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Pkgd No-see-um Mosquito Net
No-See-Um mosquito netting packaged in poly bag for display convenience. Size: 54" x 60". Made in USA.
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3 Reddit comments about Pkgd No-see-um Mosquito Net:

u/aboyhasn0name · 4 pointsr/urbancarliving

as others have mentioned, if it's the big flying ones it's probably a "water bug" or "tree roach" which aren't nearly as bad as the small German cockroaches. consider making screens for your windows with no-see-um mesh like you can make a stocking that slides over the top of the door/window that way it only has to be secured at the bottom. also if you store any food in the car, make sure its all in rigid air tight containers. nothing in bags.

u/Intuner · 1 pointr/overlanding

I concur! I have a four set and then I use this on the back end.

I hold them on there with some flat magnets. Like a giant tent!