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RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case
RDS Industries, Inc. is the #1 Nintendo Licensed Switch case manufacturer nationwide.Exterior: Durable hard-shell case made with Ballistic Nylon or PU Leather, comfort grip handle and custom Easy glide zipper.Interior: Specifically Designed to protect the Joy-Con analog sticks, padded screen protection panel, quick access zippered pocket for accessories and features a recessed compartment for game cases.Also included: 2 multi-game cases, each case holds 4 games safely and securely. 2 micro SD card cases, each case holds 1 SD card, each SD card case fits into any section of the multi-game case.RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case has been approved by Nintendo's high-quality Standards.
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u/T_Maarhaysu · 23 pointsr/NintendoSwitch
u/RoyalAquaBlue · 21 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I use the RDS Industries Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case. It's $20 at Walmart and Amazon.

It has room for cartridges under the system in little removable plastic boxes. I removed them. The pouch in the middle makes for nice padding. The case is fairly rigid, so I know I could drop my system and not fear it's safety.

Personally, this is what I plan to use forever when traveling with my switch. If I need more than this... like extra controllers and the dock... I'll use a second bag and load it up with all the extras and then use this case for the system and put that in the same bag.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the handle is great and makes carrying the system extra easy.

u/chewingstraws · 16 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I'm getting this one because I think it looks nice

u/blablablabber52 · 14 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Definitely get a case and a screen protector

u/CripplerJones · 13 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You forgot:

  • I finally got a Nintendo Switch! Which accessories should I buy for it before it gets here? Most people recommend a screen protector and a carrying case. As for the most frequently recommended carrying cases, there's this one from RDS Industries and this one from Butterfox.

  • What's the biggest, cheapest, most reliable microSD card I can buy for the Switch? There's no best answer, but a lot of people on this sub recommend this one from Samsung.

  • Should I buy a Nintendo Switch? What about all of the problems I heard about? Maybe? I don't know. That's your call, friend. There are problems, as there are with any new piece of technology, but Nintendo has a great warranty with excellent customer support, and the issues aren't quite as widespread as it seems (people are most vocal when there's a problem; they typically won't say anything if there's nothing wrong).

  • What games are coming out for the Switch? There's a link in the sidebar on desktop, but for mobile users, check here.
u/PDXBradley · 12 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have the officially licensed RDS one, it's great. I'm also not using it since I have a Skull & Co GripCase that came with its own carry case. If you live in the US, I'd be happy to send it to you free of charge. It's practically brand new. Take a look at the link, if you like it and want me to send it to you, you can PM me your info and I'll ship it today.

u/Galen640 · 10 pointsr/Switch

First of all: Screen Protector. Once it's on you never notice it, doesn't hurt to get that extra safety!

I've bought 10 games so far, and I'd say get all of these because I have enjoyed them. BOTW, Splatoon 2, Sonic Mania, Rayman Legends, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (assuming you like DBZ,) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokken Tournament DX, Street Fighter 2 Ultra, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Yooka Laylee.

If I had to pick 3 for you to get to start out then I would pick Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I think that's enough variety to keep you busy for awhile.

A carrying is always a good thing, I'd recommend This case because it's the one I use and does its job.

Accessory wise I have joycon grips which are AMAZING when playing with one joycon.

Also, the grip it comes with is trash. Get the Power A Grip it feels A LOT better in your hands.

As for SD Cards, it depends. I have a 32GB SD card. I mainly buy physical games, The extra space is for screenshots and videos, and download only games, like Sonic Mania, Yooka Laylee, etc. If you're going for digital only then get a 256GB. Sure you won't use a ton of space now, but you might a few years down the line. Also, do NOT get the official Nintendo ones. They are a RIP-OFF! Here are some nice alternatives that will get the job done for A LOT cheaper: 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB and finally 256 GB

If you have any other questions feel free to ask OP, and other (potential) switch owners!

Quick edit: sorry that some links won't be put with the text, no idea what the issue is

u/WendigoZero17 · 10 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

These are the best cases for handheld consoles

I have the traveler case for my gba, ds, dsi, dsi xl, 3ds, N3DS XL, PSP, Vita, and now switch. They're super rugged, and they will hold 12 games and a charging cord. There's molded cutouts for the triggers on the joycons to keep them from wearing out in the case. You'll get lots of recommendations for the overpriced butterfox case, but this a better case for less money. This thing is a tank.

u/k_Reign · 10 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I've been absolutely loving this one:

You can get it for I think $25 in stores. It's not huge and it's really tough so you don't need to worry about throwing it around.

u/Chillionaire_ · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Tempered Glass protector - amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack)

Travel Case - Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

u/EpicCakes · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Just to add on, if you travel a lot or plan on taking it on the go, a case would be a good investment. Personally, this case has worked great for me . Also congrats on winning a Switch that's pretty awesome.

u/osrs_h1n1 · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Going Physical for all games that are released that way. This way if I invest in a game that turns out to be sour (they're all sour if you lick them) I can trade it in or sell it. If you buy digital, you're stuck with it.

I'm rocking the RDS travel case which has 8-slots for games. So dealing with the cartridges isn't a big deal and I love displaying my video game boxes on my shelf.

