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6 Reddit comments about Pocket Medicine: The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine:

u/nanosparticus · 15 pointsr/medicalschool
u/NicolasCuri · 15 pointsr/medicalschoolanki

I just ^(downloaded the book from) ^( purchased the book, and I didn't feel that it adds much compared to Pocket Medicine. Long answers to vague questions are not ideal to flashcard formats, IMO. Some of the frameworks are good, but he says in the preface (excerpt below) of the book that he didn't like a long list of differential diagnosis:

>I realized that having an approach to a problem in many cases is as simple as constructing a framework that divides the long differential diagnosis into shorter sublists, which are easier for our brains to store and process. Rather than memorize a long list of diagnoses, it is sufficient to remember the headings of a framework, from which many of the diagnoses can then be generated.

It turns out that the book just became another long list of diagnoses unless you use only the tips of the frameworks. Check this sample framework from the preface. Now check the same section from Pocket Medicine. As you can tell, very different approaches to clinical medicine. Getting a correct diagnosis (even a tough one) is not a heroic act; it is standard-care, evidence-based medicine. It doesn't matter if you memorize all causes of monoarticular inflammatory arthritis, because you'll most likely get a tap + pain characteristics + clinical epidemiology and get your diagnosis and treatment plan (often gives you the diagnosis in a retrospective manner). Being able to create differentials is one of the most important goals of medical school, and listing a long list of diagnosis based on simple frameworks sometimes is suitable for learning, but challenging to apply in a real-life scenario.

Having said all that, it only matters what you like and where you learn most from. The best Internal Medicine/Clinical Medicine is the one that teaches you most and makes you comfortable working and treating your patients. If there are no decks for this book, start slowly creating cards for you, as your necessity. In the preface, the author said that there were <8 frameworks that he had to use with a very high frequency (dyspnea, acute kidney injury, anemia, hypoxemia, diarrhea, fever of unknown origin, and syncope). Maybe starting with those will help you start building. All the best,

u/plumb0b · 2 pointsr/EDC

MD here. Practical advice...don't get a bag. Carry as little as possible.

I would talk to her and see if her med school provides a copy of Pocket Medicine. If not I would recommend that.

Alternatively a small tablet like [this] ( was invaluable to me as a med student on rounds. It's small enough to fit in your white coat pocket and you can put UpToDate on it to quickly reference something without using your phone (some older docs do not like it when you take out your phone).

I would look to maximize her white coat and pants pocket space over getting a bag. If she matches into a specialty like ophtho or neuro where they carry a bunch of shit with them every day then consider investing in a nice bag.

u/Gigawatts · 2 pointsr/Residency

I found the Pocket Medicine MGH handbook to be very helpful for the situation you're describing. I would carry it down with me to the ED, quickly review the pertinent topics before seeing the patient, then have it in front of me while formulating my plan to cover my bases. Supplement with UpToDate if you have time to digest.

u/Bespin8 · 1 pointr/medicalschool

UK/EU student? I feel like pocket medicine is the US equivalent.

Bu Oxford Tropical Medicine was clutch on my Africa rotation..