any light so keeping my curtains open isn't an option.

u/pyjamaparts · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

I have the same issue so I bought this Light Alarm, and I think it works really well. You wake up feeling really refreshed and not being able to pinpoint the exact moment that you weren't no longer sleeping. It sure beats waking up already in fight or flight mode that was my old alarm.

u/GeniculateGanglion · 2 pointsr/googlehome

I just got a LIFX A19 bulb for $40 on Sunday to as a low cost way to trial a smart bulb out and really like it. Seems comparable to Phillips option, but doesn't require a separate hub, which is nice. It has a neat f.lux-like feature that functions like this alarm clock, which was I was initially looking to buy until someone recommended the LIFX alternative.

u/MagicBobert · 2 pointsr/rust

Somewhat off the topic of Rust code, but your woes of waking up piqued my interest. I used to have the exact same problem. Tried lots of things to no avail, but I finally got a sunrise simulation alarm clock and it has worked out really well for me. It turns out that most of the time my room is really dark (blinds closed, etc.), so there's very little natural light in the morning. The sunrise simulation slowly raises the brightness of the room for about half an hour until the alarm goes off, which triggers your body's normal reaction to slowly bring you out of deep sleep.

It really has worked wonders for me. I may wake up feeling tired or well rested depending on how long I slept for, but I always wake up and no longer play those silly alarm clock games just to get up on time. I think I'm also making more efficient use of my sleep time as well, since I don't have to set multiple alarms starting 1-2 hours in advance of the time I really need to be up.

This is the clock that I got, though that's quite pricey. I got it on Amazon for $120, so maybe you can find it cheaper somewhere else.

TL;DR: Offtopic sleep talk. Now back to your regularly scheduled Rust banter...

u/forsure24 · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I am the WORST at waking up early, but I need to work out in the morning or it will never happen. I just recently got this AMAZING alarm clock.

It uses light to wake you up as well as sound. My room is very dark and the sun doesn't come up until after 6 am (when I want to wake up). This baby is really helping me wake up and get my butt to the gym.

u/Not_a_bad_username · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

This thing saved my life. It helps me wake up more naturally and I am the opposite of a morning person.
I am seeing some cheaper versions that may be just as good.

u/Moonlissa · 1 pointr/Fitness

I have this one Philips sunrise alarm clock , but I didn’t pay that much!

u/Antedeus · 1 pointr/ADHD

I have always been a terrible morning person, but due to the fact I work in a trade I have no choice but to start work at 7:00, which means getting up at 6 at the latest.

I got this alarm clock:

And this thing single-handedly changed my life. No more setting 7 alarms on my phone and getting to work late. You set it for when you want to wake up and it slowly lights up with the same light spectrum of a sunrise over a 20 to 40 minute range.

At first I thought it sounded gimmicky, but the first morning I used it I felt like I was waking up naturally, like as if I had slept for a good 10 hours and it was a lazy Sunday morning. Tried it again the next night and same thing. I was worried I would just "get used" to it after a while but 2 years later it still works flawlessly.

Best purchase of my life. Seriously.

u/MarauderShields618 · 1 pointr/ADHD

I have always struggled with sleep problems, try talking to a sleep doctor. If the doctor finds that you have a sleep disorder, that is covered by the ADA since sleep is a major life activity. Your employer must make a reasonable accommodation like flexible work hours or later shifts. (Just keep in mind that reasonable accommodation for one business may be prohibitive for another.)

I've struggled with sleep issues my whole life, too. I went to a doctor and these were her recommendations. I finally found a winning combination.

u/nkassis · 1 pointr/CFB

I think I could. I recently discovered that my alarm clock has a wake up alarm with natural birds sounds and the warchant tune in the background.

I wake up to it every morning.

For those interested:

u/Ohthere530 · 1 pointr/productivity

It's by Philips. I think this is the one I have.

u/jonkl91 · 1 pointr/sleep

I had one off Amazon but it was expensive. It had good reviews. It didn't work for me as the sun pretty much has no impact on my wakeup time. Here's the link.

u/eucatastrophes · 1 pointr/AdvancedRunning
u/BadLifeBrendan · 1 pointr/Panicattacks

Thank you! Light therapy is basically re training your body to wake up to "natural" light. Humans have historically woken up to the sun rising and shining in our faces, which is arguably the cause of a lot of depression and anxiety in our culture today. So my therapist recommended me two things, the Philips HF3520 wake-up alarm clock and the NatureBright SunTouch plus.

The Philips alarm clock wakes you up with a simulated sunrise in your room plus some more "gentle" alarm noises (aside from the beach with the annoying seagulls - unless that's your thing lol) which so far I'm loving. There are a few videos on YouTube of it that give you the run down on how it works, it's really cool.

