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Robinair (10102) Side Can Tap for R12/R134A and Respective Oils
Provides a quick and hassle-free way to connect to a can of R12 or R134A refrigerant, oil, or additive when working on automotive air conditioning systemsBuilt-in, hinged can adapters allow use with multiple can sizes - even the small oil charge cansTap includes standard male R12 and R134A fittings for easy hook upSchrader valves on fittings prevent leakage and allow for storage of partially used cansCrafted from a durable, super rigid plastic with a metal hinge pin that adds additional strength at this critical location
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6 Reddit comments about Robinair (10102) Side Can Tap for R12/R134A and Respective Oils:

u/Faxon · 5 pointsr/CannabisExtracts

Are you using an NPT or triclamp style tube? If you're using NPT (national pipe thread, american pipes in inches basically) you can get a brass NPT ball valve, a reducer to put into the valve for a smaller thread size, and another brass piece, this time a 1/4" flared end for gas. You'll need teflon pipe threading tape to seal everything up and a vice grip or a couple of pipe wrenches to put the thing together. You can get all of this on amazon.

If you have a device like in picture with triclamp ends you'd already know where to get all of this crap but and sell all the triclamp pieces you will ever need. Glacier Tanks is in oregon and supports the CLS extractor community directly by selling pre-fabbed terpinator style lids and collection pots, Brewers Hardware has a bunch of stuff they don't carry though as well. I've used both and they are awesome. Brewers Hardware also has lower prices on a lot of stuff like the spools you'll be using as extraction tubes, and they sell the national pipe thread to triclamp ends that I'm gonna need to modify my own old open blast tubes (my 1-2 and 3-5oz tubes depending on material and how tight it packs) into CLS parts. I have a calculator setup i've figured out though for how big of a tube can fit how much material for CLS use though. a 3"x18" spool fits about a half pound (bhogart sells a 3"x36" as their 1LB unit and it fits roughly that), so I figured out its volume from there and I can figure out how big of a tube will fit say 1oz, 2 ounces, and so on. you don't need perfectly filled tubes with CLS extractors either, you can fluff the top with coffee filters so the butane disperses evenly on the top, and typically in a shower style unit like the Bhogart, the top few inches don't get properly extracted anyways if you fill it all the way to the brim. I try to leave 2-3 inches at the top of the 36" column bare so it can just shower down and it seems to work really well, but with a narrower tube size you will probably be okay.

IF you got this far, you also are going to want a can cracker. You can use it on the top of the pipe in lieu of the brass hose hookup by screwing it directly to the top, but you need to make sure you get the right fittings for it. It looks like the crackers they sell all have the 1/4" flare end facing the wrong angle, so you'll probably need the hose after all. here's the cracker and a link to the right type of hose, as well as a link to one of the fitting types (though maybe not in the right NPT thread you need).


PTFE lined chemical hose buying list. you want 1/4":

the style of brass end you need:

brass coupler to put the end into:

something to put the brass coupler into to make it fit your valve:
2" brass valve:

ptfe tape:

after reading around, you said your pipe was 2" so i modified the list with everything you'd need to modify a 2" pipe.

u/alldanknugs · 3 pointsr/CannabisExtracts

Check the tokecity link above for basic how to. You buy most of the parts from and the rest:

Can tapper:

(remove the schrader valve on the side you use and also the ball in the inside as well.)

Ball valves:

(I had to file down the end of the ballvalve where the adapter fits on because at first it was only held on by one thread. Making the ball valve shorter allowed it to fit inside the adapter deeper and make contact with more threads)


(take a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the unnecessary internals that would reduce the flow rate.)

I got the T splitter from ebay. I found one with male 1/4" NPT on the bottom and female 1/4" NPT on each side.

u/jwatttt · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

here is my parts list lol i think this would be a better idea splitter. can-tap. going from the splitter to my glacier top. and camico adapter. and ball valves. Does this look adequate or which part do I need to be able to press the valve depressor?

u/BillClintonIsMyNigga · -5 pointsr/CannabisExtracts

I added an image and now it does not show my text post.. Here it is again:

Looking at this specifically.

I have a 90g closed column pressurized extractor from Extraction Experts. ( It includes:
Main Stainless Steel herb fill column.
1 top lid with valve and 3/8 gas flare fitting.
1 bottom lid with valve and fine barb exit port.
1 50 micron screen.
1 150 micron screen.
2 clamps to secure each lid.

The question:

  1. How does this can tapper work, and what else would I need to use with '5x Power super refined butane gas' cans? The can has some sort of plastic adaptors on top?
  2. Is there a way to attach a pressure Guage to my system? From my understanding, I should create a negative pressure in my column so all the butane will transfer into the column from the can. I don't want to over /under pressurize my column. I have a 2 stage 5 CFM pump.
  3. what would be the next steps in upgrading my system? I was thinking obviously I could get another 1.5" spool and make the column taller, but I want to eventually reclaim.
  4. The vacuum I got has a Kuri Tec® POLYSPRING® PVC Food & Beverage Vacuum Hose Series K7160 attached to it. Is this ok? Should I ditch it and buy a different hose? I understand stainless steel or PTFE is preferred?
  5. The image is my current set up, am I missing anything for my first BHO run?

    Really appreciate want help. Thanks to all!