Edit: I also have Amazon Prime, so all of my pre-orders and games that have been out less than 2 weeks are 20% off. So the games I want at launch I get cheaper than buying digitally.

u/juicyjames · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Most would probably recommend the amFilm tempered glass screen protector for peace of mind.

Then, if you are going to take it anywhere, possibly a travel case. Most people speak highly of:

u/stealthboy · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Wait, your commuting time is 5 hours of your life each day? Sorry, but that sounds miserable and you should really think about a lifestyle change.

Sometimes I take my Switch on the bus and use a slim case so it doesn't take up much room in my laptop backpack. Works well for me. I've taken it with me off and on since launch day with zero problems.

I would imagine something like this would work just fine:

u/mwaldron · 7 pointsr/Switch

It's the basic stock "official" Nintendo switch case and it is very nice.


I ended up preferring the Amazon Basics version as it was slightly smaller and the handle on the official one annoyed me.

u/Trunen · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

RDS and Nintendo make some great hard cases, but there is another case that a lot of companies have copied from eachother that was well done... Surge being one of them. They are a little softer and don't have a carry handle, but are still great cases.

(RDS Case )

u/StunnyTrangaroo · 7 pointsr/nintendo

I bought this Nintendo Switch Case and it carries up to 8 games with it plus two SD card cases that would each fill in one of those 8 game slots. Very nifty!

I rarely take my 3DS with me at all. But when bringing my games along, I had a separate case for that one too.

u/lasttycoon · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I use an official Nintendo licensed case. Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case
Quality is fantastic and design is good imo. Sticking to licensed products can be nice.

u/Mudkip1 · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Get the Pro Controller for sure, as well as a Case to travel with. I bought this Case and have been pretty pleased with it.

There's also a larger version of this Case which fits the Switch Dock, Chargers, and additional Joycons. I kinda want this one but haven't bought it yet.

u/Alexx51 · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

A lot of people like to wet themselves over the butterfox case. I got the RDS one for $25. I really like it. The main difference is that you get 2 hard shell cases for your games rather than keeping them loose under an elastic band. You can only hold 8 at a time though so I suppose that's the compromise.

u/Hippobu2 · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Personally, for me, I believe that the best case is the Sheikah Slate that comes with BotW SE. EB and Best Buy both said that they will have it, so be on the look out for them, cuz amazon is out.

The same case, with different designs, is made by PDP. You can get them via these links: 1, 2, 3, 4.

This one is quite close to the Sheikah Slate as well, but it doesn't ship to where I am, so I'm not sure it would ship to you.

PDP also has this amazing looking soft canvas cases if you're interested: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

You could also go with Hori hard case, which is ugly af, but looks extremely sturdy. But then the actual case from Nintendo (it's not available yet, just wait for it I guess?) is quite close to the Hori one as well, I guess.

I'm throwing all those links at you, because, I have NO idea who Biogenik are and a quick Google doesn't result in anything positive about them.

As for screen protector, for me generally, any film protector would make the screen look worse. They are also a lot more likely to get scratches than the screen alone. I'd recommend a tempered glass screen protector if you get one at all. Here are some, one from Orzly, and one from CaseBase. Orzly seems like the better choice since you get 2, and their other tempered glass protectors are very highly rated.

u/ke5pay · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

It is not dockable. The case adds about a third to the thickness however it does fit in the case I have and I believe it will fit most other cases. Having said that it takes up enough space that you cannot fit as much in the case, for mine I can get a cord in the pouch but only a small AC adapter. I am personally using this adapter in order to "dock" the unit and treating my joycons as non-removable as it is a bit of a bother to take the case off.

u/UnfoldingTime · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

And added pro, IMO, is that you can choose between the standard black, Mario Kart or several different Zelda options for this case. I got the Mario Kart one with my bundle and it's a really nice case for the $20 price tag.

u/STUNT1990 · 5 pointsr/nintendo

Not sure but this is PDP's Switch "case" (also on BotW version) and, by the looks of it, it's just a semi rigid pouch.

I'm probably getting this one once I can see it in person or a nice review; it looks like it will have some kind of foam (as shoulder buttons would tilt the switch and yet it seems to be in a horizontal position) and I think it's made by the same company as a pretty similar looking NES mini case.

u/SoloWaltz · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

It's this one.

I specifically looked for a good one for my upcoming travel.

u/ewzzy · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I fully recommend the RDS hard case


My Switch feels totally safe in there. I don't trust soft cases. They'll protect your screen but the sticks on the joycons are easy to break through the case.

u/MEANL3R · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

To add, I really like my case: Amazon link. Its pretty sturdy and holds a few physical games. I think I picked mine up from Walmart for like $20.

u/Treadwell_CRB · 4 pointsr/nintendo

I ordered the RDS travel case:

The reason is simple. I travel quite a bit for work. I am going to toss this in my backpack and slog it thru the airport. It seems to be a little thicker and provide a little more protection than other ones.

And it looks nice.

u/apfhex · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Those are both mentioned by OP, the RDS cases in Black and Link-Gray.

u/sephur · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Wait. What case is this? When I google your post title, I'm returned this..

u/Skhanna786 · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you want to go through Amazon, I do have a combo that works!

