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RCA Audio Piggyback Cable, 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male + RCA Female Piggyback, 6 foot
Length: 6 feet, Color: Black, Wire: 26 AWG, Shield Type: spiralThis RCA piggyback cable is for connecting audio components together and will allow you to connect multiple stereo audio cables to one jack without using separate splitters
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36 Reddit comments about RCA Audio Piggyback Cable, 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male + RCA Female Piggyback, 6 foot:

u/unkunked · 15 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Thanks. I don't have a link but I'll try to explain step by step.

  1. In the past I had various audio inputs fed to my receiver and video inputs fed to my TV. The problem was keeping things in sync when you changed inputs. I knew that the DVD player was Input 1 on the TV and Aux 2 on the receiver but no one else in the family could ever remember the combinations.

  2. With HDMI carrying both audio and video the obvious answer was to feed it all to the TV and then take one digital audio output from there to the receiver. This worked great. When you switch sources on the TV you don't need to switch anything on the receiver. Everybody was happy.

  3. But now I wanted to listen to Pandora (or iTunes, or the hockey game, ...) outside on my deck and driveway. My receiver can handle my 5.1 surround in the family room but does not have another set of speaker outputs. Even if it did how could I control the volumes separately? I found that my receiver does have an analog audio output that can be fed to a recording device BUT this output does not work when the input to the receiver is digital. This is true for most receivers on the market unless you spend $$$$ to get a high-end one with multiple zone capability.

  4. I eventually realized I would have to get the signal for the outdoor speakers AHEAD of my receiver. My TV, like most on the market today, does not have multiple sets of audio outputs. The only choice for me was to take the digital fiber optic one I was already sending to the receiver and split it. I read a lot of reviews and decided to go for a powered splitter that actually recreates the signal. Passive ones that split the light signal using a mirror/prism are cheaper but can be unreliable. I bought this one: and it works perfectly.

  5. So now I have an SPDIF out from that device into my receiver and another one to use for my outdoor audio. These amps however do not have an SPDIF input as they do not contain a digital-to-analog converter. So I had to convert from SPDIF to RCA analog. I went with this converter:

  6. But now I have a single set of RCA ouputs and two amps that need inputs. RCA is easy to split so I bought these cheap cables to do it:

  7. From there the RCA is fed into two of the amps that OP shows above. From there it goes into 100' of high grade speaker cable: and then into these Polk speakers (one set for the deck and another for the driveway):

    So the setup is: TV inputs --> TV --> digital splitter --> D to A converter --> RCA splitter cables --> these two amps --> Polk speakers. It sounds surprisingly good with strong bass and crisp highs. I can control all three volumes independently (family room receiver and each of these amps). I just used it for a big party we had Saturday night (80+ people). I had a playlist in iTunes on my computer served up by my Plex server. This was then picked up by my Roku 3 attached to the TV. It worked flawlessly.
u/rjmana · 5 pointsr/headphones

> and by saying at the same time i mean that you can swap between them in e.g. windows speaker settings.

not this way. you cant use your pc to control which way down the rca cable a signal will go.

just get a splitter cable. it will output sound to both, just turn off the one youre not using. i used piggyback cables for that

edit: also if you insist on a switch there are many rca switches im sure you can find online. if you want something keeping to the theme of the schiit stuff you already have, get the schiit sys as your switch

u/rectalslurpee · 5 pointsr/rocksmith

Are you serious? Thats a subwoofer it only produces low frequencies. You need a set of regular speakers to get full spectrum sound. The picture of the dog makes me wonder if this is a joke about woofers.

