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Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Road Trip into the Heart of Fan Mania
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9 Reddit comments about Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Road Trip into the Heart of Fan Mania:

u/blerms · 15 pointsr/CFB

From the guy that wrote Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer (which is an awesome book)

u/Smarter_not_harder · 12 pointsr/rolltide

I'm glad we're getting interest from some Yankees! College football in the SEC (and in particular the University of Alabama) is second to none in all of sports. That includes all professional sports in the US and professional soccer in Europe.

I think the advice that has already been given is pretty accurate. For a major SEC opponent (LSU, UT, and maybe even Ole Miss this year) tickets will no doubt be more expensive but worth the experience. What's more important, IMO, are your plans for lodging. There are not a ton of hotels in the Tuscaloosa area and rooms usually sell out on game weekends at least 6 months in advance.

If you're coming with friends, look into renting an RV for the weekend and you'll have the time of your life with our RV family. (Read this book to prepare yourself for the experience.)

You can ALWAYS find a ticket from a scalper outside the stadium even if you come down without one. Have cash in hand close to kickoff and you'll find a pretty good deal. If you have some coin to spend, come down with a ticket so you can experience the pregame traditions inside the stadium. They're pretty incredible. Our pregame video is new every year and gets better every year. I can't wait to see this year's.

PM me when/if you decide to come and I can try to give you some more specific tips once I know what you're really looking for.


u/roll2tide · 6 pointsr/CFB

I recommend Roll Tide/War Eagle on ESPN or SEC Network if you have it. This short, funny book is also excellent.

u/QuentinRosewater · 5 pointsr/CFB

A little. It's a bit understudied because academics can be a bit finicky about cultural studies, but Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer is probably the best that has been written about Alabama. I'm not sure about Auburn material that isn't simply rhapsodic remembrances of great games or based around the unchallenged mythos of the Auburn family. As an academic, I hope to get a chance to write something like that some day, though.

u/CroqueMonsieur · 3 pointsr/CFB

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Road Trip into the Heart of Fan Mania

u/LS_DJ · 2 pointsr/CFB

St. John is a great writer. He wrote Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer too which is a great intro to how fucking crazy Bama fans are

u/HannahEBanna · 2 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

There's probably going to be a BiblioFriday post later on, but...

After reading the I lost my NFL team today post in the mothersub, I figured I should do some actual reading on CFB and traditions in this long offseason. I'm not a non-fiction reader at all, but I have enough interest that I can probably make it through a few of these.

Anyone of have any recommendations? I don't especially care what school the book's on (since I don't really have an FBS team to cheer for).

ETA: I did already add Running for my Life by Warrick Dunn on my wish list.

Edit 2: Running list:

u/CrackerofWise · 1 pointr/rolltide is largely clickbait, and leaves you forced to read Kevin Scarbinsky. Roll Bama Roll is an excellent choice, and their EIC, Erik, is a Bama law grad. He tends to keep them from posting stupid stuff.
Read Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer if you can get your hands on a copy. Warren St. John comes off as a bit of a "Yankee by adoption" (which I find regrettable), but the book is a window into what the fanbase looked like pre-Saban, proving we're not just a bunch of bandwagon crazies.
I get a lot of my info from Twitter though, so hit me up if you want some suggestions of good follows.

u/Sniper_tf2 · 1 pointr/CFB