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RCA Compact RF Modulator (CRF907A)
Allows connection of an audio video component to a TV without a jackHigh performance circuit design provides accurate picture reproductionConverts audio and video to RF using channel 3 or 4
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u/CivilDiscussions · 8 pointsr/nyc

Because it's not broadcasting if it is going via a wire connecting to your tv.

These adapters are still legally manufactured today!

You sure have a lot of self confidence in your answers for someone who has no clue what they are talking about.

RCA Compact RF Modulator (CRF907R)

u/JimboSkillet · 7 pointsr/VIDEOENGINEERING

Assuming you’re working with low resolution video, you should take advantage of the coax connections. Burn your video to a DVD, connect the DVD player to one of these and use coax splitters to feed to TVs. Depending on cost and availability you may want to make your own cables - one of crimped kits would be useful. You can get bulk coax cable from Home Depot it wherever.

Also check thrift stores and ask nerdy 60-year olds. My dad never throws stuff out and has a box of old stuff like this. This is very old tech and You may be able to find it for cheap.

u/throwaway234f32423df · 7 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You could do it with two adapters. You might be able to do it with one adapter if you looked around, but based on just a quick search seems like this and this would do the trick.

u/someonestopthatman · 5 pointsr/techtheatre

Yes but you'll need some adapters.

You need to convert the display output of your mac to RCA Composite. Something like this might work:

Then you'll need an RCA to RF modulator.

After that it's just turning the TV on and tuning it to the correct channel, usually 3 or 4, and hoping the TV still works.

You can probably even put the two adapters fairly close to each other in the booth and run coax to the TV.

u/upofadown · 4 pointsr/electronics

Many old TVs are "hot chassis". That means that there is no isolation from the power line. With such TVs there is effectively no ground and you can't just feed in video/audio to the appropriate points. The simple solution is to just get a modulator. Here is an example of a type that would work for the type of TV used in North America (NTSC):

If all you want to do is look at OTA TV then the digital converter is a better idea. Such converters are very common on the used market in North America.

u/synack · 4 pointsr/diyelectronics

Agreed with the other comments, don't try to open it unless you really know what you're doing.
Get an RF modulator, which will take any baseband video signal and move it to VHF channel 3 or 4.
If you need HDMI, you can get an analog converter that will plug into the RF modulator.

I run a RaspberryPi through an RF modulator to a very similar Samsung TV. I have a script running on the RaspberryPi that picks random video files from a directory and plays them with omxplayer. Currently, it's a 24x7 Looney Tunes and Futurama mix.

u/unkmunk · 3 pointsr/techsupport

You need a vga to composite video converter and an RF modulator. I’ve never seen them packaged in one unit.

You take the two units and daisy chain them, hooking the ‘coax out’ of the RF modulator to the TV. Then you turn the TV to channel 3 or 4.

It will look like crap. 640x480 resolution is highly optimistic, 320x240 is more realistic. Several resolutions will work but the quality of the display will make the finer details disappear.

Results will be highly dependent on the content, viewing distance and expectations. Low res photos will look ok if you stand back a bit. Text will not be legible except with large font sizes.

Good luck, here are some sample items like what you’d need.

Sewell Direct SW-22050 PC to TV Converter

RCA Compact RF Modulator (CRF907A)

Source: was geek in the 80s

u/nickhamm · 3 pointsr/techsupport

You'll need an RF Modulator. It takes RCA input and converts to Coax. You'll have to use your SD video cables for the Xbox, no HD output. If you want to connect more than one device, you'll have to look for an RCA Switcher to put into the RF Modulator.

u/lues_jenkins · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

What you are looking for is an rf modulator. They used to sell them at radioshack for 35 dollars.they are way cheaper now.

u/SuspiciousAlias · 3 pointsr/smashbros

The picture is going to look like ass, and yes you will need something like this.

Also it's not an adapter, it's a converter. You will get some lag no matter what, but it's probably miniscule. There is no way to get an adapter only solution. The modulation is different.

u/iConoClast04 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

>980Ti DisplayPort > DisplayPort to VGA adapter > VGA to component conversion box > RF modulator (component to coax) > coax port on TV

A/V guy here.

I think I could have saved you some trouble.

Here are the steps I would have taken:

Edit: u/Egleu pointed out that an RF modulator is still required. Sorry but I'm a stoner.

-Get an HDMI to Composite adapter like [this] (

-Get an RCA to BNC cable like [this] (

-Get a Female BNC adapter to RF adapter like [this] (

-Get an RCA to RF adapter like [this] (

Plug everything in and it should work. Btw, you want to use the Yellow RCA from the HDMI to RCA adapter.