Edit: That subwoofer is part of a 5.1 speaker setup and you only have the sub, the other speakers plug into the sub. The only way to get sound from both the tv and the sub is to use a splitter like this and plug into the tv as well as the sub.

u/wondroushippo · 3 pointsr/headphones

Totally possible. Pick up a couple of RCA splitters, or something like this:

u/SatansF4TE · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Upgrading the Modi wouldn't, but upgrading the Magni would - the Magni 2 Uber has a pre-amp output.
Essentially this just passes the input from your Modi through the Magni's volume control without amplifying it, when there's no headphones connected. With headphones connected of course, the input is amplified and sent to them. Again, the pre-out is RCA so the same cables as above if you chose that. Bear in mind this only works with either speakers or headphones at once, if you want to output to both at once you'd want a simple RCA splitter.

Again, neither is necessary since the Windows volume control is an option, but it's much easier.

RE speaker stands: Mostly comes down to preference and their looks. These are inexpensive and should fit / be strong enough for the LSR308.

Component order should look like this:

Computer -> Modi -> Sys -> Speakers OR Magni
Optional Second Source ^

If you're regularly swapping between the two, you could connect both at once using a splitter or switch box. Otherwise, those cables look good.

u/Shirkaday · 3 pointsr/SoundSystem

Yeah you would need two mono rca splits. You'd just split both the red and the white at the controller, now you have 2 stereo outputs, and connect to the speakers as usual.

Edit: or just get one of these joints ...

Same thing as a split but with a longer cable already attached.

u/SalaciousB · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Sorry hadn't seen those before...

All you are trying to do is get the preamp signal at line level to the Speakers and Subwoofer. So all you'll need to do is split the TT output.

Plug one of these into the TT and the other into the Speakers and Subwoofer


Plug the single end of this cable into the TT. Plug the the other end into the Sub. Piggy back another RCA out of it and run that to the speakers.

u/checkerdamic · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Does your turntable have a built in preamp? If so, you can't run in into the Phono input with the preamp running, most allow you to bypass the built in preamp with a switch on the back so you can plug it into a phono input. You could always use these type of piggyback cables (not recommending this brand, just the first one that came up on amazon).

u/Obscure_Username_ · 2 pointsr/letsplay

Is something like this or this what you're looking for? One is single male to dual female, and the other is single female to dual male.

u/astrnght_mike_dexter · 2 pointsr/SSBM

I can't believe no one gave you a real response. Buy this and this. Plug the S-video part in to the capture card and the yellow cable in to your TV. Use these to split the audio. Easy cheap recording setup for melee.

u/ABearWithFeelings · 2 pointsr/smashbros

For recording, I have a composite piggyback cable (one female into two males, i.e. a three-pronged version of this) that I send to my CRT and USB connector. All's well, but at my apartment, we typically keep my wii connected to our HDTV/sound system (my roommates tell me there are apparently other games people play on the wii besides smash) and so whenever I play (frequently) I have to pull my CRT out of the closet, and move the wires from our intricately wired sound system box to the back of the CRT.

I'm considering purchasing a second piggyback wire so that the wii can go to both the HD TV as well as my CRT, so I don't have to constantly re-wire things and so that I can have my CRT live by our entertainment system. Would there be any problems with lag or signal if I were to have the wii feeding out to three connections through all of these piggybacks? When I play I'll be keeping the HDTV off, and won't be recording much.

u/Armsc · 2 pointsr/hometheater

You can split the signal coming out of your computer with a 3.5mm splitter or use an RCA piggyback cable to run into the sub. The problem with this is you can only change the volume with your source no the amplifier. If the sub has both input and outputs for your speakers like this Dayton Sub 1000 you can run the signal from the amp to the sub then back to the speakers. This would allow you to still control the volume with the amplifier if you wanted to.

u/McLurkin · 2 pointsr/audio

It looks like the Z506 takes in line-level input via some 1/8" headphone jacks or RCA. That means at the very least you will need a powered sub, or an amp and passive sub. Since the speakers don't have any outputs, you are looking at a weird setup that will likely have volume balance problems between everything.

If you are using the RCA connections, you could split the signal between your speakers and this guy.

