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Removable Restickable Glue Stick, .49oz, Repositionable Stick
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4 Reddit comments about Removable Restickable Glue Stick, .49oz, Repositionable Stick:

u/anotherlittlepiece · 2 pointsr/LetsChat

>I can imagine you doing that XD (having a sticky note on my hammer)

I always laugh at myself when I do, but it works! : )

>I don't keep sticky notes at home.

We were talking about adhesives. This is a fun one. It makes any paper into a sticky note. : )

>I'll figure out the sandwich thing. It's in my enormous list of food bookmarks XD


u/Koizilla · 2 pointsr/osugame

Here's a quick tutorial! Do give me a shout if you need clarification of any parts of it!

To make a cover for your cth480 you'll need to find a glass supplier that can cut you a sheet of 2mm glass sheet to 123x205mm.

The prices, quality and precision of the cutting can vary a lot between suppliers and you may need to search around for one that doesn't have a minimum order size.

If you search google maps for glass suppliers, you should be able to find a fair few local suppliers close to where you live!


When you get the glass cut, the edges will be very sharp, so you'll need to smooth over everything to make it safe/comfortable to use.
I've experimented with different ways of doing this, but on a small scale, the most effective method I've found has been to use some fabric backed wet/dry sandpaper in the 300-350grit range stuck with double sided tape to a hard smooth surface such as a granite chopping board, or a hard kitchen work surface.

Ideally you'd want some sort of diamond abrasive, but they're more expensive, and harder to get hold of. Sandpaper will work fine for a one off though, but you may want at least one or two spare sheets, as the hard glass sheet will wear down the sandpaper very quickly!

Also, be sure to have something soft to put the sheet down on when you're working so that you don't inadvertently scratch the surface by putting it down on a piece of grit from the grinding process.


When it comes to sanding, first off wet the sand paper, this helps the sand paper cut more smoothly as well as keeping the glass dust down. You want to avoid breathing any of the dust if possible!

Hold the glass sheet at around 45 degrees to the sand paper and, applying light pressure, make circular motions to grind the edge down. Your first aim should be to dull all of the sharp edges of the sheet left over from the cutting! This should only take a few strokes over the paper to do!

Decide which side of the sheet you want to be the top. This side will need to be beveled so that it's comfortable to use! Depending how much beveling you want, you can remove as much or as little of the edge as you want.

You can also round off the edges and corners of the cover. I'd recommend doing so if you can work out how to, but I'm not sure how to describe the process without making a video about it.

Once you're done with the grinding you'll want to clean off the cover the same way you'd clean normal glassware!


If you want to have the low friction surface finish, then you'll need to get hold of some silicone spray lubricant, you can spray it on the surface and then buff it on with a glasses cloth or some kitchen towel.

The main advantage of the surface finish is that it gets rid of the 'break in' period for the cover. The clean glass cover can start off a bit sticky and takes a little while to become nice and smooth without the silicone finish. You could alternatively rub some candle wax over the surface as a substitute for the spray though.


As for attaching the cover to the tablet, so long as the cover doesn't slide around on the tablet it's fine, you could use glue, double sided tape, or any other method you want to stop it moving around.

You could even use something like this on the corners of the cover if you wanted it to be easily removable!


hopefully you'll understand some of what I've said in the wall of text that this has become, but do feel free to ask me about any parts of it if you need some clarification or more info!

u/lompkins · 1 pointr/crafts

Yeah, I was going to go with putty and cardstock, but I'm just trying to think if there was some other kind of paper that would be easier to stick on. I actually just found this restickable glue stick that apparently has an adhesive similar to Post-it notes, so I may look into that! Have to see how long the adhesive lasts tho

u/eperdu · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

There's removable/restickable glue sticks similar to what is on Post-It's.