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PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White
Unique anatomical shape with safety supports forearm and legs. Optional Folding Bath Stand availableLargest baby bath available - provides years of use with your baby. Features two compartments for shampoo, sponges, and bath toysEasy to use drain, easy to clean plastic construction, and storage areasMade in USA - BPA free, lead free, and phthalate freeBaby bath for ages 0 - 24 months with 2 bathing positions (infant and toddler)Unique anatomical shape with safety supports forearm and legs, keeping the child in the ideal bathing position, prevent them from slipping underwaterLargest baby bath available - provides years of use with your baby, measuring in at 36"x21"x10"Easy to use drain, easy to clean plastic construction, and storage areasMade in USA - BPA free, lead free, and phthalate freeBaby bath for ages 0 to 24 months with 2 bathing positions, 0-6 month infants are bathed in reclining position and 6-24 month toddlers are bathed in sitting position
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u/wyliequixote · 11 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Mom here as well and I totally agree with you. I am currently getting quotes to convert a shower/tub combo into a walk in shower like in OP's pic because we just don't use the tub much at all. Please OP, don't tear out that glorious shower. There are some giant baby bathtubs, Primo EuroBath is one a friend had that I know is great and seriously huge

u/charcuterie_bored · 8 pointsr/beyondthebump

I made this same post about a year and a half ago. My house doesn't have a tub either. Someone recommended this tub and it was a gamechanger. Very very big and can be used til toddlerhood.

u/throwmeawayjno · 5 pointsr/beyondthebump

Get this

PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White

Toddler sitting on one side while 5m reclining on the other with a bath sponge like this

Summer Bath Sponge, Aqua

u/hemipenis · 3 pointsr/bigbabiesandkids

I just did my weekly weight and height check on my lo. He's 3.5mth old 28"[email protected]

I also need to know about car seats as he's squished in his and almost at the max limit for height.

For a bathtub get a Primo!!!! It's meant for newborns to toddlers. My guy still fits in the lay down section with room to grow (why I bought it).

The url is .ca not .com

u/MrsStephsasser · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

My baby is also big (99%) and we got this tub.

PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White

It's HUGE, so it only fits in our regular tub. It has two sides, one for babies who cannot sit up yet (my 4 month old) and one for older babies. She fits perfectly in the little baby side. She loves to splash and squirm and kick and it holds her up with no problem. We've been using it since she was born and we've never had any issues with her falling in the water. The way it's structured just holds them up perfectly. It's great because you can use it for a long time. Some of the reviewers have used it for years, since older babies can sit on the opposite side.

u/PonderingWaterBridge · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

I had that same tub and loved it, except for using the darn hammock, he felt completely insecure in it.

However I wish I had found the Primo Eurobath earlier. We bought it when bubs was getting too big for the blue bathtub but I didn't feel he was ready to be in the tub yet. The little kid section of it seems so much better to me!

He finally enjoys baths but during the early moths we just did them quickly and efficiently and wrapped him in one towel to dry immediately and then transferred to a warm, dry towel immediately after that!

u/ehds88 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I don't have this item but I have it registered and it has great reviews. I think it may fit what you are looking for:

Obviously, inflatable will take up less space but would also mean blowing up every day and/or taking up the same amount of space as something like above. Good luck!

u/imnotashley · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

I use this one! It's awesome. There's 2 ways to sit in it, one way for newborns/babies who can't sit up, and you can put them on the other side to sit up and bathe. Fair warning though, it's pretty big. But it's supposed to work for children up to like 3 years old. I looove this tub and Charlotte loves it too. She actually cries when I take her out. (: PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White

u/ashe143 · 2 pointsr/toddlers

There’s a tub you can buy online called “Primo” that works for infants and toddlers, my daughter bathed in it until last year and she’s 4.5. I got mine off of Walmart’s website.

PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White

u/Koala-Lew · 1 pointr/Mommit

Our apartment does not have a bathtub. This is the one we have been using since our son was a newborn and he is now two and still fits comfortably in it. My friend has the same one and uses it for her toddler even though they have a bathtub.

u/sewistem · 1 pointr/BabyBumps
u/minnabruna · 1 pointr/toddlers

We only have showers, but our baby had baths. He's how:

  1. We started off with a bath sponge. I recommend this for all new babies - it stops the infant from sliding around in a comfy manner. Here is a nicer organic one

  2. We moved on to a baby bathtub like this one. This is good to at least age two and possibly longer, depending on the size of the baby.

    Our showers have shower heads attached to hoses that work well for kid's showers too, which makes baths easier in general, plus as they get older, it is easy to introduce them.