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Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners, 4 Bags (Pack of 1)
13" x 21"Fits 3 to 6.5 quart round and oval slow cookersFor fast easy clean up with no soaking or scrubbingPlastic, 4 liners per packageBoxed New item makes slow cooking easier by eliminating clean up. Every slow cooker purchaser should buy this product.
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14 Reddit comments about Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners, 4 Bags (Pack of 1):

u/MerryChoppins · 11 pointsr/Cheap_Meals

Ok OP, you are going to go next level on this. You also are gonna want a box or two of these.


This is how you are going to make that turkey. Brown that shit on the hot plate. You might brine the turkey first. Figure out who makes doughnuts in your area, they get their glaze in a food safe bucket you can throw that turkey in with brine to refrigerate if you have to.


You are gonna use grandma's recipe for dressing (ignoring the stuffing part):
Turkey Dressing "Mollie Gordon" Style

  • Bread 1 lb. per 5 lb. turkey
  • Sausage (smoked) 1 lb. per 15 lb. turkey
  • Celery- 1 stalk
  • Onion- 1 large
  • Parsley- 1 small bunch
  • Chicken Broth- 1 can
  • 2 eggs

    Dry bread in a large bowl for several days and break it up into small pieces. Cook the sausage, liver, heart, gizzard in water for 15 minutes (If the sausage has a casing peel it off after cooking)and chop it up in a food processor. Chop celery, onion, parsley. Mix all together adding broth from sausage etc, eggs, and can of chicken broth and seasoning. Clean turkey, stuff, and close with lances. (Or do as I do, place a spoonful in the bird and cook the rest in a large pan on the side, this is foodsafe.) Salt skin. Roast turkey for 4 hours, bast every 15 minutes after turkey browns, lay cloth over skin. Extra dressing should be roasted for one hour separate from turkey.

    You might have to do it in 2-3 batches at 4 hours in the crockpot or so, but that shit will turn out stellar like that and it reheats amazing.

    Mashed Potatoes

    Peel, pressure cook, butter, heavy cream and mash that shit. Shouldn't be hard. Do this ahead of time, tie the liner and refrigerate. Microwave to serve.


    You can use a pan on the electric griddle to reduce the turkey juices. Add a corn starch slurry. Go!

    Broccoli and Rice Stuff

    Make this. It's stupid good and easy.

    Pumpkin Pie

    Make this. I made it when I bought pumpkin for mead making. It also is ultra yummy.


    You can knead these by hand and should. If you do not, I will consider you weak and less of a man/woman/inanimate object/cis-walrus.
u/robinsbatman · 6 pointsr/slowcooking

The bag is the first thing to go in the pot. It prevents the pot from getting a build up of food while cooking. They are amazing!

u/mewfasa · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Today I learned these exist. Never again will I have to scrub my slow cooker for 30 minutes and still feel like it's not clean enough.

By the way, don't buy them on Amazon unless you really have to. You can get a pack of 4 for less than $2 at Walmart.

u/Lhumierre · 4 pointsr/slowcooking

Slow Cooker Liners. I didn't believe in them at first, tried them and now they are a must.

u/kidkhaotix · 3 pointsr/slowcooking

Can't comment on how safe your tip is, but I thought you might like to know that these exist :)

u/mlochr · 2 pointsr/Cooking

Whenever you use a crock pot / slow cooker, use a plastic liner. It makes cleanup a breeze. Last night I spent 20 minutes chipping off burnt BBQ sauce that wouldn't loosen even after soaking it overnight.

u/szor · 2 pointsr/Wishlist
u/a_stitch_in_lime · 1 pointr/slowcooking

Ugh Reddit ate my longer post. Maybe something like this would be OK with the missus?