If you are using the headphone style connections, this is a tad more complicated. If you are using 3 plugs for 5.1 surround sound, I think the sub channel is one one of the pins in the orange connector. If you are using just one connector (stereo, you probably are plugged into the green) you will need to get even more adapters.

Overall, I don't recommend any of the above. If you need something to be louder, you need better speakers.

u/Preclude · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

There are two good ways to do this:
Option 1:
Grab yourself a set of these.
Plug the double sided end into your source, and then feed the other end to your speakers. You'll then plug another set of RCA into the open ends on the source and send them to your Sub.
Option 2: If you don't like using the windows volume control, then you'll get one of these:
Also this:
The Barrel connectors will go into your source. Then plus the controller into the barrel connectors, then the piggyback cable into the other end of the controller. Then plug your RCA into backside of the Piggyback and put one set into the speakers, and one set into the sub.
Once you've chosen from the two options, you'll need to set up the speaker and the sub so the volume matches.
To do that I would turn the computer audio up to maximum. Then, turn your speakers up as loud as you would ever comfortably listen to them. Then get your subwoofer gain and crossover where you want it. You will then use your PC volume/or the control nob to control the volume of both of them. If you use the control nob, your PC volume will always be at max.
EDIT: You might also need this to get the sound from your motherboard audio out to RCA:

u/jrl2222 · 2 pointsr/originalxbox

It sounds like you need one of these?
RCA Audio Piggyback Cable
Or these?
RCA Y Splitter Adapter
Then go with one of these.
RCA to 3.5mm female
You will need amplified headphones also. You can power the headphone from the usb on the TV or use a USB wall block.
If this won't work for you it should get into the right area to search for something along these lines.

u/DAM159 · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

/u/MistrDarp Yeah just getting a Y will probably be fine for your application. Or something like this if using RCAs.

Edit: Linked the wrong thing.

u/kokojambo7 · 1 pointr/Beatmatch

Will this do it RCA Audio Piggyback Cable?

u/unknown_baby_daddy · 1 pointr/hometheater

If you cannot configure your receiver as mentioned above, your only solution is with hardware. They have "piggy back" RCA cables that allow multiple sources on one input but im assuming your using hdmi...? If you are using component video (the 5 rca plugs) just get a 3.5 to piggy back rca cable!

Piggyback rca link (cant remember how to format this!?!):

u/ado010 · 1 pointr/Chromecast

Yeah, I figured there's a risk of sound distortion. I just wanted to give it a shot, as I'm annoyed with having to switch the source on the input. I just wasn't sure if it was even possible... and being a broke student, I didn't want to spend money on a cable for it to end up not even being possible lol.

Is the link I posted above a coupler? This one.

u/Vaguely_Saunter · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have frozen tonkatsu in my fridge. Cook that, curry and rice.

cheap cables

u/oldcarfreddy · 1 pointr/vinyl

Or alternatively RCA piggyback cable’s to connect te sources at once:

u/Buggitt · 1 pointr/diyelectronics

You could make your own cable with things like these:
RCA Connectors

3.5mm Connectors
And just wire them up your self, the two RCA male and female plugs in the one end don't have to look like that to have the same functionality, a splitter would also work.

I also found this: Rca piggyback cable which you could get a rca to 3.5mm cable and it's work the same as what you pictured.

u/potato_control · 1 pointr/retrogaming

Okay, I found a solution after a bit of research. A RCA Audio Piggyback Cable, 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male + RCA Female Piggyback + 3.5mm Stereo Male To Dual RCA Female Audio Adapter + volume control attenuator will solve the problem, for about $20 to $30.

u/mxmr47 · 1 pointr/audiophile

What about

u/ldeas_man · 1 pointr/audio

not quite. something like this piggyback RCA connector would work, or this RCA splitter

you could use a 3.5mm splitter with two of the 3.5mm to RCA cables

u/VoterApathyParty · 1 pointr/techsupport

something like this would probably work

u/AntiqueTech · 1 pointr/sonos

Why would you need video input for audio. You need optical out from tv to sonos. you could use the Connect for your tv if you use rca cables. If you want to connect both the tv and record player you can use this cable...

u/majorscheiskopf · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Well, first things first. Your speakers can already take RCA inputs, so you should just be able to plug in the record player (if it has a preamp built in), your CD player, or your iPod into the RCA input. If you don't want to plug and unplug the RCA every time, get something like this, which also lets you do centralized volume control.

