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Priest (Ratcatchers Book 1)
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u/mattcolville · 16 pointsr/Fantasy

One of the nice things about being independent. I comission my own covers. In this case, a reader in New Zealand just messaged me and said "I loved your book, so I did a cover!" I then paid him for it and paid him for layout work, and paid him for the cover to the sequel!

I dunno, maybe those are cheesy, but I am crazy in love with them.

u/CalvinballAKA · 13 pointsr/DnD

It's... well, yeah, it's pretty eh. I was never the hugest fan of apostrophes in fantasy names either, but it's part of a subgenre. The type of fantasy Tal'Dorei lies in is very high and metropolitan, focused largely on being fantastical. The use of an apostrophe communicates "weirdness" and "foreignness" at a glance, and so it can be useful for setting up the genre and tone. Even if it's a quick decision, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the wrong one for this particular work, subgenre, and tone.

If you're interested in a fantasy setting that does take its names, linguistics, and language pretty seriously, though, and typically avoids apostrophes to boot, might I recommend the world of Vasloria in the Ratcatchers series? The author of those books (two so far, three more planned) talks online a lot about the time he spends trying to get the names in his setting juust right, since he really believes in the usefulness of language in setting a certain tone and delivering a specific feeling. Might be a breath of fresh air for you.

u/Varroxx · 7 pointsr/mattcolville

Matt has an obsidianportal wiki with some of the information on his world -

It's not really a campaign so much as a world Matt has built up over the time he has been running the game - it doesn't really have a "plotline" to it and he makes up stories as he goes based on how he believes the world will react to the players and drops in modified versions of old modules he likes running.

He also has been writing a book series set in his D&D world in a different time period that are really good and can be great for inspiration.

u/storm_detach · 5 pointsr/dndnext

I'm really glad to hear that! I'm sure you've heard this a lot, but I got to know you from the YouTube channel (still working my way through Running the Game as I prepare my own campaign - awesome series), and if I hadn't seen you on YouTube, I would never have known about the Ratcatchers.

I bought Priest and Thief on Amazon nine days ago sight unseen, partly out of curiosity and partly because whether I liked the books or not, I wanted to kick something back to you for your completely free YouTube content.

Well, I finished them both and just started re-reading Priest. Great job! Lots of fun, lots of comedy, but especially love all the relationships and heart and feeling. Can't wait for Fighter and what I assume will be Wizard.

u/Beauregard_Nanners · 4 pointsr/Fantasy

It's important to note I don't read a ton of fantasy, but I just recently read and loved /u/mattcolville 's Priest and Thief books.

u/madmanz123 · 3 pointsr/Fantasy

When you started off I though you were talking about Ratcatchers.

Really really good book I'd never heard of before with a similar sounding lead. I'll be sure to check this out.

u/btfx · 2 pointsr/LongDistanceVillains

This made me think of Matt Colville's Priest - everything after the first act.

In his setting the sky elves were demigod-like creatures, now mostly gone, and the fey were their servants. When they get a hold of someone, they feed and entertain, but these illusions were made for minds alien to ours. You know how little kids can get glued to the TV - absorbing hyperstimulation tailored to them by what is, relative to them, a superintelligent collective? Now imagine a bunch of pixies and sprites around a person having simultaneously the best and worst trip possible. They laugh and writhe in a pool of their own urine and feces, in utter ecstasy, all the way until their mind or body gives out. Who knows which is worse.
And the fey, they don't ... they can't understand. They're doing everything they're supposed to do, executing it perfectly.

Anyway, it's not exactly what you asked for. The forest isn't intentionally malevolent, but the village folks would definitely get that impression.

u/pattyhayesjr · 1 pointr/DnD

u/MattColville has an excellent book out, two actually! Definitely fits in the spirit of D&D and all of that! You can find the first book here. Take a look and enjoy! I know I did!

u/underpopular · 1 pointr/underpopular

>Once again, the mod team at r/dndnext are pleased to announce an AMA. This time with Matt Colville! Matt, as I'm sure many of you are aware, Is an Author, GM, Youtube personality, Redditor, and above all a font of wisdom for all things D&D.
>I personally have used much of Matt's advice in my own campaigns. It has made me a better DM, a better player, and a better table companion. I am subbed to his subreddit where he is very active, and I can tell from the feedback survery many of you are as well. If you aren't, why don't you wander over to r/mattcolville and sort that out :P
>So Join us on Saturday the 29th for a late morning chat, with Matt.
>(Sticky threads will be returning the week after next.)