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We found 4 Reddit comments about PSI Woodworking LA341018 Lathe Headstock Spindle Adapter 3/4" x 10tpi to 1" x 8tpi. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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PSI Woodworking LA341018 Lathe Headstock Spindle Adapter 3/4
Convert a 3/4" x 10tpi lathe headstock spindle to 1" x 8tpiAllows a 3/4" x 10tpi threaded spindle to accept 1" x 8tpi threaded chucks, faceplates, and other woodturning tools and accessoriesMade of steel; Weighs .85 pounds; Extends spindle length approximately 1-1/2"Flats allow for solid wrench tool grip for tightening and loosening from spindleWrench not included
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4 Reddit comments about PSI Woodworking LA341018 Lathe Headstock Spindle Adapter 3/4" x 10tpi to 1" x 8tpi:

u/tigermaple · 11 pointsr/turning

No! no nonononono nooooo... hard pass!

This design (The "1440", it's 14" swing, not 24") has reared its ugly head under countless different paint schemes and brands over the years and I can't for the life of me figure out why. It is like the hydra of wood lathes, discontinued by one vendor only to have it pop up two new places.

It's so bad that even Harbor Freight discontinued their version of it, and still offers two other lathes that are much better buys for around the same money.

Why is it bad? (copy from a few previous comments):

>Notable quirks about this lathe: The spindle is not hollow, drive center doesn't have a Morse taper but rather unscrews from the solid spindle (need two wrenches like undoing a router collet). Also the spindle threads are 3/4" × 10TPI, so you'll need this adaptor to use any standard faceplates and chucks.

>The 1440 currently sold as Harbor Freight is actually one of the most poorly designed lathes ever built and it baffles me that it keeps coming back again and again in different paint/brands. It features a solid spindle with a nonstandard thread to keep you from using commonly available lathe accessories like Morse taper drive centers and jacobs chucks, a tool rest base prone to snapping, flimsy sheet metal square tube ways, and a low speed of 930 RPM- waaaay too fast to turn anything approaching 14" diameter, especially as a beginner.

eta: one more:

u/Zugzub · 3 pointsr/turning

Do a 3/4 10tpi to 1X8 tpi. then get a faceplate.

1X8 is common so it opens you up to other stuff.

PSI woodworking, it will cost you around $34

u/Kurtdog24 · 3 pointsr/turning

Buy one of these PSI Woodworking LA341018 Headstock Spindle Adapter (3/4-Inch x 10tpi to 1-Inch x 8 tpi chuck) Then you are set up with the most common spindle/tpi size.

u/texanmason · 1 pointr/turning

I haven't bought the chuck yet.

Would this work instead of Nova's unthreaded adapter? (I don't have a machinist friend). Looks like I would put this on the 3/4" 10 TPI spindle, then put the Nova adapter on that, then the chuck. Essentially, an adapter for an adapter.

Thanks for the recommendation on the Oneways. They are a little more expensive than the Nova so if I can't swing it with an adapter, then I will go with Oneway.