It fits inside the case perfectly with even grip installed. Both are really amazing. I might get the Skull case when it comes on Amazon, but I am very content with my current combo.

Total price is like 35 bucks too, so quite cheap imo.

u/MoogleMan3 · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Here's my post I make when people ask what accessories and games they should look at for the switch; most are exclusives. I put puyo puyo tetris on the list because I have more switch pro controllers than ps4 controllers, so multiplayer is easier for us on the switch. Cave story+ has some things the pc version doesn't, which is why I listed that one.

Here's my switch starter kit:

Amfilm Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
RDS Switch Case
128GB Samsung Evo Select MicroSD Card
128GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Card
Switch Pro Controller
Ugreen Usb 3.0 to Ethernet Adapter
Magicfiber Cloths

I'd not want to be without any of these items.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Super Mario Odyssey
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Super Bomberman R
Puyo Puyo Tetris
Fire Emblem Warriors
Cave Story+
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Snipperclips Plus
Pokken Tournament DX
Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack
Mighty Gunvolt Burst (eshop)
Blaster Master Zero (eshop)
Kamiko (eshop)
Golf Story (eshop)

u/komentra · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Was wondering where to preorder these and thought I'd share.

For those in the US:

Standard (March 3rd)

Zelda (March 20th)

u/GaddoGamz · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Not sure if anyone caught the lower profile "Switch" version of the the RDS Deluxe Travel case towards the bottom right, but it looks sick. Saw the review of the Zelda version on Youtube, and it checks all of the boxes for me: Semi-hard case, trigger indentations, zipper pouch, padded screen cover, compact, fairly low profile. Was going to go with the Surge case, but the light grey exterior was a little blah imo. Here are the point of references:

RDS Zelda case review

Amazon pre-order (all 5 versions)

Pulling the trigger on the Switch version for sure. Hope this helps some folks.

u/falbi23 · 3 pointsr/Switch

The RDS Industries case is the best bet for your money. They make two types, one for the handheld (with sticks), and one for the entire system.

Many people have the Zelda-themed version, but I have this plain black and red one:

u/Folknasty · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This is the travel case set.

u/Ryvaeus · 3 pointsr/NintendoPH

>TPU Cover:

That's pretty cool but I think I've seen it in Datablitz SM Megamall, weeks ago. Maybe it was a different brand, but I question the necessity of this considering you'll either be carrying the Switch in a travel case when it's out, or leaving it in its dock at home. And speaking of the dock, you'll have to remove the case every time you want to dock the Switch. Bit of a hassle if you plan on switching modes a lot.

>Messenger Bag (since I'm always moving weekly)

Datablitz carries this HORI travel bag for the Switch, which I bought for myself and it does a good job carrying the console, dock, HDMI cable, power adapter, and Joycon grip with extra Joycon attached. The dividers on the inside are modular and can be moved around to suit your packing style. It's about half the price of the messenger bag, and you can still stuff it into a backpack for portability (which is how I carry it around when I do need to bring everything, though that's only happened twice).

>Case (sana meron dito nito)

There are cases here though none that I've seen which have handles. This isn't an issue though if you've already got a bag or backpack to carry it in, which I highly recommend doing anyway; carrying a Nintendo-branded bag/case around, especially one tailor-fit for the Switch, is just begging to be stolen.

While I don't agree with the necessity of some of these accessories, my Switch use case may very well differ from yours (when you eventually do decide to get it). So if you still think those exact items are the ones you really need to get, then I'd suggest using a shipping forwarder like Jinio (Xend-owned), My-ShoppingBox (FICI-owned), or Shippingcart (LBC-owned) to receive and ship your orders directly to you. I've used all three and they're generally equally reliable.

u/Sonic_13 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This one would probably be good for you. It has 5 different styles too.

u/blackicebaby · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

RDS Case is THE BEST. I have it and it's the best case for the Switch.

u/Shanoga · 3 pointsr/SFGiants

I actually got two cases, one for the full system and one for lighter handheld travel. I've been really happy with both. I actually bring the lighter case with me to work every day.

System case:

Handheld case:

Note: Target has the Handheld Traveler case for $19.99 and it is fairly readily in stock. OMG THEY HAVE A MARIO KART ONE.

u/lansdead · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I honestly wouldn't be bummer about what you got. The Special edition would have come at the cost of overpaying and the case isn't much better than a lot of others on the market. For something similar, and in my opiton a bit cleaner I recommend grabbing a RDS case - affordable really durable and has tons of game slots.

u/camkeys · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you don't need to fit the charger in the case there's a general consensus on this one

u/parad0xchild · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you're saying 2 pairs of joycons (2 left, 2 right) - the Nintendo travelers case works. This one

You just put 1 pair (with straps attached) in the left/right spot, with the pouch between them, then put the console in the other side (screen facing inwards of the case). Put the other 2 straps in the little bag.

u/TemptedTemplar · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

the "go to" screen protector for this sub,

And for cases you have butterfox with lots of game slots or RDS slim fit also in Zelda flavor.

there is a ton of cases with a huge range of extra space, pockets, and sleeves for whatever you want to actually carry with you. A quick amazon search will turn up tens of them.

u/XachAttach · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I love this one.