Tip: Screw the RF adapter onto the RF input on your TV first. Then all you have to do is twist the BNC part of the cable on instead of trying to twist that tiny little nut with your fingers while the cable is attached.

u/Schrockwell · 3 pointsr/Watches

Yup, that's possible! Ever used an RF modulator to connect something like a VCR or a classic game system like an NES? The RF modulator outputs an analog TV signal on channel 3 or 4, albeit a very weak one since it just has to go across a few feet of coax. With an appropriate amplifier and antenna you could in theory broadcast that to a TV.

u/universaljoint · 3 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

Sonny, there were plenty of ways to convert rca outputs to coax inputs. In fact, there was even a time before coax was common. An adapter like this was required to make the necessary connection.

u/lillgreen · 3 pointsr/AskElectronics

See the headphone lookin jack on the back labeled Ext Antenna? It's doable but you'll need some nutty adapter spaghetti.

  • one of these - not sure where to get them these days but like this
  • one of these
  • and an rf modulator

    Put tv on channel 3 or 4 VHF and done.

    Good chance that it's only a black and white screen btw. Sony had portable color tvs of the same size back then but lesser known brands were B&W. There would also be more than three knobs on the back if it were color, those are the bare adjustments for grey scale.
u/spunker88 · 2 pointsr/techsupport

You'll need a AV cable for the Xbox 360 that will have RCA outputs on it, something like this. Then an RF modulator, this will allow your cable TV to pass through if you connect it to the ANT IN. Also if you have an old VCR laying around you can use that instead of buying an RF modulator.

u/MIDNIGHTZOMBIE · 2 pointsr/howto

Here is one on in case you're a shut-in like me.

Also, on your digital converter box, if the red,yellow,white cables are marked as "input" and the thick cable with the metal end is marked as "output" or "TV" then you don't need to buy anything. You could plug the gamecube into the box and put the TV on the appropriate channel.

u/Drill_Dr_ill · 2 pointsr/SSBM

I'm not positive, as I've never used anything like it before, but I imagine you would need something like this:

No idea about any potential lag.

u/yeti_button · 2 pointsr/nes

thank you! I think I have this one in a box somewhere. Hopefully I can find it and test it out

u/funderbunk · 2 pointsr/VintageApple

The Apple II has a composite video output - but you need an RF modulated signal for your tv. So, you can take the composite video signal to an RF modulator, like this one. If your television doesn't have a coaxial antenna input, you'll also need an antenna matching transformer, like this one.

u/gamesoverlosers · 2 pointsr/pics

Your TV doesn't have an ATSC receiver at all? Weird.
That'll fix that up though.

u/deadmul3 · 2 pointsr/gaming

you need something like this

or this

rf (radio frequency) modulator or a really old TV!

u/easyTRASH · 1 pointr/smashbros

My TV/setup is similar: TV -> coax -> RF modulator -> composite -> Wii.

Maybe give this a try. RF modulator + coax cable

u/StorageB107 · 1 pointr/crt

Sorry, I meant to post this link:
Will this connect a composite input to the UHF or VHF terminals on the TV?

u/metroidfan220 · 1 pointr/ps2

Some Gamestops will carry them, since they will work with PS3 too. But you're better off getting an RF adapter box at Walmart and just using the composite cables that came with the system with it.

Edit: Something like this one would work.

u/toddw65 · 1 pointr/DIY_tech

Not sure about DirecTv, but I have Dish Network and did this. Getting an additional box means another fee tacked on and my bill is high enough as it is. Dish boxes (aka Joeys) output HDMI & composite signals simultaneously so in my case, HMDI goes to the "main" tv and the composite output then goes into an inexpensive RF modulator. From that I ran coax to the secondary TV which is tuned to channel 3. We also bought a second RF remote off of Ebay so we can have one in each room. It's worked great this way for several years.

Edit: Missing words.

u/PintoTheBurninator · 1 pointr/gaming

you can also get an analog RF modulator for about 12 bucks on amazon that has r/y/w on one side and a cable connector on the other - so that unused cable jack on the back of your tv can become the input for your old analog game systems - just make sure it is set the the same channel as the adapter (usually channel 3 or 4).
They even bridge the cable input/output so you can use it in between the tv and an analog cable box.

u/JasonDJ · 1 pointr/cordcutters

If you don't know, its called an RF Modulator to convert Composite (yellow/white/red) to coax. Most VCRs can also do the job.

u/NeonNat · 1 pointr/gamecollecting

Ah, gotcha. Took a brief look and thought I found what you were looking for but forgot when I used this back when I was young, it was the other way around (rca to coax). Now I remember the converter is called a "VCR" lol

u/frezik · 1 pointr/RASPBERRY_PI_PROJECTS

To make sure I understand here, you have a TV with a broken display, but working speakers, and want to use it for audio. Correct?

