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u/RedFoxyMoron · 13 pointsr/singapore

The PS4 1TB model is 199USD(280SGD) with free shipping from amazon.

u/ToddlerNaruto · 11 pointsr/PS4Deals

Amazon's "Prime Now" app/website has the $200 1TB PS4 in stock, though you have to live in an eligible area/zip code and also have Amazon Prime.

Another option is Walmart/GameStop/Best Buy/Target etc, they should have more units in stock for Cyber Monday hopefully.


u/lstnspce · 8 pointsr/PS4
u/cyrushehe · 2 pointsr/ps4homebrew

The process to downgrade is a little bit complicated...
See you have to open up your PS4 and take literally all the components out.
There are stores that sell these boxes full of PS4 spare parts, find a box from a 4.55 PS4.
Remove all the parts from the useless plastic container inside, then throw it away, since it's useless, then put your old PS4 back together, but replace all the parts that you have two of now with the new ones.
Boom- Firmware downgrade.

Here's a link to one of the boxes, but I don't know if it's on 4.55

u/ImCalcium · 2 pointsr/CoDCompetitive

>Again, there were Incentives for S1 playoffs

Again, no there were not. There were incentives for watching content in the in game theater. Nothing to do with CWL, and nothing to do with the 100K viewers.

Also, talking about looking stupid, neither of those links even mention anything to do with the in game viewers counting towards the views on

>on MLG.TV and in-game (IW PS4) through Live Event Viewer.

MLG.TV =/= Live Event Viewer.

They are completely different platforms, and do not count as viewers when watching on the in game theater.

u/jaydoubleyoutee · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

> You can't get any console/mobile gaming system for $300.

lol because there's no other hybrid console and you're being intentionally selective to try and make a point.

Both the PS4 and XBox One can be bought at less than $300 and while they lack mobility and Nintendo properties, they still have plenty to offer that make them even better bargains in my opinion. Their own exclusives, better third-party support, streaming services, a Blu-Ray/4K DVD player, etc.

PS4 Slim 1 TB - $200

XBox One S 500GB with NLF 18 - $230

XBox One S 1TB with Assassin's Creed - $300

u/Bas84 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I don't know about US pricing, so I'm just gonna use the Amazon prices here.

PS4 slim 1TB: ($299,00)

Xbox One S 500GB: ($239,00)

Now for the pc:

Buy something like this: ($119,99)

Add this: ($115,27)

119,99+115,27= $235,26

(if you want, you could also get this 500gb hdd:

The pc is as cheap as a console, has an OS, can run modern games at 1080p60 at at least console grade settings and set up should be as easy as sliding the side panel off, clicking the gpu in place and installing the nvidia drivers. (wich is just spamming next)

Other benefits are: free online, upgradability, cheaper games, etc. (those and more are listed in the post above)

u/tappintap · 2 pointsr/DaveAndBusters

I'm pretty sure it's the slim.

Edit: add one more link plus some more info

Maybe D&B got their wires crossed and they don't know the price should be for the Pro and not slim

u/AFrozenCanadian · 1 pointr/modernwarfare

30 second budget ryzen

ps4 pro


Same price as a ps4 pro, minor higher price than normal PS4. Plus little things like a windows key you can buy for $20, and whatever compatibility issues might have to swap some other parts out but I literally put that together in 30 seconds, so obviously I'd do a bit more research for a specific build.

All I'm saying is console level PCs are actually quite affordable and provide the option to upgrade if you want in the future.

Edit: swapped Amazon link for an American link cause I think the PC partpicker was in wrong currency but still very similar pricing.

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Charity links:

u/EpicGifts · 1 pointr/Gifts

Hey what sorts of other things is he into?

As others have mentioned, PS4 can still be found on sale at places like Amazon and Target. You can find it for $280ish here. If he games, you can check out a nice gaming chair (like #21 on this list of gifts for gamers). You could also look in to getting him a customized controller (you can build one here). Hope some of those help!

u/ilovepinknips · 0 pointsr/singapore

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console

Think the price went up a little by $30