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Porthos Home WHT CB165B Furniture, White
[PRACTICAL BEDSIDE TABLE WITH 2 DRAWERS] this Porthos Home nightstand lets you put a lamp on it while its two sliding drawers are great for storing knick-knack that you’d often use, such as books, spectacles, watches, tissues and medicine, among others[ADORABLE, SPACE-SAVING BEDSIDE TABLES IN MID-CENTURY DESIGN] sporting a sleek, space-saving design that’s typical of mid-century furniture pieces, this small nightstand is a charming decorative piece that offers the much-needed storage space[NIGHTSTANDS THAT ARE CRAFTED FROM DURABLE SOLID WOOD] crafted from solid wood that offers long-lasting durability, this wood nightstand ushers in quiet, contemporary flair into the bedroom[DIMENSIONS OF PORTHOS HOME MID CENTURY NIGHTSTAND] (width) 21.5 x (length/depth) 15.75x (height) 19 inches; 2 sliding drawers with stable wooden legs; weight - 55.66 lbs[BED NIGHTSTAND WITH 1-YEAR WARRANTY] your satisfaction is important to us, that’s why there’s a 1-year warranty on this Porthos Home midcentury nightstand for your absolute peace of mind
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u/Stun_inc · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

I just got this and I really love it.

edit: If you choose vendors it is cheaper to order directly from Porthos instead of Amazon.