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Plastic Screw Caps for PET Bottle, 28mm, bag of 24
Tamper evident ringFor Use with 16 oz. pet bottlesItem Package Dimension: 5.5" L x 4.2" W x 1.8" HCountry Of Origin: United States
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17 Reddit comments about Plastic Screw Caps for PET Bottle, 28mm, bag of 24:

u/smithincanton · 24 pointsr/LearnUselessTalents

Definitely a useless talent as you could just buy some.

u/rexanimate7 · 11 pointsr/atheism

Even if they aren't, it's awfully easy to remove the cap from a bottle, empty it, fill it with something else, and then replace the cap with a new cap that has an unbroken seal.

A couple bucks on Amazon could go a long way for trolling your religious family members and friends.

u/dannothemanno · 7 pointsr/washingtondc

> Soak the cut off bottle top in the hot water for 30 seconds or so. This will make the plastic pliable enough that you can pull off the intact cap and sealing ring without breaking the seal.

All that work for a 28 cent cap?

u/MemorableCactus · 7 pointsr/funny

You guys are all trying waaaay too hard with this. Let me introduce you to REPLACEMENT CAPS!

u/grass_fed · 6 pointsr/Lollapalooza

Order this and you'll be golden. Add some vodka or white rum to the bottle and you can get in scott free. 8 bucks for peace of mind is worth it IMO.

u/Brittonator · 3 pointsr/Sasquatch

try these just drink the water, refill with clear liquor and screw a new cap on the bottle.

u/Kevbot93 · 3 pointsr/DIY
u/psicorp_co · 3 pointsr/nfl

I have used this at a few Broncos game. Buy a big water bottle empty fill with vodka, bring in tea and mix. Broncos allow sealed bottles.

u/diet_coke_with_lime · 1 pointr/atheism

You can buy fresh lids for water bottles on Amazon:

When you screw them on, they seal and the ring breaks when you unscrew the lid.

Not only are they useful for faking miracles, but for smuggling booze into festivals that only allow bottled water. Also for poisoning idiot coworkers who try to steal your bottles of water from the office fridge.

u/Grimsterr · 1 pointr/funny

bottled water + homebrew bottle caps, you can put them on and they're unbroken after you replace all the water with vodka.

This is how I'll go on my next cruise.

u/hecticdialectic · 1 pointr/Sasquatch

Alternatively, don't be the kind of person who thinks this is a wild invention by a price-gouging company and pay a fraction of the amount:

You can also buy PET bottlecaps at any homebrew shop.

u/mikeru22 · 0 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Or just buy soda caps and put a new one on...

u/stupidrobots · 0 pointsr/lifehacks