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PROHANDS Gripmaster Hand Exerciser, Finger Exerciser (Hand Grip Strengthener), Spring-Loaded, Finger-Piston System, Isolate and Exercise Each Finger, (9 lb Heavy Tension, Black-Gripmaster)
THE ORIGINAL SPRING-LOADED HAND & FINGER EXERCISER: Prohands is used by professional athletes, world-class musicians, and as a rehabilitation tool. Made from high-quality components ABS plastic, stainless steel springs and FDA-approved santoprene.STRENGTH, POWER & ENDURANCE FOR ATHLETES: Exercise each finger individually, or the entire hand. Isolates and exercises each finger individually for strength, dexterity, and endurance. Develops outstanding hand, wrist and forearm strength.REHABILITATION & PREVENTION (STRONGER, HEALTHY HANDS): Ideal for anyone wanting to develop and maintain strong healthy hands. May help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, and poor circulation.THE PROHANDS FAMILY OF HAND EXERCISERS (2ND IMAGE): VIA is our entry-level model, GRIPMASTER is our signature model, GRIPMASTER-Rehab has an added palm cushion, and PRO is our most advanced model for pros and motivated individuals.VARIOUS TENSION LEVELS: Graduated tension levels help the user measure progress. VIA 1lb to 6lb, GRIPMASTER 1lb to 9lb, GRIPMASTER-Rehab 0.75lb to 9lb, PRO 5lb to 13lb. By isolating each digit, stronger fingers can’t compensate for the weaker ones.
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42 Reddit comments about PROHANDS Gripmaster Hand Exerciser, Finger Exerciser (Hand Grip Strengthener), Spring-Loaded, Finger-Piston System, Isolate and Exercise Each Finger, (9 lb Heavy Tension, Black-Gripmaster):

u/monkdaddy · 36 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I tried quitting many times. I smoked for 20 years and tried quitting for 20 years. In the last year I got really serious. I listened to hypnosis everyday for 6 months. This was a combination of Paul Mckenna and Richard Bandler Programs. I used box breathing and a grip trainer. I also took up walking in the park which helped me to relax. I listened to the Allen Car audio book on repeat in my car, about 10 times, and read the book 4 more times. After all the toys and hypnosis, it was just embracing the suck. My breathing is 10 times better. I can climb stairs now without dying. My overall stamina is amazing compared to before. Sex is better. food tastes better. I haven't even had a craving in about 22 months, they are completely gone. I even enjoy the smell of people smoking around me but the trigger to smoke in broken and gone. I used to be afraid to quit because I didn't want to endure the torture of life long cravings, but I was wrong. Now as a nonsmoker I don't have cravings. smokers have cravings but now I am free. you can be too. The biggest thing that held me back was my belief that it wasn't possible and that I would never be able to function without cigarettes. Sometimes its amazing to be wrong

u/bnlite · 12 pointsr/xxfitness

I ran into this type of problem a few years ago. Option one - go straight to the gym so you don't see his puppy dog eyes (I tried doing this and it didn't work for me haha). Option two, take that $40/month, put it in a cookie jar or something where it is out of sight and out of mind, then buy some equipment when you have enough. I'd recommend only getting one thing at a time in order to make sure you don't get overwhelmed by your sudden choices. For example, when I did this I found a set of dumbbells on Craigslist for $30 that had 3 different weights. Not a huge discount but reduce reuse recycle and all that. Next thing I did was buy a prohands grip master to work on my finger strength . Next I bought new shoes because mine were causing foot pain (apparently I'm a wide who knew?).

It's a few years now and I have a decent home gym. My commute isn't 4 hrs round trip anymore but I still like the flexibility, especially when I woke up early this morning and decided to do my workout then instead, and didn't have to wait for the gym to open.

We just got a new puppy, the previous dog I couldn't bear to keep cooped up is now an old man. She gets antsy because he gets tired. I've made a game of running sprints with her. Also probably going to pick up some random PVC or something to start doing pole weaving and etc.

I know it sounds daunting and just impossible. Going to the gym can be great at helping you focus and get out of the house. I found that for myself trying to get to the gym was adding so much stress. It sounds like you still get the chance to get out and socialize (unlike I did at the time haha) so I wouldn't focus too heavily on the gym. Heck, if you have the space you could probably find some 2x4s and create an outside area to workout that is flat. My uncle lives in a trailer in rural Texas and that's what he did. He says his favorite part is the ice cold showers after.

Sorry this post was so long, I really understand the difficulty you are feeling and I hope one of my ideas helps!

u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/actuallesbians

My fiancee is a surgeon so she constantly has to work on her strength and dexterity. She's found knitting is perfect for this. It strengthens the arms while also helping you practice precise movements. She also use this. It works your individual digits, not just the whole hand/forearm.