The NatureBright light is basically a bright as hell light you shove in your face for half an hour within 15 mins of waking up. I've done some google research on the therapy and some say that with the alarm clock you would get your sufficient light therapy for the day but my psych was very insistent that I use the 10,000 lux lamp, especially if I could only afford one.

Which brings me to my next point... These aren't cheap at all. The total for both lights was $316 CAD with the fastest shipping, which to me could potentially be worth it if it helps even a little bit with my depression and/or anxiety. I know I've already spent over that amount on medication and I'd rather try to wean myself off of the meds and use more natural methods. I'm hoping this works, and so far it seems like it will be pretty effective, and maybe if someone else reading this decides to try light therapy it could help them out as well.

u/FreedomRun800 · 1 pointr/sleep

Use camel camel or something to check price history though.

u/lady_bluesky · 1 pointr/Atlanta

This is the one I got! It's gone down in price a bit since I bought it.

u/hellamellow · 1 pointr/hsp

I have this one It’s a sunrise therapy light, that can also be used as a therapy light at any time without the sunrise simulation, I like it a lot but it’s on the pricier side.

u/MichaelF- · 1 pointr/getdisciplined

Why not make it so it's not too cold, not too dark, and not too early?

  • Too cold - Get an automatic heater which switches on a set time before you wake up.
  • Too dark - Get a wake-up light (ref) or use an electric timer to switch on a lamp before you wake up.
  • Too early - Go to bed earlier. A time is only ever early because you went to bed too late the night before.

    No more excuses.
u/Thunderbolt_Tzu · 1 pointr/nosurf

I can second what /u/greyrocks1 and /u/32486995 have commented already. Don't use the alarm clock on your smartphone. When I purchased a dedicated alarm clock it not only solved my problem of using my phone in bed at night after I set my alarm, it also prevented me from using it first thing in the morning because I no longer had to keep my phone directly next to my bed

I started with a simple sony alarm clock that I liked. It got the job done: Link

I've since upgraded to the Philips HF3520 and am loving it: Link

u/deepmoodysunups · 1 pointr/internetparents

One of these. They get way brighter than normal indoor lights, and they're specifically designed to mimic sunrise. Mine actually has the same specs as those seasonal depression lamps, and using it every morning actually helped with some residual depression I didn't know I still had, which gave me even more energy than I remembered I could have haha.

u/bookchaser · 1 pointr/pics

They do make smoke alarms for deaf users of course... either flashing lights or a transmitter to another device.

I'm curious if you've used a daylight alarm clock. I'm not deaf and enjoy mine. Granted, if the light doesn't wake you up, you're screwed because the back-up is an auditory alarm.

u/Lordsnoww · 1 pointr/nosurf

I asked myself the same question and decided to get something like this.

Mimics sunlight which isn't an annoying alarm or abrupt noise that wakes me up in annoyance.

u/__tumblr_shitlord__ · 1 pointr/Fitness

A lot of people are going to say melatonin. I had the same issues and there are only a few things that have worked for me (besides obviously not having caffeine too late which is necessary).

  1. LIQUID melatonin. I dont know if it's voodoo, or what, but it knocks me the hell out. If I take melatonin in pill form for whatever reason I have horrible nightmares and it doesn't make me sleepy. No idea why.

  2. Sleepytime Tea or Sleepytime Xtra. I use like...several bags though.

  3. I dont use an alarm clock anymore in favor of a wake-up light. It's gentle and keeps you from feeling like shit when you wake up, like this one (linked):

  4. If you're on the computer, phone, or staring at a screen, you're completely fucked unless you're using f.lux to change the color spectrum. Staring at a screen WILL KEEP YOU AWAKE if you're having trouble. No matter what else you do.
u/akjax · 1 pointr/AskMen
u/ncsubowen · 1 pointr/nfl
u/playdohsallegory · 1 pointr/answers

Maybe try a daylight clock? It simulates the sun in your room and can convince your brain it's time to get up:

Philips Wake-Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation alarm clock & sunset fading night light, White HF3520

u/turquoisebuddha · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Since I haven't seen this mentioned yet, I'll add another piece of advice that helped me: a Phillips sunrise alarm clock

It starts glowing a dark red about 45 min before the set time and slowly brightens. That, combined with 2 mg of sublingual Melatonin and 400 mg Magnesium has been a lifesaver. I'm also conscientious about avoiding blue light from my tablet/phone and use the night shift mode. I got my dream job a few months ago and it's the only way I've managed to wake up at 545 AM.