What kind of connectors does the TV have? Does it have composite audio? If so, the Pi can output that directly. Its audio isn't great by itself, though, so you'd be better off getting a USB sound box with composite output.

If it has HDMI input, then you can connect that directly.

If it's an old tube TV that only has coax input, then you'll need an RF modulator that takes composite in and coax out. I think this will do.

u/itchplease · 1 pointr/TVRepair

This is what I'm using :


It should work, right ? My question is should I solder the coaxial to the UHF or VHF antenna

u/wdouglass · 1 pointr/hometheater

You'll need an rf modulator, like this one

If there's no coax connector on the back, you'll also need an antenna adapter like this one

That tv is really cool, good luck!

u/MongooseProXC · 1 pointr/ota

Quick and dirty: :)

You can insert a channel with an RF modulator like this onto channel 3 or 4. Attach the antenna feed and RF modulator into a splitter in reverse.

Now, here's the rub. You need to block the transmission from the RF modulator going to the antenna or else you'll broadcast your channel to the neighborhood. A high-low VHF splitter will take care of this beautifully. Connect the antenna to "HI", the splitter to "LINE", and cap off the "LO"

Now, you will loose about 4db signal strength from your antenna and will no longer receive Lo-VHF channels, but most stations don't use it anyway.

EDIT: Even better. Connect the RF modulator to the "LO", the antenna to "HI", and the TV to "LINE." This will simplify the connection and also minimize signal loss to about 1db.

u/koniko95 · 1 pointr/crtgaming

Je pense pas l'autre prise sert a brancher une antenne.
Pour être plus précis j'utilise ce modulateur rf acheté en import américain :

u/probablyreasonable · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

There is almost no information here. What are you looking for?

If you need Pi to Coax, then you need an rf modulator.

If you need 3.5mm to RCA, then you need a 3.5mm to RCA

u/Basscross64 · 1 pointr/crtgaming

You'd need something like this ( to accomplish your goal since professional monitors don't tend to have channels that you can tune to to use RF. Don't expect much in terms of quality out of any choice that you go with since RF is crap.

u/GeneralissimoFranco · 1 pointr/crt

Set the TV to VHF Channel 3 or 4 and run whatever you want through a demodulator (just like you used to do with your game consoles). You might need a coax to antenna adapter.

u/digger0101 · 1 pointr/vintagetelevision

Thanks! It's just an old Roku connected to an RF modulator and then by coaxial to the set.

u/Techno_11 · 1 pointr/cableadvice


Plus This:

And I assume you have a cable to plug into the adapter on the back of that TV? If not, I can try to find one

u/kamomil · 1 pointr/ota

You will need a converter box, eg. an HD tuner, a set top ATSC box. Any signals broadcast now are not compatible with an analog TV

Then this, to connect the tuner to the portable TV

u/nightscout01 · 1 pointr/crtgaming

Something like this should work well for you:
I have no personal experience with this modulator, but this type of thing is what you want.

u/zeisss · 1 pointr/videos

I'm going to bet someone is just messing around with an RF modulator on a Raspberry Pi or something.

It would explain the crappy analog signal.

u/Hoole100 · 1 pointr/playstation
u/throwawaygphm · 1 pointr/crtgaming

I have an old CRT TV that only has an RF input connection. Would I be able to use an HDMI to composite adapter like this and a composite to RF converter like this to connect it to my PC? I understand RF is the worst video connection, but will it look acceptable? Will there be any problems with either 240p or 480i inputs?

u/xenomachina · 1 pointr/AskTechnology

Get an RF modulator, like this one, and connect it to a coax splitter. The RF modulator will take a composite video signal and analog audio (ie: the typically yellow+red+white RCA connections) and convert it into a signal on channel 3 or 4 (typically).

You could then use whatever device that you can find that generates composite video. If you want to use a USB drive you will need some kind of relatively modem hardware to decode compressed digital video. You could use a Raspberry Pi. Some models have composite out, and for audio connect a 3.5mm to RCA adapter to the headphone jack.

If the signal to the TVs isn't strong enough, you can get powered splitters that will also amplify the signal. I doubt that will be an issue, though, as the RF modulator itself is powered, and so should be generating a pretty strong signal.

u/MeowMixSong · 0 pointsr/cordcutters

1985 is just new enough that it would have had a coaxial port. All you would need is an RF modulator, and a Roku Express +, and you'd be able to use it perfectly fine.

Get a cheap converter box for an additional $30, and you could still have it in service with ATSC signals. If you set the converter box to channel 3, and the RF modulator to channel 4, you would only need to change the channel on the TV to switch between your aerial and roku. (the channel buttons on your TV efectivly become the equivilant to "source input" on modern TV's)