Very small and compact so either good or bad depending on what you want. This cannot hold the dock, AC adapter, etc...but holds the console+joycons perfectly with room for eight cartridge games. Also has a mesh pouch I put the joycon straps in. Perfect for light travel. But, the semi hardshell case and nice, thick zipper feels very protective and high quality.

u/Antwolies770 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I recommend a glass screen protector (look at the reviews before you buy it though) and this case.

u/2blankpages · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

The RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case comes with cartridge holders - Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

u/Jrrolomon · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Great minds think alike. I was looking online for a smaller case for shorter trips as well after I posted my first comment.

I went ahead and preordered this one.

RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

u/Forstride · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I decided on this one for my replacement:

The "mesh" style exterior looks a lot nicer than the single-colored cases (Especially since the colors they use for most of them look terrible). Also, I like that it doesn't have game card slots built in, since I'll likely be going digital now that my Master Edition was cancelled (Which was one of main the reasons I decided to go physical, since I didn't want to mix and match physical/digital).

u/OedipusR3x · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

The RDS Industries case seems to be a favorite. Comes with little plastic cases that hold the games and micro SD cards. Also more form fitting for the switch than most cases.

u/IwataFan · 3 pointsr/nintendo

With screen protectors you really want to go with tempered glass. Starter kits are a nice deal, but you do get what you pay for when it comes to screen protectors; such is life.

For a screen protector, I along with the rest of Reddit it seems have settled upon this screen protector as being the absolute best. I even had Best Buy Geek Squad install it to virtually guarantee proper installation, and it looks absolutely fantastic. I had the chance to play for a few weeks without it and personally think it actually makes the screen look better.

For a case I would go the RDS Industries route and get either this or even this larger case that can fit all the related Switch accessories.

u/MrJspeed · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Good case for Nyko Docking Kit?

I have the $20 Switch Deluxe carrying case I'm very happy with it, and the material. It's very durable.

It's just not deep enough. I'm wanting something that I can use to carry the Switch, 2 extra joycons + straps, Nyko dock, charger, and hdmi cable. I don't want that bigger suitcase of a case that is meant for the standard dock.

Anyone have an suggestions?

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

The case looks exactly like the case offered by RDS

Amazon link

u/RNDMizer · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch will ship to Canada but it works out to around $40. I keep going back and forth on importing it and waiting to see if it gets sold here which I assume would cost less.

u/weegee4ever · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have this one pre-ordered

It's fairly plain, black, hard case, handle, storage for games. Met all my needs. If anyone has a better suggestion I'm certainly open to it.

u/Bluxen · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have the Deluxe one from Big Ben, it's super sturdy and it doesn't touch the sticks or the buttons.

u/Insult_to_the_Dead · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

This deluxe case has been great because it actually has a fairly hard protective shell. I have the basic one but it comes with all different designs. If you have access to a Walmart, they've put these on clearance and I got mine a few weeks ago for $17

u/TheChartreuseMoose · 2 pointsr/splatoon

It's definitely nice to have a case, I'm not sure about this one specifically though. It might be worth it to look around for some reviews and see what other people think of it. I have this case though, and I would definitely recommend it.

u/Teggert · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I've compared a bunch in person and this is the case I recommend. It's actually durable, slim, practical, doesn't call much attention to itself, and affordable. I especially like the zippered pouch and how easy it is to insert and remove the system.

u/lloganwebb · 2 pointsr/EDC

I do. I use this travel case. I toss it in my backpack and go about my day.

u/Strong_Right · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have the licensed switch case (

and it's great imo. Very sturdy, you get small carrying cases for games and SD-cards, there's an extra pouch inside that can fit an extra set of joycons (it's a tight fit, but it still easily closes) and that pouch has an extra layer of padding on the screen.

And a nice bonus is that it's really cheap.

u/RibbyPaultz · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Would you be interested in this one? I bought the Go Play handle which comes with a case and so this just sits now. I was going to make a new post but it's yours if you want it.

u/McLovin_616 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This one will not hold your charger, but I highly recommend it because it is a hard case. People have had issues with their switch turning on in their cases and overheating because buttons get pressed and turn on the system. This one keeps the system totally secure and prevents that from happening. It is super durable and nice looking as well. It holds 8 games plus whichever one is in your system. There is a soft flap that protects the screen and it has a zipper enclosure to fit earphones or a few more carts.

u/Jaybib · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I would recommend any case by RDS, they are good quality. This is the case I wanted but settled for the sky blue Zelda case because that's all the store had when I got my system. Assuming the Splatoon 2 case keeps the build quality it'll be great!

u/qwertylerqw · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You definitely need a screen protector. The screen is plastic and the dock is infamous for scratching some users’ screens. I recommend either the amFilm one, which is the one most people seem to recommend, or the Orzly one, which is what I have and it also works great.

I recommend the pro controller if you find that the Joycons cramp your hands easily. It’s more comfortable and has larger joysticks, so it’s easier to be accurate with them.