This should translate well to extracurricular activity as well.

u/thepensivepoet · 6 pointsr/Guitar

There are some things you can do like practicing with a pick on some sort of edged surface that sort of approximates the feeling of strumming/picking strings just to practice your grip.

Using grip strengthening tools while your hands are free can be helpful as well. And I mean the normal grip exercise tools like this and NOT those janky little 'Gripmaster' things with the individual finger springs you'll sometimes see marketed to guitarists or hanging out at the GuitarCenter checkout counter. IMO they do a terrible job of emulating the feeling of pressing down on strings and are awkward and sometimes even painful with the strange angle you'll be holding it to attempt and build fretting finger strength.

Spend time doing paper music practice - transpose music/tabs, draw out the fretboard and fill in the correct notes, anything that might serve you as a learning tool AWAY from the guitar.

There are small travel size guitars or 'silent' guitars on the market you may be able to fit in your backpack as well as partial-guitars meant for practice but, honestly, I'd just bring your damn guitar with you. Nothing is going to beat having your hands on the actual instrument and all the tools/training aids I've seen just aren't quite the same enough that I'd want to spend money or time on them.

Aside from that just relax. Having time away from your instrument is good for rest and focus as well.

u/ExtraPlayToy · 5 pointsr/Hotwife

I actually have a lot of experience with this sort of issue from a previous relationship. The TL;DR is i spent a TON of time researching the female orgasm, and G Spot stimulation.

*Disclaimer: I gained a ton of new information and new techniques, but guess what - still no orgasm. Kinda screwed me up cause I kept trying to place blame (on me, then her, then me again...etc) but really i should have continued to keep an open mind and communicate more with her. I was immature. I mention this because you shouldn't make it a "goal" that you or her get pissed off that you don't reach. Every girl is unique in the way that she prefers to be pleased. You have to learn to read body language and react properly to her subtle hints. It's more like obtaining a degree, takes a long time and a lot of hard work, but in the end it pays off.

You should absolutely research g spot stimulation. Every girl i've been with afterward has been completely amazed, and some squirted for the first time from just my fingers. If you really wanna make a girl cum, the majority of women are going to be brought to orgasm with your fingers, not your cock. This does take time and excersize, I would literately work out with my fingers. There's a ton of information and how-to videos on the web about this, i suggest you watch and readas many as you can and combine all the information. And remember that your girl is unique, and you have to adapt techniques to her and her body.

Also, you're idea about adding another guy is a separate thing. If you both want to live out that fantasy, that's awesome, but it shouldn't be used as a "i can't do it, let him do it!" What happens when he doesn't make her cum either? Research, exercise, and communication dude. Good luck, and have FUN!

u/lordgunhand · 4 pointsr/Bass
u/MojoMonster · 4 pointsr/guitars


Not too long ago I recommended something like that and got downvoted for it. Have an upvote. :)

Early version of this were all the rage when I was learning.

But ok, now I know that stuff are considered rehab tools.


u/Sababa_Gump · 3 pointsr/Trichsters

You and I have had virtually identical experiences. Granting that I still struggle with getting my trich under control, here's the humble advice I can offer:

  1. Identify times/situations when you tend to pull more frequently and then if possible, create uses for your hand(s) that prevent them from automatically migrating to your face. For me, driving is a big auto-pull time. With one hand on the wheel and my mind wandering, my left hand will find its way to may beard and start wreaking havoc. What I did to combat this is is buy a hand strengthener like this one which I keep in my car. When I recognize that I'm pulling, I'll grab this thing instead. I also keep silly putty in my car for the same reason.

  2. Medication/therapy can and does help. Though I personally haven't yet had much luck in this department, trich is an anxiety-based behavior for which treating the underlying causative factors helps significantly. In fact, we've all tried willing ourselves to just stop and we've all seen just how effective that can be. Getting to the root (so to the speak) is the sustainable way to rectify this destructive behavior.
    On that note, try to take note of when you tend to pull more and when you tend to pull less. That is to say, try to pay attention to what else is going on in your life when your trich gets worse. Are there possibly certain triggers that are influencing the rate of your pulling? Become more mindful of how you're doing generally and how that relates to your pulling. Creating these links are important in coming to understand the behavior and ultimately stopping it.

