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Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Menswear
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6 Reddit comments about Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Menswear:

u/Billthebutchr · 3 pointsr/rawdenim

I personally started with this. Great info.

u/SiliconUnicorn · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

So this is probably overkill, but in college I took a class on garment design and construction/pattern making and we used these two books as our textbooks. Again probably way more information than if you just want to learn how to take in some shirts or something, but knowing the fundamentals is of course immensely useful if you wanted to explore this topic further. Also a lot of fun, so I highly recommend learning how to sew for everybody.

u/svalbard_is_my_name · 1 pointr/rawdenim

I just got my hands on this: Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers: Menswear

Looks good and detailed, but easy to read.

Edit: Got it used. Cheaper.

u/tgarron · 1 pointr/findfashion

Hi there, looked a bit through amazon and came up with some options with good reviews:








u/turkishjade · 1 pointr/sewing

Generally, most pattern drafting books tell you how to draft a sloper (or template of your body,) and then tells you how to manipulate the sloper to get finished designs. You can start with any sloper (from any book or website) that fits you well and jump right to the sloper manipulation part from any book you like.

For womenswear I recommend “Pattern Drafting and Dressmaking” by Dorothy Moore . It’s much, much cheaper than other books, and offers a really good, simplified set of slopers despite the book being so old. When I started drafting, four years ago, I used this book to create a dress shirt with princess seams, as well as trousers, for my wife and her co-workers assumed that they were from Banana Republic. Don’t worry though, the book also has sections on dresses, coats, jackets and even a bonus formula for a contemporary man’s dress shirt.

On a side note, you can draft anything you want, but you have to know how to put it together and most of these books do not give you construction advice. I like Kwik Sew’s instructions because they use simple construction techniques, ¼” seams and teach good habits. If you don’t know how to assemble something you’ve drafted, borrow the instruction booklet from a KwikSew pattern that is similar to what you are trying to make and write down the construction steps. In addition, you’ll see it mentioned here a lot, but "Shirtmaking" by David Coffin offered invaluable tips on how to get the collar, cuffs and yoke assembled in a non-conventional way.

Some of the other books I recommend:
“Patternmaking for Fashion Design” by Helen Armstrong, is an odd book. As a pattern drafting book, I feel that it fails, as it is too big and tries to cover too many bases. But as a reference book, those qualities make it exceptional. This is not something you’ll ever read straight through… you’ll start at the index and jump to the morsel of information that you need, e.g. dart manipulation, or collar variations. Really expensive though.

“The Practical Guide to Patternmaking” by Lori Knowles and “The Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Meanswear” by Lori Knowles are both great. Where Moore’s book looked a little dated, this one has contemporary designs.