The carrying case I use for my Switch is this one. It’s very nice and I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now with no problems.

u/__c5 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

That one does look good! I decided to go with this one. They look very similar, just the one you linked has more storage for games I think.

u/thewinneroflife · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Does anyone know where I can find the RDS Industries cases in the UK? this case is the best I have seen but I can't find it on a UK site unless I pay a fortune to ship it from the US .

u/dragonnyxx · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Guys! Guys!

Check out this Nintendo Switch Wii U case!

Seriously, these titles are utterly meaningless due to keyword spamming.

u/nermal543 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You mean something like this?

u/Shajoeee · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Carrying case, I use this but I'd recommend one with a bit more space for a charger and maybe another set of joycons. I've heard Butterfox is a good brand

u/plopbellie · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

That's kinda an unfair comparison because this has room for the dock and a pro controllers and the power cable. The official Nintendo case only has room for the switch and the straps if im correct. A better comparison would be to the RDS Deluxe Travel case ( ) which I also have, but I can't compare it to because I don't have the official nintendo case. Sorry!

u/KeyMastar · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This one is the one in the picture.

I have it as well. Fantastic case for the money.

u/grymmhain · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This is the case I’m comparing it to

I haven’t held them next to each other but that should give you a good idea. The one from skull and co will be a little bigger naturally because it lets you keep the gripcase on.

u/Asherr18 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you're looking for a smaller case for just handheld, I have one just like this and keeps my switch 100% safe.

As long as you're not chucking it off a building, this will be perfectly fine and will take traveling bumps. I also personally hate huge cases as I like as much traveling room as possible.

u/Harperlarp · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I've been using this case for about 6 months now and I have no complaints. It's small and sturdy enough to keep my Switch safe in my backpack.

u/Canoli22082 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I got these 2 and they're both great. I really like the case.

screen protectors


u/weltonlx · 1 pointr/nintendo

A lot of people speak highly of these cases:

[RDS Industries] (

[Butterfox v2] ( ([or v3] (

If you want more suggestions, you could probably search old posts at /r/NintendoSwitch

u/Kwayzhar · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I drag mine behind me using the intestines of the Silver Lynels I've slaughtered.

When that's inconvenient, I use this.

Both are pretty effective.

If you're worried about theft, get a small portable safe... actually those are kinda heavy. Might want to get a few thousand helium balloons to help carry it. Problem solved!

u/Tyronne_Lannister · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

"Must have" is a stretch, like the other commentators said you have everything you need in a box. however, here's some accessories that I'm picking up for it:

  • 128 GB Micro SD Card - for downloading eshop and future VC games
  • Travel Case - to keep my baby safe
  • And eventually a power brick, once I read some reviews with the Switch and which ones are the best

    Some people are purchasing extra controllers/grips, but I'm set with the two Joy Cons for what I'm playing.
u/Pretelethal · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

This is the case that myself and my friends have and it's great.

u/jdimaria3 · 1 pointr/GameSale

It's this one: Link

I originally bought it from Amazon, used it for about 5 months (during which I actually traveled with it 4 times and the rest of the time it just sat on a shelf) and then bought a new one, so this one has just been sitting around. I can take some timestamps as well if you'd like

u/Wav_Glish · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I currently have the RDS Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case on order. I'm not sure if I love the handle on top, but it seems sturdy and well protects the Switch. If anyone has a better suggestion, post it in the comments!

(Also, I recall someone getting this case early and posting a review - I can't seem to find it. If anyone has it, please let me know!)

u/kyle1elyk · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Reposted because apparently Amazon links are affiliated. Should be fixed now:
I plan on getting this one,I like how it looks plus it has some game cases and a handle.

u/OckhamsFolly · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

The automod bot doesn't distinguish between an affiliate link URL and a URL with search criteria in it, so if you search "RDS Hard Case" on Amazon and copy the link from there, it will have all the search criteria used to find it appended to the URL and Automod will ID it as an affiliate link.

Look at the link ewzzy posted - in any Amazon link, remove whatever is in the URL after the /dp/B01MY9JB2U part (the last part changes for each item, but it will always look kind of like that), and you'll have the direct link to the page without anything additional that will trigger the automod for affiliate links.

u/TheEdgeOfTheInternet · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I'm not sure which case is the official case, but I have this one (officially licensed) and I fit 4 joycon straps no problem.

u/Mr-Apollo · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I'm looking to buy a Switch case and I am having trouble deciding which one to go with. The Hestia Goods case looks good but I'm skeptical of the quality because of the low price. The RDS case also looks good but slightly more expensive.

Which one should I go with? Additionally, do either of these cases hold the charger well?

u/betacux · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Would definitely recommend a pro controller, so much more comfortable than joy-con. I got joy-con comfort silicone grip things that go on the joy-con, but even then my hands absolutely kill me from playing Switch. If you just want to play as soon as you can, I guess get silicone comfort grips for your joy-con, and a comfort grip controller. Also definitely get a glass screen protector, and this case.. For games, I'd recommend BotW, Splatoon 2, and Odyssey (I assume by the time you have enough saved up odyssey will be out, it comes out in a month)

u/BrickBoye · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Hi, I'm thinking about picking up a carrying case for my switch (something I could keep in my backpack that wouldn't get flattened by my books) and I've narrowed my search down to three cases. Which would you say is the best option?