Source: Someone who happily worked night shift for 5 years and has 6 family members with the disorder. It's debilitating being a night owl in a world filled with workaholism and early risers.

u/miz_nyc · 1 pointr/xxfitness

What worked for me:

A sunrise simulator alarm clock. I have this one:

This makes it a bit easier to get up at 5 am but there still are mornings where I have to pep talk myself out of bed.

u/crumpledlife · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A really awesome way to fix that is using a Dawn Simulator. The one I linked to is awesome because it also has a dusk setting.

I used a dawn simulator for years after being diagnosed with SAD and I loved it. It completely changed my waking up experience.

u/balsawoodextract · 1 pointr/getdisciplined

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation

I've seen it on sale for as low as $90. ~$105 is not uncommon.

u/klausita · 1 pointr/Hue

> The Philips Hue app has a Wakeup Routine; ignore that. Create a set of custom Routines as outlined here:
> Feel free to PM me with questions or help getting that set up.

the link is to a product not to a set of instructions?

Sorry I don't get it ...

I already have a Fado lamp plus a white ambience bulb. I wanted to change to a white&colour bulb (if it makes sense though), and do a coloured wake up routine

u/sleezly · 1 pointr/Hue

Yes, the color bulbs are totally worth it if for nothing else than a true sunrise simulation. I wake up refreshed every morning with this rather than a harsh awakening by an alarm.

When done properly, the color bulbs can mimic the sunrise simulation offered by this dedicated sunrise alarm clock Philips product:

Recommend to not combine color + white ambiance bulbs together for this purpose since the reds + oranges would be washed out by the yellow from the ambient bulb.

Hope this helps!

u/jociebabes · 1 pointr/sex

Definitely not for the main lighting, but I have this alarm clock that could be of interest:
"Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light Coloured Sunrise Simulation, White"

It is bright and gorgeous to wake you up, but it can also be dimmed to give a soft glow (20 levels of gradually decreasing to nothing.. there are videos showing the light change).
I find that it is more casual and less cheesy than lighting a candle, but gives the same effect ambiance-wise

u/icyboo · 1 pointr/test

/u/frugalprice philips wake up light

u/Snazzy_Serval · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

> Link something. I've been looking, and anything of quality is DUMB expensive.

There's also a $50 one but it has half a star less.

>Side note, why don't y'all just get sun lamps if you want sunlight after work to cheer you up?

Doesn't help when you get out of work at 5 and it's already dark. It makes me feel that the day is already over.

u/Bollziepon · 1 pointr/uwaterloo

I find it infinitely easier to wake up if I'm not still in the dark. If you have a window in your room leave the blinds open so the sun shines in in the morning. If you're not facing the sun or in the winter it might be worth investing in one of these alarm clocks

u/PresenceWG22 · 1 pointr/daddit

I'll add another vote for fitbit. I have fitbit charge 2. It's gone on sale for about $100 from time to time. I charge it about once a week with basic use. If I use a lot of the features time stopwatch, tracking, and poking around with it, I may need to charge it every 5 days instead.

The silent alarm is nice, it vibrates and nudges your wrist. It buzzes for about 30 secs then stops and snoozes for maybe 5 mins and goes again. I'm usually awake with the initial buzzing. You can set multiple alarms.

It also has a "meditation mode" which "walks you through" breathing exercise to sync with the watch timer. Not a super feature but interesting.

I also have a wakeup light like [this] ( My wife has one too. The one I have is an older version which works well. My wife has the one with the link, it's not as easy to use but still effective. It slowly lights up. This might help if you are sensitive to it. We each have it on our night stand. However now it's light out pretty early and our son cries awake before it anyway.

edit to add: the wakeup light also has regular alarm features such as birds chirping or wakeup to radio. but that might also wake up your spouse as well if you are not sensitive to sounds and dont turn it off before it wakes them up.
Hope that helps

u/gummy_bear_time · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

Philips wake-up light with sunrise simulator - Will help him get up to prep for class.

u/alwayspickingupcrap · 1 pointr/bipolar2

For me the important thing to prevent getting too UP is turning off lights at sundown. I have my living room lights on timers to turn off and signal me to wind down...I might need to adjust BC right now I’m really UP.

A cheapie way to go is ALZO cfl bulbs in Amazon and plug in timers. That’s what my kids have. I use the Phllips sunrise alarm clock Or the Happy Light which works with a timer.

