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Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration
Wrox Press
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3 Reddit comments about Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration:

u/DotNetDev1 · 3 pointsr/sharepoint

I've found this book to be enormously helpful, especially chapter 3 - "Installing and Configuring SharePoint" which walks you through building the SP server farm from scratch:

I just completed a 2007 - 2013 migration project, and while I had prior SharePoint experience, I didn't know much about 2013. We would never been able to complete the project without this reference.

u/nonprofittechy · 2 pointsr/sharepoint

I recommend getting a book to walk you through this. I really liked Professional Sharepoint 2013 Administration (Wrox Press), which was recommended to us by our Sharepoint consultant. I had tried to set up Sharepoint before by using the wizard (never do this by the way!), but it was great to have a step-by-step walkthrough, much longer and more detailed than what you can find online. Following the guide exactly I had a perfect starting point.

u/damekus · 1 pointr/sysadmin

Book Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration is a very good choice.
This website has a lots of nice how-to articles.
And on MVA you will find many free Sharepoint courses