Get a sub like this, and hook up an RCA splitter like this or this so that your source (whether it's the SYS above or something else) is running into both the subwoofer and the speakers.

Note: you don't want to wire it so that the subwoofer and the source are running into the speakers. That means your subwoofer won't be doing anything. The "one" end goes to your source, the "two" end goes to subwoofer and speakers.

Those speakers are fine, and it's almost always better to have one good setup than two mediocre setups.

Final proposed setup: your sources --> Schiit SYS ($50) --> splitter ($10)--> PSW10 ($100) + Resolv A5.

u/jefbenet · 1 pointr/amazonecho

Key question here is are you attempting to connect directly to the speakers? If so, are they amplified at the speaker or by your home theatre amp. If it's by the amp, a direct connection from your echo to the speakers won't produce the outcome you're hoping for as the echo/dot/etc only put out a line level (read - non-amplified) signal, intended for amps or self powered speakers. If the speakers you're using are self powered then a simple piggyback cable will work (

You would replace your current cable from the receiver to the speakers with the piggyback then plug an 1/8" stereo to dual rca cable between your echo and the piggyback portion at the speaker (such as this:

I'm betting the speakers are not self powered and your best bet is to use the 1/8" to rca type cable to tie into one of your receivers inputs and select that input when you want to use your echo for music and such. Not helpful for daily interaction perhaps but better than nothing.

Hope this helps

u/ctfrommn · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

You could make it work but you would have to split the signal going into the amp.

Something like this from the source. The male RCA's would go to the SMSL SA-36.

The something like this to the subwoofer in.

Not ideal by any stretch but doable.

u/P1kas · 1 pointr/SSBM

No. Depending on the console you're using, you need either


Plus one audio splitter cable, like this one

Basically, these console cables have two video outputs. You plug the Composite end into your TV, and the S-Video end into your capture card. Then you use the audio splitter cables to have audio on both your card and your tv. It's pretty easy to set up on any CRT using composite

u/unorthodocks · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Thanks for the info man. I'd love to spend a few hundred in a few months but for now I just need something to finish God Of War on lol. That Dayton 1000 ain't too pricey, if that's solid and I can't find a good discount deal I'll get that. Was gonna get the Polk psw-10 but been convinced otherwise

The JBL has 1/4" on the back so I don't think it should be too tough to hook up. Couldn't I just use 2 of these to go speaker wire to 1/4"? or I could use these and have RCAs going from my interface to the sub and my monitors. Not sure if it makes a difference. Piggybacks are a couple bucks cheaper

u/SantoroMT · 1 pointr/DJs

aside from what /u/britty1983 mentioned, if you want to use the output to an external recorder you could pick up an RCA piggyback to run the output into the speakers and piggyback into something like this

u/upas · 1 pointr/Zeos

Would something like this also work?

u/Kawai_Oppai · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

They make passthrough cables. Also known as piggyback.

RCA Audio Piggyback Cable, 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male + RCA Female Piggyback, 6 foot

3.5mm to rca on the switch. Run it to the computer piggyback cable. And an adapter for your headphones.

Should cost at the very most, $15 for everything.

That’s the most versatile setup.

For even cheaper, if the computer has a line in, run a 3.5mm from the switch into the pc. And just use the headphone jack or audio out on the pc.

That’s like $5 solution.

Personally I prefer the first option, it works better with amps, dac, and higher end headphones.