  3. Lastly, eye-shadow. Yes that's right. Go to a beauty supply store or Walmart or whatever and find a color that closely matches your beard color. I have a dark auburn/copper colored beard and ended up with a color called "latte". It's not an exact match but its close enough to where it fills in the hole(s) and blends everything together fairly seamlessly. Oh, also pick up an applicator. You can either get a small paint brush type thing or the eyeliner applicator itself (which is what I use and is pretty effective).

    That's all I've got. Best of luck man, I wish you many full bearded years ahead!
u/a5tr0cr3ep · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals
u/finzwake · 3 pointsr/sysadmin
u/tonytaylor85 · 3 pointsr/Glocks

Wimps! Get one of these if you can't handle the snap!!

lol jk 9mm is cheap

u/BrianPurkiss · 3 pointsr/CompetitionShooting

Gripmaster 14003-BLK Hand Exerciser Black, Heavy Tension (9-Pounds per Finger)

u/madbeetzyo · 3 pointsr/Guitar

Something like this perhaps?

u/Heptite · 2 pointsr/popping

Mine never hurt me. I had one almost identical to this one--same place on the same wrist. It just didn't bother me but it slowly got larger and larger until I asked my doctor to drain it. He did it almost the exact same way as on this video too...

...Then he said, "oooey-gooey, thick and chewy!" just before he injected a steroid into my wrist to try to prevent it from recurring.

Edit: It did recur, but I got rid of it by using one of those hand strengthening things:

My theory is that it forces the joints to "open" enough that the synovial fluid can very gradually redistribute.

u/myers__ · 2 pointsr/guns

save you and her a lot of headache with this and many other areas in your life, and buy this, keep it by the toilet to use during bowel movements.

u/Bakkster · 2 pointsr/Bass

Finger strength.

Gripmaster 14003-BLK Hand Exerciser Black, Heavy Tension (9-Pounds per Finger)

u/leonard71 · 2 pointsr/Guitar

A few tips for getting a clean bar chord:

  • Make sure your thumb is behind the neck, not over the top. Improves your leverage on your bar finger.
  • Make sure your bar finger is as close to the fret you want to bar as possible.
  • Try a lighter gauge string, it'll reduce the tension on the strings and require less hand strength for a clean bar
  • Make sure your guitar is properly set up where the string heights are even and your action is correct. Also try lower action as long as you aren't getting a lot of fret buzz.

    If none of those work, you just need to keep practicing and develop your hand strength. Bar chords take a fair amount of pressure from your hand to get them clean, especially on acoustics. I used to use one of these things when I was a beginner and they seem to help.
u/ccwilcox · 2 pointsr/bouldering

My brother uses one of these things
And I use the kind that looks like a doughnut.. couldn’t find a good link but I bought it at my climbing gyms little store. I keep it at my desk and start squeezing it when thinking through a problem or stressing out

u/turtlenecksandshotgu · 2 pointsr/Bass

There's a good chance that you need to keep your thumb lower on the back of the neck, it gives you much more mobility. If your pinky isn't strong enough, either use it a lot or get one of these to work out your pinky. I definitely think it's your grip, though. Slide your thumb , it should help.

And to get a clearer tone, make sure your fingers are as close to the right side of the fret as possible, it eliminates buzz and gives your tone more clarity. Obviously, make sure you push the string all the way down and don't mute any other strings.

Good luck!

u/Jackson024 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I run into the issue with dumb bell shrugs, I fell my grip is going to give before I fatigue my traps. I try not to use wrist wraps but they help. I have seen an improvement by using this gripmaster when I'm in traffic in the mornings.

u/Sit-Rep · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

You need to strengthen your wrist and workout dude. I used to have shitty issues with my wrists before the military. Once I started working out all my wrist/elbow issues went away.

  1. Get a grip trainer
  2. Get a power ball/Gyro
  3. Start working out. Pushups, situps, squats. Hell, do Yoga.
  4. Once you are out of the cast, lay off the damn games for a couple weeks, or you're going to have the same issues.
  5. Make sure when you DO play games, you have your desk, chair, and wrists at the proper position. Having kinked wrists will cause most carpal tunnel issues that I have seen and experienced. If you can afford it, a standing desk is best, period.

    I guess these are just my views, but getting a standing desk (the apex pro one from costco is great) and working out lessened all my wrist issues, and now, 10 years after the military I have zero wrist/elbow issues even when I play games for 5 hours after working for 8 hrs at a keyboard.
u/whitefalconiv · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Grip exerciser - I'm trying to recover strength and dexterity in my fingers so I can play guitar again. I haven't been able to play since I had an accident a few years back.

u/TheCraftyWombat · 1 pointr/Guitar

Good advice in here about calluses and playing a lot. But many of us don't have 2 hours per day! I wish I did though.