Hestia Goods Switch Carrying Case

Orzly Carry Case

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case – Protective Deluxe Travel Case

u/ExecutiveMoose · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I've been looking into buying a switch case, specifically this one

but i was wondering if it can fit a premium card case in it like this one

I can't tell from looking online but does the pouch have enough room to hold the card case?

If anyone has the same case i'd love to know.

u/aluisi77 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitchDeals

I bought this case. If you toss in the joycon straps it bulges out and feels like its putting pressure on the screen. This case cant even really hold games or a usb C cable. I would stick with the $19 other cases that have a more hard shell feel.

This is the one I have that I returned the other one for. Fits the games the joycon straps and has a nice feel to it. Yes it does smell bad at fist keep it open for a few days to let it air out and DO NOT BUY THIS AT AMAZON OR GAMESTOP!!!! Target sells this for $19.99 and See it at walmart for $18.99.

u/OrI3iT · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

What case do people recommend? My Switch is arriving in the mail soon and I want a nice case for it. Been looking at this case and I wonder if anyone knows if it fits cables as well. I want a case that can fit the Switch, games and USB-C cables, I really like the small game cases that come with that case. Also, is it any cases that's not too big that will fit the charging stand? I'm wondering if I wanna get one or not, but don't want it to be a hassle to carry around. Thanks!

u/Zashule · 1 pointr/SwitchHacks

Pretty sure the official Nintendo licensed carrying case includes 2 game holders that also include a game sized micro SD case.

u/randomppl23 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

i'm wary of cases like this and ones with mesh pockets inside bc i don't like the idea of anything pushing down on the joy sticks for extended periods of times. i got this one and it's perfect for me

u/stevedumb · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Really depends on your needs. If you find that you're setting up for larger sessions with a lot people and a TV, go with the larger case. If you're just transporting the Switch for yourself, buy the smaller case.

I have this one and I really like it.

u/weldersmightyb · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Screen protector is a must. A glass one is preferred, though it is possible to go with a plastic one, as the screen of the switch is plastic.

A durable case to carry everything in is a must if you plan to take it out with you. I have this one, and it is absolutely perfect.

u/Agaggleofmeese · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Nintendo Switch Premium Console Case

RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case - Nintendo Wii U

Hyperkin EVA Hard Shell Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch (apparently this is an amazon best seller currently)

Nintendo Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag

u/Yscbiszcuyd · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch
u/thecheesefinder · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Can anyone comment if the skull and co grip will fit in the basic RDS switch carrying case? Nintendo Switch Carrying Case – Protective Deluxe Travel Case – Black Ballistic Nylon Exterior – Official Nintendo Licensed Product

u/mperklin · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

That sounds like the case I have.

I put them both in the zipper/flap that lays on the screen. I’m not worried about scratching the screen because the material between screen and pouch is thick.

In fact, I also carry my portable hdmi dock in the same flap alongside the two “ears”
There’s enough room for all 3 and I haven’t scratched my screen yet after ~30 flights and lots of backpack time

u/Thranx · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Hey Dad, also a Dad. I got a switch for each of my boys (9 year old and 6 year old). They love them. Here's some guidance.

Custom units/skins don't matter. Just buy whatever package has the joycon colors you think he/she'd like.

Mario Odyssey is excellent. Mario Party is just alright. Odyssey is a great 3D platformer ala Mario 64. Or... if you're REALLY that deeply ignorant of anything non-playstation... a better Crash Bandicoot. :D Mario Party is a mini-games ... game. It's just ok. Gets alot of love, but IMO, boring quickly... didn't last too long for the kids' entertainment either.

Zelda is a must buy. It is fantastic. Unless your dude/dudette is pretty young, do it. Also... clock yourself some gametime there... we're talking, Horizon Zero Dawn with a lighter atmosphere and a little less quicktime... but maybe better.

Smash is Smash.

No clue no One's Justice.

Pikachu should be alright... I'd only recommend that if he/she's already a Pokemon fan. If not, get the real full fledged Pokemon a year from now.

Added recommendation... StarLink is a fun open world exploration game that isn't super difficult and doesn't take tself too seriously. Stereotyping a bit here but, if your kid's a 8-12 year old boy, it's pretty tough to beat flying around with space ships and exploring planets and shooting bad guys. You can safely ingnore the additional toys, or get into it. They actually did a great job of allowing a pretty cheap digital purchase of all the toys, and you don't even have to do that... you can unlock pretty much everything in-game.

Anyhoo... good luck. Spend some time yourself on Breath of the Wild. You won't regret it.

OH! And buy this case: Available iin multiple styles. Great case, most of the other really suck. Those ones are very well made.

u/therfws · 1 pointr/3DS

LMAO, that's not the case I'm talking about, although I do have that one too. My measurements and math were based on this case, by the same company, which is comparable to the BotW I think. You would need to measure your own to confirm, but I can't be too far off. So I really do suggest you calculate the volume of your case and see just how surprisingly more space hungry it is :)

u/YLdcARD14 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

This one has my monies!

RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

u/MrMiyamoto · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I'm going with the case that comes in the Zelda SE as it seems to strike a good balance between size and features.

