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purifyou Premium Reusable Mesh Produce Bags with Tare Weight Tags | Set of 9 | Superior Double-Stitched Strength | for Grocery Shopping, Nut Milk Straining, and Snacks | Washable
2020 BONUS GIFT: Each set now comes with a free set of 2 reminder keychains handcrafted in the shape of a (dead) fish, to remind YOU on the way out the door what can happen if you forget your reusable bags at home on the way to the store! The design is harsh, but a symbol to keep humanity awake!This set includes nine (9) mesh bags with drawstring beads, made-up of two (2) Small 12x8in, five (5) medium 12x14in, and two (2) large 12x17in. From storing produce in the fridge to keeping a spare set in your trunk, you're covered. Those pesky hard-to-open plastic bags will finally be a thing of the past.Our premium bags also come with tare weights on the most vibrant pastel-colored tags, and can safely hold up to 16 pounds! Despite their strength, our bags are still see-through and light-weight, saving your time and money at the register. With yet another time-saver, you can place your bag straight into the fridge, and the breathable fabric extends the life of all non-leafy produce. That equals more savings, less food wasted, and less harm to our planet.Our bags are BPA, Lead, and Mercury Free, and made in a facility free from harmful manufacturing chemicals with the highest standards of quality. Our mesh bags are also machine washable without getting destroyed. And, with our unbeatable LIFETIME warranty, the search for the best reusable mesh bag available is over.MULTI-PURPOSE: Our premium bags are not just for produce though. Use them as strainer bags for nut milk, cheese curds, coffee, and juicing as well. And with so many different sizes, you just might find all sorts of household items to use them for, from the little guy's Legos to Grandma's favorite stamp collection. They also work great for laundry delicates, small sports equipment, beach trips, gym clothes, school lunches, toys, camping, road trips, and any form of organizing you can imagine.
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9 Reddit comments about purifyou Premium Reusable Mesh Produce Bags with Tare Weight Tags | Set of 9 | Superior Double-Stitched Strength | for Grocery Shopping, Nut Milk Straining, and Snacks | Washable:

u/Lindur · 35 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Honestly a lot of environmental impact can be reduced by "Joe Shmoes" like us. Taking steps to reduce how much we consume and reusing what we can adds up, especially when it comes to single use containers. Invest in a reusable cup, straw, and bags and you easily cut out a significant part of your contribution to plastic waste (not to mention discounts for using your own cup/bag). You can even get reusable produce bags.

I agree it takes political power to stop corporations from capitalizing off of the environment and dumping CO2 into the air, but that's where we can step in as well and vote for politicians that will fight for those ideals. This is especially effective at the local level as waste management is often dictated by state, county or even city.

As for the trashtag hashtag, it was positive to an extent, but all of that trash still ends up in a landfill that compounds our issues. To speak to OPs point, if we crowd funded research initiatives or support organizations that are genuinely working to create a more sustainable future like people are for the Notre Dame, leaps and bounds could be made.

Everything said, it's still a devastatingly sad day for France and the world.

TL;DR Make a difference, cut out single use containers, and start with reducing and reusing BEFORE recycling.

u/twirlies · 7 pointsr/ZeroWaste
  1. Yes because they are more water efficient than washing by hand when you run a full load. You can DIY soap, here's a great recipe:

  2. I have reusable produce bags that I love. I have two sets of them and I bring them for produce on every grocery run now. These are the ones I have:

  3. I use Tiger Balm (comes in a glass bottle with a metal cap and can be reused for other things after it runs out) on my more mild headaches by just rubbing it into my temples. As far as I know/have seen, pain killers don't come in non-plastic packaging so I just resolve to buy in bulk. I just recently bought a bottle of 500 ibuprofen tablets that expire sometime in 2020. Then I just keep some in a repurposed glass jar in my desk at work, some in a repurposed tube in my purse, and the rest at home. Instead of buying more bottles of smaller amounts, just buy in bulk for medicine so you only have one bottle as opposed to a half dozen or whatever. I do the same for allergy pills.
u/OptimusComposite · 5 pointsr/Cooking

If you're already bringing your own bag, add a set of produce bags like these to keep in your bring-along bag, and use those for any produce/bulk item as needed. It's easy to just leave a handful in the bottom of your canvas tote. They wash well if they get dirty, and should help you eliminate the smaller plastic produce bags.

Bulk deli-style containers are orobably the second-biggest 'waste reducer' I've found; in the past I'd put leftover raw foods into a Ziploc or sandwich bag to store in the fridge, but never had much luck cleaning and re-using the bags. These are much handier, easier to clean, and are immensely helpful just from an organizational standpoint. Also can be used for bulk items if you plan ahead and bring them along.

u/sweetfuckingjesus · 4 pointsr/ZeroWaste

I highly recommend this company. I bought that set and one of the bags hadn’t been stitched correctly and the seams were splitting. I wrote to the company about getting a replacement bag and they sent me an entire new set. They were very apologetic and gracious. Plus the bags are great.

u/JessieRahl · 4 pointsr/ZeroWaste

My fiance and I have a set of these from Norwex, his sister is a consultant and we got some at a party she had last year, among some other products (which are really nice). But looking on Amazon I found some that have a lot of reviews and have a high overall star rating:

Which reminds me that I'd like to pick up some more. Thanks!

u/TheRealKaila · 3 pointsr/ZeroWaste

I use these. The weight of them is on the tag, some places will subtract that weight from the weight of the produce. Or they will take the produce out to weigh.

I typically just don't use a bag for things I'm buying one of (cucumber, tomato, onion, etc). But I will use it for multiples to keep them together (apples, oranges, lemons) and herbs or smaller things as well (cilantro, garlic, tomatillos, etc)

I love that they come in different sizes, and the have the weight on them. I personally don't bother subtracting the weight. And I just store them with my reusable bags.

I've had a couple cashiers give me funny looks or ask what they are, but I just explain to them that they are reusable produce bags.

When I get home I will typically store the produce in other ways not in the bag. But I have kept the produce in the bag with no ill effect.