I have put the ALZO lights in one of my living room lamps to be on only during sunlight hours...I spend a lot of time at home.

u/treehouseMBA · 1 pointr/tea

Sorry I just saw this - I have been debating (for like literally 3 years and still haven't pulled the trigger) on one of these (or one of their other models):

It gradually lights up the room with colored light that is supposed to mimic the actual sun. It is supposed to help wake you up naturally. Also on sale today - 44% off!! The SAD therapy lights you use typically first thing in the morning (so after you are already awake) for 20 to 30 minutes.

Edit: Just bought it, couldn't pass up the Deal of the Day. I can let you know how it works out for me if you want?

u/jpreeves · 1 pointr/getdisciplined

What's your caffeine intake like? I saw big early rising gains from heavily reducing caffeine to only 1 green tea per day, and also from eating two spoons of almond butter right before bed to keep blood sugar stabilized overnight.

Add to this making sure that I actually went to bed on time, moving the phone out of the bedroom, and investing in a wake-up light vs an alarm clock all improved things as well.

Obviously motivation is a HUGE part of it — like you said — but the biological component of motivation can be highly significant as well, even though it's mostly invisible. Instead of brute-forcing that early morning energy, try cultivating it by optimizing your sleep.

u/flyingpanda32 · 1 pointr/muacjdiscussion

You should try something like this alarm clock! I have one and it works super well for me. I don't live in a basement but my window faces South and doesn't get as much sunlight in the morning as I would like, therefore it can be really difficult to wake up (especially in winter). It's also nice because it's a gradual awakening-- the music/nature sounds and light start very low and dim about thirty minutes before you want to get up and slowly build up to full loudness and brightness.

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation, White

u/IHuntLawnGnomes · 1 pointr/Fitness

If you're waking up while it's still dark you might want to try a wake up light. This is the one I have but there are cheaper out there. I hate waking up to the dark, getting to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. These lights help wake you up more like you would if it were actually dawn at 6:30am like it should be.

u/ThePrince_OfWhales · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I bought this alarm clock on a whim after a friend recommended it. Usually I'm hesitant to buy things like this without testing first, but he seemed pretty assuring. I love it. It's helped me wake up so much smoother in the morning. I highly recommend it to anyone.

u/mamtur · 1 pointr/islam

This was recommended in another thread by someone else and I took the advice and can say it really does work. It's an investment, but well worth it:

(There's different models but that's the one I got)

u/bigolebastard · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I have the old model of this, and it's a pretty great device. Definitely recommend it.

u/neinetwa · 1 pointr/sleep

I also have a TON of trouble. Doesn't matter the amount or quality of sleep I get, I have great difficulty waking up any time before 9 AM.

Basically my idea is just as you should make your room conducive to sleep at night (quiet, dark), make it conducive for waking up in the morning. Here are some of the things that have helped me. They might seem silly or pricey, but they have helped.

-Get a sunlamp alarm clock

-Get a space heater with a timer, so your room is warm when you get out from your covers

-Set up motorized curtains or blinds with a remote control, to let the sunlight in without leaving the bed

-Put a coffee machine with a timer next to your bed (and an empty coffee mug)

So what happens is at 6:55 AM, the sunlamp begins to turn on, the space heater starts going, and my coffee machine starts brewing next to my bed. Then at 7 AM, the radio on the sunlamp turns on and my alarm on my phone goes off. I sit up to a warm, bright room. I open the motorized curtains with a remote control, and sunlight streams in. Then I pour myself a cup of coffee and drink it in bed for 5-10 minutes while I listen to the radio.

Even with all this, I still have trouble getting out of bed sometimes, but it is far easier then trying to get out of bed to a dark, cold, coffeeless room.

u/brna767 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

This is $110 and but I can't seem to find any differences yet of that from the one above. I'm going to purchase it and still keep my loud/annoying alarm on and set it 10 min past the alarm point for this alarm incase I don't wake up.

u/thkuntze · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

The only thing that comes to mind is one of those "sunrise alarm clocks".

u/SlugsLoveBeer · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

Where do you live? I live in NYC and I'm in constant fear that this winter will suck as much as last winter did.

It's not so bad here now, but I'm preparing for the worst. I bought myself a new coat and some kick ass boots. I'm also going to get one of these bad boys to cope with the lack of sunlight.

u/Omnomnipotent · 1 pointr/Residency

I have this one:


u/kezzali · 1 pointr/xxketo4u2

It’s definitely the most expensive alarm clock I’ve ever purchased but I really love it. I use the sunset feature alllll the time too. I actually don’t use it for any alarm sound, however - only the light aspect. I use my phone for an audible alarm.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light

u/t0talnonsense · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Try getting a different alarm clock. My wife started using one of those expensive ones that gradually increases the light in the room until it goes off. Something like this clock. It totally helped her get up in the mornings more than anything else she tried.

u/clairen · 1 pointr/GetOutOfBed

This is the one I have:

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation, White

u/NoWheyDude · 1 pointr/Fitness

I really like my wake-up lamp to help slowly wake up in the morning. It starts lighting up about 30 minutes before the alarm goes up so you don't wake up in pitch blackness. Working out in the AM and having to go to sleep earlier the night before isn't always ideal - but if you do it consistently then after a few months your body will adjust and you will have more energy in the morning.