There are a lot of officially licensed cases that are functionally similar to the Shiekah slate one, just themed differently on the outside:

If I couldn't get the Zelda SE one I'd probably be getting one of the Zelda RDS ones.

u/SwordOfBufkus · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Yes, there's a reason why the official carrying case comes included with tiny red cases that can hold up to four microSD cards:

Also this Hori game carrying case includes a holder for two microSD cards:

What reason would they have to include these if you couldn't use more than one microSD card?

u/lostdata · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

This is actually the same as the RDS Case, there are 5 different flavors though...

u/daxattax · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Hey I am looking for a new travel bag for my switch and accessories. I currently have carry bag, and this body case. I like this setup as often when I am away from home, I play my switch handheld in the bed. Once I am done, I like putting back in the body case on the night stand or use the case for when I am just moving around a house/room. The carry bag worked cause it held the switch in the case, pro controller, power cord, and the joycons edges, all while being easy to carry or small enough to fit into a small duffel bag.


However, more and more of late I keep finding myself wishing that I brought the dock too and/or the joycon grip. There is no room in the carry bag and I don't like putting the dock in the duffel as I fear it getting crunched accidentally. Anybody recommend a bag that can hold the switch in the body case, while having room for the pro controller (and joycon grip if possible but not needed), dock, power adapter, and HDMI cable securely and safely for the devices without being the size of a messenger bag? If I need another case for the switch handheld itself, that's fine, I just prefer the harder shelled ones. Really if my current bag was just a couple inches thicker to hold the dock too it would be perfect, but it cannot.


Thank you!

u/musicboy74 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I'm currently using the Carry-All case. I've had it since Day 1, and it works well. However, the creator of this Switch TakeCase posted a giveaway here about a week ago and I think it looks great, I will be buying that one soon. Another good one is the Deluxe Travel case, I know someone who has it. It just isn't optimal for me since I carry a Pixel charger and I don't think it would fit in that zipper pouch.

u/GuerrillaApe · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch - BLACK Protective Hard Portable Travel Carry Case Shell Pouch for Nintendo Switch Console & Accessories

Butterfox Nintendo Switch Hard Carry Case with 19 Game Cartridge and 2 Micro SD Card Holders - Black

RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

u/dmcnelly · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch
u/Ko-san · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

These cases have the indentations needed to give the switch a flat surface and also have the game cards in a place where they won't affect the Switch with their weight.

That said, they don't have too much room for extra joycons except for a little pouch that sits above it, but you can fit joycons in there.

u/concordion · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

In case people are wondering, this is the case I got:

For $25, it was a steal - though I thought I got it $5 cheaper at Target?

u/jachorus · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Does anyone know any carry case compatible with the Mumba protective case?

Tried two different ones but since the case makes the Switch volume bigger and carry cases tend to adjust to the shape of the Switch it doesn't fit well.

(In case someone didn't understand, by "carry case" I mean something like this)

(Already asked this a week ago but I only got one reply and I would like to get more options)

u/Ice_Scream_Cake · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Here you are friend! It's pretty basic but I actually love it. It's a sort of harder shell and keeps the Switch pretty secured. The little mini cases are underneath where the Switch sits.

u/Koryitsu · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I got mine just a bit ago from Indiegogo. It arrived the same day they showed up on Amazon, and when i looked at the Amazon listing that same day there were only 3 left.

Unfortunately it looks like they burned through all the stock they sent Amazon prior to Chinese New Year celebrations.

Admittedly, i was bummed when i saw the announcement about new years, assuming i was going to have to wait a month or more. Strangely, it showed up really quickly from China, and the form and fit has been great. No issues docking or with shoulder buttons as some people have said.

The base entry price includes the carrying case, and to be frank, you're going to need it. It's pretty much a thicker version of this case with a few added bells and whistles. It's thicker because the grip considerably changes the form factor of your Switch and will no longer fit into any of the original cases provided.

Long story short, buy it from Indiegogo and you'll probably be as happy as i am currently. Would buy again.

u/compacta_d · 1 pointr/Switch

i picked up that one from target. I like it, but it is somewhat minimal. not sure another joycon will fit.

u/thezander8 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I use the Game Traveler Deluxe for taking the Switch to school and back and occasionally on planes. $20 dollars for absolutely zero problems so far and storage for 4 games, the joycon grips, and I think another 2 games and 2 SD cards (though I misplaced that container).

It doesn't fit a charger but I figure if it's a short outing you want to travel as light as possible and if it's a long trip you'll have a separate bag with a phone and laptop charger anyway, so an extra one isn't that much of a big deal to throw in.

u/CBattles6 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I originally started with the RDS case, then outgrew it and switched to the Butterfox case. Both have been great, and the Butterfox one in particular is IMO the best Switch case. They recently came out with a larger version with more space for accessories.

u/devious222 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Hey Pabswikk, I got the Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case (Black) from Walmart.

u/Monochrome_Cosmonaut · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I use this case and it's been great so far. It holds the Switch, 8 games, the straps and the charging cable (without wall adapter) just fine while still fitting into my backpack.

u/InfinitySnatch · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Is THIS the case you're talking about? Because this is the best.

