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Pull-Pal U.S. Made Winch Anchor 11000 - Heavy-Duty (from Billet4x4) (Off-Road Recovery)
NEW & IMPROVED! Soft shackle compatible. Pull-Pal is sold through Amazon exclusively from Billet4x4. BEWARE OF "LOOK-ALIKE" IMITATIONS! and questionable sellers.10 inch SPADE, 45 inch FOLDED LENGTH, 35 LBS WEIGHT. USES: Mid-size 4x4s: Jps, Toys, Rovers, etc. GVW up to 6,000lbs.Pull-Pal Works! "...the harder you pull on it, the deeper it bites."U.S. Made. Heavy-Duty Carrying Case sold seperately.Pull-Pal folds compactly to the size of an ordinary bumper jack for easy storage. It can be mounted inside or outside. It stores easily in an inexpensive gun case. Or take a look at our Pull-Pal carrying case (sold seperately).
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4 Reddit comments about Pull-Pal U.S. Made Winch Anchor 11000 - Heavy-Duty (from Billet4x4) (Off-Road Recovery):

u/BallsDeepInJesus · 24 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

Here is an example of what you need in that situation.

u/Garbagemn · 2 pointsr/overlanding

[Here's some people debating some important things.] (

If you can get an auto with crawl control, [they can un-bury themselves in sand up to the frame.] ( 2016 3rd gen only though. If you have a manual, take it easy and leave your lead foot before the sand starts.

I drilled tie down points into my bed and fastened with toggle bolts. My spare water and fuel supplies are attached via bungee cord to these. Check TacomaWorld for a "locker anytime" mod if you get the TRD OR version so you can activate it in 2 or 4hi. Momentum is your friend.

If you're going to be in and out of the desert a lot, I'd highly recommend [an onboard air system] ( and [tire deflators] (

Tow package is important because it adds an engine oil cooler (& transmission cooler on autos) as well as the other usual bits. Could also use a set of [Treds] (

Totally overkill, but why the hell not. [12,000 lb winch] ( and a [sand anchor] (

Personally, I'd recommend just going with a 2009-2011 TRD OR w/ A-Trac. But I don't have any experience driving on sand so take what I say loosely.

u/IJUSTWANTTOUPBOAT · 2 pointsr/Trucks

As others have said it's your money; do as you wish.

All that said; how bad were you really stuck?

You can get recovery boards to leave in your toolbox

You can get winches and pull anchors for use when you don't have a tree to strap to and mount them on a receiver plat form so you can remove it when you need to;

You can run an all terrain tire and you will get further than highway tread even on a 2wd truck- and your truck needs tires anyway why not go all terrain if you can find one that has decent road manners (I run firestone destination A/Ts and they have been just fine).

See the thing is- that entire list is all stuff that people hang off of 4x4s anyway!

So, buy recovery boards, buy a winch on a hitch mount, buy A/Ts and leave your stockers out in the garage. See if your truck still gets stuck. Still getting stuck? Upgrade to a 4x4. Sell your truck with the stockers on it, throw the A/Ts and recovery boards and winch on your new 4x4.

If you read off road magazines, most of them will tell you not to go off road by yourself in the first place. None of them will tell you to take a 2x4 off road, but none are going to tell you that a 4x4 simply will not get stuck.