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Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Set, 4 Piece
The ideal solution to bicycle wheel theftIncludes a front and rear wheel locking skewer, with each lock operated using a unique multi combination keyEnsure the security of your wheels at a fraction of their replacement cost
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22 Reddit comments about Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Set, 4 Piece:

u/pentium4borg · 10 pointsr/Seattle

Thieves are generally not going to remove things that are bolted down to your bike, except for possibly your seat (especially if it's an expensive seat like a Brooks).

Wheels are a common target, as are things that are easily removed (don't leave detachable lights on your bike, for example).

What I do is I have a big U-lock for the front wheel and frame, and I have locking skewers for both wheels and my headset. These replace your quick release so someone can't just detach your wheel and walk away. There's a bolt in there for your seat as well, if it's compatible. My seat bolt wasn't so I have a short cable lock looped through my seat and permanently zip tied to my bike, just as a deterrent.

With this setup I only have to use my U-lock when I park and take my lights off. Everything else needs tools to be removed, and I haven't had anything stolen to date.

Another thing to do is park next to bikes that only have cable locks. They'll be stolen first.

u/_McAngryPants_ · 7 pointsr/Portland

Because I use Pinheads. While not a perfect solution, they are a nice deterrent.

u/wiggee · 6 pointsr/bicycling

I was looking into this last year, and I found TreeHugger had the best guide. (Un?)fortunately, your bike is going to look like a good bike to anyone in the know. Proper security is probably going to do you more good than making your bike ugly. Your bike isn't worth that much that you want to spend $400 securing it, so here's a few tips.

First, you can get rid of any quickreleases, in favor of either locking skewers, gravity skewers, or something else that will make taking the tires off more of a pain.

Second, use a u-lock and a cable lock. Both wheels should be secured separately, both to the frame, and at least one of the locks through your bike rack (both should fit, if your u-lock fits right now). The purpose of the two types of locks is to require two types of tools to free your bike from the rack.

Third, get renter's/homeowner's insurance to cover the bike. Should be less than $10 a month, and will give you peace of mind.

Finally, if you just want to prevent people from riding away with your bike, there are.... other... less safe-for-work methods...

u/Projectile_Setback · 6 pointsr/philadelphia

A $300 bike isn't really worth stealing. Bike thieves aren't stupid and aren't going to invest time popping locks for a $300 bike. It will get stolen if it's not locked, but it's not likely to be the target of a deliberate and sophisticated effort. That gets saved for people who are idiots that locks $2,500 road bikes with shitty U-Locks.

Get her a decent bike and put Pinheads on the seatpost and wheels. Lock it with a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-Lock. If it's going to be left overnight, lock it with both that U-Lock and a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain, as this is going to require two sets of tools in most cases, or a minimum of 4 cuts and two batteries in the event someone is using a grinder.

u/dangerousdave2244 · 4 pointsr/washingtondc

Im so sorry this happened to you. I cant give any better advice than has been given, however, I have advice on how to prevent your next bike from being stolen.

I REALLY hope that cable lock in the picture isnt the lock you used. Using a cheap $20 lock to protect what I'm guessing is a $600 or more bike is asking for trouble. For your next bike, get locking skewers to protect your wheels. They make it practically impossible to remove your wheels when used right. Then get a U-lock, and use it anywhere on the frame. If you only protect your frame and not your wheels (aka if you dont get the locking skewers, or use a cable lock for your wheels), then you're looking at paying around $200 per wheel in aftermarket parts.

Locking Skewers:

or the best:

For U-locks, any is pretty good, but the higher-end you go, the better, and DEFINITELY sign up for the insurance the lock comes with! Here are two of the best:

u/stusutcliffe · 4 pointsr/chicago

I use these:
Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Set, 4 Pack

There are other similar items, so you can shop around for your needs and price. As with any bike lock situation, nothing can prevent theft, but these do a great job of deterring.

u/utopianfiat · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting

Honestly, if you live in an area that's urban enough to commute by bike, you either need a mini-lock for your front wheel, a nice long chain lock, or buck up and secure your bolts.

u/aleafinwater · 2 pointsr/lockpicking

I recently purchased the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Foldable Lock and the Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Set and while they were a little pricey, I'm definitely happy with these products and my newfound bicycle safety.

u/kw0ww · 2 pointsr/NYCbike

oh sorry. it's a locking skewer set. it's not 100% fool proof, but it would make removing quick release tires, your seat and/or handle bars take a lot more time and effort. i got them so that i wouldn't have to use one of the big chain locks. i don't know much at all about working on bikes and i was able to install them myself no problem.

u/emceelane · 2 pointsr/santacruz

Get a quality U-lock and locking skewers.

u/ackoo · 1 pointr/cycling

I got a skewer system that is permanently installed on the bike, it will not let you remove the saddle, tires, or handle bar if you don't have the key. Will not seeing a chain/wire locking the tires and frame make someone attempt to take it? I think the worst that could happen is that the thief might cut the brakes' wires at the handle bar?

Edit: wrong link

u/hop3full · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

maybe get some locking skewers and then lock up the wheel with a u lock if you have one, it's not perfect but you'll prevent the casual theif

u/drawnverybadly · 1 pointr/personalfinance

I like to recommend people buy a pinlock set for their wheels, seat and headset, now instead of limiting my u-lock spots to posts that will fit both my front wheel and frame it allowed me to lock just my frame, also one less cable to carry around.

Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Set, 4 Piece

u/a_scannerdarkly · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

do you think this would suit a single speed?

u/medigerati · 1 pointr/rochestermn

If you want to protect your wheels, get a security skewer like this:

u/tngdiablo · 1 pointr/bicycling

Kryptonite 14mm Chain and U-Lock for the back wheel and frame.

Master Lock Force 3 U-Lock for locking the front wheel to the frame and loop a cable in with that to go around the post and back wheel.

Pinhead Set. Skewers for both wheels. Locks the headset and the seatpost as well.

I've had 2 bikes stolen. Never again.

u/travissim0 · 1 pointr/thenetherlands

Dank jullie voor jullie advies! Ik ga mogelijk een extra slot kopen, misschien een AXA kettingslot. Hebben jullie ervaring met een inrichting zoals deze? Ik heb ze al voor mijn wielen. Ik woon in Washington DC, die heeft ook fietsdiefstal.

u/LeTiger · 1 pointr/bicycling

What's your take on the use of theft deterrent skewers, primarily Pinheads, or Pitlocks?

Ever since I put a set of pinheads on mine, I haven't worried about the wheels nearly as much. More security is always better... however I've found that these have been "good enough" so far for where I live.

u/this_shit · 1 pointr/philadelphia

Bummer dude, losing wheels is never fun. Grab this deal while it's hot. If you want to keep locking up with a single U-Lock/no cable, you can try locking skewers like these or these. I've used the latter for years now; they're not bulletproof, and with enough time you can definitely get them off, but it's all about reducing that 'crime of opportunity' hazard.
Alternatively use a cable or a 2nd U-lock.

u/minecraftmedic · 0 pointsr/bicycletouring

I don't do much touring, but I only ever carry one lock. When I upgraded my wheels I got paranoid that someone might nick them, so I bought a set of pinhead locking skewers. You can get it as a 4-pack to include your locking your stem bolt and saddle too. Amazon link - UK.

I really like mine, they're expensive, so check out ebay first - I bought mine for about 60% off RRP.

Edit: You need to register the key, then you can order a spare. Not sure what this costs you. FWIW, I haven't lost my key yet.