Also as mentioned here earlier get the amFilm tempered glass protectors. They're inexpensive and work great.

EDIT: Looked it up and apparently the case you're talking about is not the one I'm talking about. Don't get it, it looks like shit. You can get a much better case and screen protector if you go with the ones I linked and for the same price. The case is by RDS Industries but is still an offical Nintendo approved product and has the Switch seal/logo and everything.

u/Igno_ · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

There are only a few updates right out of the box, and they dont' take long at all. I didn't get my console on a big holiday, however, so depending on how many people are trying to connect to Nintendo's servers on Christmas, it might take significantly longer.

A screen protector is very nice to have. I haven't got one myself, but I plan on getting one. Until then, I'm just very careful when docking/undocking my console.

For accessories, it depends. If you travel a lot or on a regular basis, a traveling case is definitely worth it. I got this one, and it's great. It's a tad bigger than the one found on Nintendo's website (even though it is an official Nintendo product), and comes with two four-cartridge cases and two SD card cases.
Depending on what games he has, your son might also want a pro controller. I got the $70 one here, but there is a cheaper $30 option if you really want it (but personally I wouldn't recommend it). I primarily use my pro controller for MK8D and Splatoon 2.
The last major accessory you might want is an SD card. Depending on how many games he wants to download as opposed to using a physical copy, an SD card might be worth it. I think the best option is a microSDXC UHS-I card, but I don't remember. The size depends on how much money you can spend and how many games you wanna download. I wouldn't really go for anything below 64GB, but that's just me.

u/Chopjohnsu3y · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

This is the one I use. Hasn’t done me wrong. Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

u/hiflyer555 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Here is the one I have

Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

It’s quite sturdy and carries everything I need for it except for the ac adapter (which I carry separate in my luggage anyway when I travel for work).

There are a few color selections as well, and one of the Zelda themed ones is only $13.99. Otherwise, the standard one is $19.99

u/Chillionaire-NW · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Just know youll need a travel case for it also most likely and a screen protector.

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case - Protective Deluxe Travel Case - Black Ballistic Nylon Exterior - Official Nintendo Licensed Product

u/SupaStaVince · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Suggestions for a tried and tested comfortable grip case for playing exclusively in portable mode that is compatable with the traveler's deluxe case? I'm having a hard time picking one out.

The Skull & Co grip case seems perfect on its own, but it's sold exclusively with a case that's too big to fit in my messenger bag and it's a bit expensive.

I was looking at the JETech, but it seems a bit flimsy and I can't find it anywhere. Not sure what to consider.

u/hotshotz79 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

any idea if RDS Traveler Deluxe case will work as a stand?

u/roytoy1678 · 0 pointsr/nintendo

Things that you will require:

Screen protector. The switch has a plastic screen. It will scratch incredibly easily. Don't buy the el cheapo film style protectors. Get a glass screen protector. You can get a two pack of them on amazon for under 10 bucks. Vastly superior to film screen protectors.

Carrying case. IMO, there are two non negotiable things a switch case needs. First, it needs good rigidity. With the DS line, you could get away with a soft case. The clamshell design is fairly impervious to damage in any kind of case. Not so with the switch. You want something that is hard, so it will resist squishing in a backpack, or whatever. It needs to hold the switch in place inside the case rattling around will damage the device over time.

The second thing it absolutely needs is molded cutouts behind where the triggers are. A case that's flat under the switch will press on the triggers when it's in there, and wear it out. You will get many suggestions. Most of them are badly designed or way overpriced. This is the best case for the money. It's super solid, holds 8 games, secures the unit, and has the cutouts.

You'll also want a micro SD. If you're gonna buy physical games, a 32 or 64 should be fine. If you're buying digital, get the biggest card you can afford.

Things you probably want

Buy a good usb-c cable. I recommend Anker brand. Cheap cords are a crapshoot. Not all are standard compliant, and can damage your device

Thumbstick caps. The stick caps as is are frankly shit. I bought a pack of rubber caps for like 4 bucks 100% improvement.

If you're planning to play a lot of Mariokart, get the plastic wheels. They're cheap, and they're cool.

If you want an external controller, I'd advise not buying the official pro controller. is currently making a switch compatible controller with gyro, rumble, and usb-c charging. It will be out before the holidays. You can get one of their current controllers for like 40 bucks. It lacks rumble or gyro, but it's a great alternative for games that don't need those. A little small though. The upcoming SNES 30 Pro model looks awesome. I'd advise you to wait for it to drop and check out reviews. The nintendo pro controller is badly designed and super overpriced.

And a plastic folding tablet stand is very useful for tabletop mode. I use one all the time.

u/hurricanePDX · 0 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have this one and dig it. Not too big, seems to be durable, molded for the joycons.

I purchased the one made by Nintendo first. It didn't feel like it offered much protection and when earbuds are in the zip-up pouch it pushes out the top of the case. You also have to put the switch in it upside down unless you want whatever you put in the pouch rubbing against your screen.

u/jedihermit · 0 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

>I don't think OP is talking a

I was referring to this case being too large. I also tried the flip cover screen protector mentioned here as well but both are annoying. I just want a hard cover that will protect the front controllers and screen that snaps off easily.