THIS is a big help in the beginning. Get the red one.

u/vrillusions · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I bought one of these a couple weeks ago to help with the carpel tunnel / RSI I get in my left hand. I bought the red (medium tension) one and while I could use it I couldn't get many reps which is recommended over strength so I bought the blue (low tension) one as well. It's easy for my index and middle but then my ring finger and pinky get a workout. Now instead of twiddling a pen or something I'll use this throughout the day. Goal is to get all fingers to the same strength and then go back to the red one. It's definitely worth the $10.

Also as much as you don't want to. If you start to notice tingling in your fingers STOP PLAYING. That's a sign that you're getting carpel tunnel / rsi and you MUST STOP. Trying to get this message out to as many people as I can because I didn't stop and I've been dealing with this carpel tunnel stuff for a couple years now. If you have one of those foam stress balls squeeze that while you look over your battlestation. If it's the hand you're using the mouse (which apparently is more common but it wasn't for me, but also I got it while typing a lot) see if one finger bothers you more than others. If it's the finger you use for your right mouse button don't blame having to hold it down constanly, shift things around so it's easier to hold it down.

u/dave_kash · 1 pointr/climbing

Okay, thanks for the tip! It would at least be something for me to do at my desk, and make me feel like I am doing something that will help me improve haha. Do you think that something like this or this would be more beneficial since it seems to be targeting the fingers more, or are they all exercising the same muscle? I'm not really a workout person, so my terms are probably all off haha.

u/jubsy · 1 pointr/graphic_design

Exercise and ibuprofen for any inflammation outbreaks. Increasing my hand strength and stretching my fingers out after a long day at the desk has worked wonders for me.

u/MakeYouAGif · 1 pointr/guns

They need to get one of these

u/Gadaeus1 · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

I disagree emphatically. The heavier the better. If I could get it 5lbs I would.

Then again... I play guitar so my fingers are quite strong. Maybe that is why I feel like I do. Also this

u/tarbis · 1 pointr/Fitness might help. My experience is the one i linked is a little to easy for me

u/MustardCosaNostra · 1 pointr/guns

Seriously man best $10 I ever spent They also make an even heavier one which I have never seen.

It fits into a pocket, just keep it around and use it when you have a spare moment. It also helps in bowling.

u/KorinFox · 1 pointr/Fitness

You mean one of these?

It only really helps for grip. You get better at musical instruments by playing musical instruments. Better at playing video games by playing more.

u/ZubinTheKing · 1 pointr/Tribes

Make sure you have a good mouse/mousepad(would recommend EC2 Evo [or DA4G if you're 1.83+ meters tall] and Allsop XL Raindrop mousepad) and a high framerate config like this:
Using eagle pistol and nova colt(you can try going for max accuracy with nova colt and shooting each shot with long pauses inbetween like you would with a sniper rifle) will warm your fingers up better than using chain since the hitboxes for chain are bigger. Something I found that helped me both in getting my fingers ready and in relieving some stress(in general not just for games) is using handgrips:

u/WolfyB · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

Quick question for you. Do you have any experience with these grippers that are supposed to work the fingers individually? I'm not sure whether to get that or just one of the more traditional adjustable ones like this. Or even one like this? Thanks :)

u/maumacd · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm a big fan of things that you can set up, and then as you walk by them in your house like do a rep just because. Much better than free weights which as you said, just gather dust!

Pull up bar (that has other useful uses)

Gripper (Can use at your desk!)

listen to music while you exercise - regardless of what mp3 player you use Music makes workouts fun!

u/dinoherder · 1 pointr/sysadmin

See your doctor/physio. Try exercising your wrists and hands in different ways. I find pushups, a powerball hand exerciser (example: and a squeezy hand exercise (example: with a spring for individual fingers fixes the problem and stops it coming back.

u/rivalarrival · 1 pointr/Firearms

While good technique and a carefully selected gun can go a long way, I would also strongly recommend a grip strengthener. If she has problems racking the slide, I'd recommend starting with the blue (5lbs/finger), or maybe even the yellow (3lbs/finger).

Even just a couple minutes a day can considerably improve gun handling, tighten up groups, etc.

u/slanktapper · 1 pointr/motorcycles

The lever is never going to change regardless of what you buy.

However if you get something like this, and keep at it at work you'll be fine

u/kram115 · 1 pointr/bouldering

I used to get a lot of finger injuries. I read on some pro climber's blog that they use one of these to warm up. He would just squeeze it the whole way while driving to the gym. I started doing this and my fingers have been feeling much better.

u/tehgoatman · -2 pointsr/Guitar

Get a Gripmaster, medium tension (red one)