Edit: I am sure there are cheaper variations of wake up lamps, when I bought it the price was around $60.

u/ROCK-FLAG-AND-EAGLE · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Philips Morning Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation and Dusk Fading Night Light, White, HF3520

I have the older model, but this thing is worth every penny. I used to sleep with the light on to ensure that I woke up with my alarm. (My wife is much happier now!)

u/cssvt · 1 pointr/Fitness

I have a Philips morning wake up light alarm clock. It's a bit pricey, but I live in a basement apartment and even at noon on a cloudless day it's fairly dim/dark where my bed is. Generally I'm pretty good waking up if I have somewhere I HAVE to be (work, flight time, etc.)...but otherwise this thing is a bit of a life saver.

u/justahermit · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Has anyone heard of a product like this sunrise simulation light

I think it's so awesome but not sure if it would be annoying. the user uploaded pics look really cool though.

u/SilverLion · 1 pointr/AskMen

The Phillips HF320 is awesome:

It's super bright, and has different colours for the sunrise. Definitely a godsend in Winter. This + putting my phone across the room has helped me get out of bed most mornings. It's not like you'll be raring to jump out of bed every morning but it does make waking up easier.

I tried the HF310 which is way cheaper but it wasn't as bright or as nice, so I returned it and managed to get my 320 on facebook classifieds for $60.

u/ByePolarCoordinates · 1 pointr/Narcolepsy

The Philips Wake Up light with dawn simulator alarm clock is nice. The light doesn't really wake me up but my husband loves it. It might work for you.

There's many models but here are some links:

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I used to put it beside the shower (it was loud enough to hear in my room). So when I've turned it off, I just have to pull off my pyjams and switch on the water. If instead I go back to bed, that's not poor motivation, that's willful disobedience!

Now I've got one of these and I don't do that anymore. Changed my life. Almost always wake up just before the alarm, and ready to go!

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I had the same problem, but after some research I bought an alarm clock that simulates sunlight. (

This worked amazing for me - give it a go

u/BonBon666 · 1 pointr/getdisciplined

Have you tried an alarm that uses light as part of the wake up? It is much less jarring and sometimes I wake up before my alarm sounds from the light.

u/SpicyBananas · 1 pointr/sleep

I have a sunrise set up manually with my Hue lighting at home. When I'm traveling, I use the app Timely to set a silent alarm for ten or fifteen minutes before I have to be up. It's not nearly as effective as a full-on sunrise simulation, but it's often bright enough to wake me if I'm in light sleep and if I happen to wake up to roll over and see it lit up, I know it's time to get out of bed. The app itself doesn't matter I guess, but Timely allows for some very nice color and theme customization.

As for an actual traveling alarm clock, this one on Amazon seems sold under a bunch of different brand names for $25-40. I'm not sure what your budget is, but grabbing a cheap one like this and just having a backup phone alarm probably wouldn't be a bad thing. This one looks super legit but is $130.

Here's a little writeup I found comparing a few models.

Good luck man!

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Get a light based alarm. They help me so much. Instead of being half-awake trying to wake-up and hitting the snooze button, the alarm with sound and light fully wakes me up out of nowhere, more alert. I just have to get out of bed at that point which is much easier. Mine is this model. . It may change your life.

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GUYS!!!! I have your solution!

Seriously, I was like all of you 6 months ago. I would snooze for up to 2-3 hours straight before my brain would finally start turning enough to make me realize what the hell I was doing. Mornings were my least favorite time of the day!.

I recently bought a Phillips Light Alarm Clock back in the beginning of December and it's now almost February. I've been waking up to this thing with ease every single morning! I mean getting out of bed is still a battle but I'm awake, alert, and aware enough to know what I've gotta do. I'm writing this post right now at 6AM. I woke up 30 minutes ago.

I know it's pricey at around 160$ but I got mine off eBay for around 90$. It has seriously become one the best purchases I've ever made.

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Idk why people just don't use lamps, light strips or something like the Phillips light clock. If you just have a friggin light source behind/near your screen, you won't have that problem.


Works great for night gaming, where I barely blink for like ten hours.