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Plugable USB 3.0 Sharing Switch for One-Button Swapping of USB Device or Hub Between Two Computers (AB Switch)
SIMPLE DEVICE SHARING - Compact design provides easy one-touch switching of a USB 3.0 device or hub between two computersONE BUTTON TOGGLE - Attach a USB docking station or powered USB hub that is connected to keyboard, mouse, and USB graphics adapter for an all-USB KVM solutionPLUG AND PLAY - Switch works with any USB-enabled computer without drivers, but note that any attached devices still require drivers. LED indicator lights show which connected computer has control of the attached devicesCOMPATIBILITY - Not recommended for switching mass storage devices such as hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, etc. We recommend using the provided 1m cables to connect the USB switch to your computer and keep connections less than 1.8m to your peripheral2 YEAR WARRANTY: We love our Plugable products, and hope you will too. All of our products are backed with a 24 month limited parts and labor warranty as well as Seattle-based email support
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21 Reddit comments about Plugable USB 3.0 Sharing Switch for One-Button Swapping of USB Device or Hub Between Two Computers (AB Switch):

u/Dreamincod · 5 pointsr/battlestations

As already advised, take the PC off the desk to create more space, then get a monitor arm that handles two monitors, this will also clear some desk space. As for using your macbook with it, You'd need to get a HDMI switcher and usb KVM which you would run your PC and Macbook through. HDMI Switcher and for the USB

u/SausageLegs · 3 pointsr/battlestations

There is an easy way, use one these for your mouse and another for your keyboard. I velcro'd mine under my desk and just tapped it when I want to swap.

u/TheCrowGrandfather · 3 pointsr/techsupport

Kvm stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse and it would do exactly what you're looking for. However it is somewhat pricy.

If you don't mind pressing 3 buttons you could buy an HDMI merger, and have that feed into a splitter, and have a USB splitter.

Basically you'd need these: (Merger)


(USB Switch)

And about 4 HDMI cables.

All in all it should cost you about $100. It's ghetto and would look silly but it will work.

u/WATCH_DOGS_SUCKS · 3 pointsr/simracing

Well, you could move the camera. Find a comfortable space for a potential cockpit, see where you'd need the camera to be, and find a little stand for it, along with a USB extension cord to go along the edge of the room. If the headset's wires aren't long enough to properly extend to you from that position, you could find an HDMI and USB extension cords for it as well. If you want the cameras to be static, you could buy a second camera to sit in the middle of the room, and use a USB switch to switch between them (I personally use this one to switch between my PS3 and PS4, but there are other options out there).

Otherwise, I'd also agree that a fold up stand would probably be best here. I have the Apiga AP2, which also has the option for the seat mount (though you'd have to source the seat). You could have the stand folded up in a closet with the seat, and when you want to race, put them together in the middle of the room, and enjoy. There are other folding mounts out there, but the AP2 is the only one that I know of that also has an option for seating, and most of the other ones have a bar that goes between your legs.

u/uncrtnmind · 2 pointsr/keyboards

I recently started using this Pluggable USB 3 switching device to switch a USB hub between two computers I have set up. MY work laptop and home PC. Went for the 3.0 version to have the speed. They have cheaper 2.0 versions as well I think.

It's a bit pricey but damn does it ever fill the exact need I had. Maybe it'd help your situation as well.

Pretty much I have it at the edge of my desk and just press a button to switch which computer's getting the signals.

u/agentworm · 2 pointsr/homeoffice

Along with the KVM switch for the monitor there are also USB switches for sharing some other hardware. Until I switched to a large monitor I had a monitor KVM switch and the USB switch to go between my work and personal computer. I then got an Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse which let me switch between three machines with a push of a button. Definitely helped clean up the desk a bit.

u/dungorthb · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

My nintendo switch is connected through a USB extension, no problems, the switch charges during play.

I have a grip on my NIntendo Switch, Very Comfortable and fits well on my stand



Ethernet Adapter

HDMI Adapter, So I can switch between my PC Monitor or my 55 inch TV.

USB Switch, Used to switch my keyboard between my PC and Nintendo Switch.

I can now easily chat during online multiplayer or switch back to PC.

u/intolerant_jerk · 1 pointr/ultrawidemasterrace

You can certainly spend a lot on a displayport KVM switch, or, use a USB switch for your peripherals (plugged into a USB Hub) ala

and then use this on your MBP for video: . It's HDMI vs Displayport, but with then I can also hook up my Xbox to the monitor.

Not amazingly cheap, but about a third of the price of displayport switch linked by mygocarp.

Source: am doing just that.

u/mattmac901 · 1 pointr/VFIO

I thought about Synergy, but I chose to go with a cheap hardware solution instead. I have my mouse and keyboard hooked up to a USB hub which is in turned hooked up to this USB switch. This switch is connected to my host via the USB ports on the back of the motherboard and the guest through a USB controller card that I passed through. It works extremely well. The only downside for me is that it takes a couple seconds for the mouse and keyboard to initialize every time I switch it.

u/hyp36rmax · 1 pointr/battlestations


Here's the Amazon Link to the Pluggable Technologies USB3-Switch2

u/zenox · 1 pointr/macsetups

I use this: which switches my keyboard between the iMac and windows PC. I tried a two port USB hub but it does not work. I think it needs to be a powered hub to add both a keyboard and mouse.

u/MGreymanN · 1 pointr/buildapc

You can get a standalone for what you want. Same with audio


But they do make all in one solutions that you may like:


u/dubiousaurus · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

For swapping out your mouse and keyboard you could get a couple of these, or just one with a (powered USB hub. USB 3.0 Switch

There is a noticeable delay (in Windows at least) of around 7 seconds to switch the devices over since your OS will have to recognize the devices again.

If you want to add your monitor into the mix then there is something for that as well but it'd be easier to just utilize more monitors and not worry about that.

u/madn3ss795 · 1 pointr/buildapc

You can use a switch like this.

u/spider-borg · 1 pointr/techsupport

I use this Switch to share my keyboard between 2 computers at my desk:

I also have a usb hub attached to it to share my mouse and RGB mousepad.

u/TheQuantumShift · 1 pointr/PS4Pro

Maybe a USB switch like this?

u/Sayakai · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Is it possible? Yes. For USB 2.0, it definitly exists.

For USB 3, the best I've found only has two inputs. A combined solution, i.e. this in combination with an ordinary USB hub, may work.

u/genaga · 1 pointr/cableadvice

Not exactly what I'm looking for but may work. However based off that I found this.

Which I think may work.

For some context I plan on plugging a xbox one controller in to 2 source and changing them easily.

u/Dangalf · 1 pointr/Surface

I have this usb hub plugged into my surface dock. The hub's completely full and I don't have any problems.

If your going to want to to switch the hub between the surface dock and another laptop, you'll either just need to unplug the usb from the dock and put it into the generic laptop when you use it, or you can use a usb switch. Just have one end of it just a usb for your generic laptop, and the other into the surface dock, and you can press the button to switch. Depending on the number of shared (shared as in easily switching back and forth. not using at the same time) peripherals you want to use, you could just get a switch with multiple usb ports

u/ajh2148 · 0 pointsr/cubase

I wonder if this could be used to make this workflow a little easier: Plugable USB 3.0 Sharing Switch for One-Button Swapping of USB Device/Hub Between Two Computers (A/B Switch)