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ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Money, Black, Size Standard
IMPROVED VERSION ✔ With wider band to provide easy use of our unique minimal walletBLOCK THE THIEVES ✔ Thieves are becoming increasingly smarter in stealing personal information. With the ROCO MINIMALIST RFID Blocking Money Clip, keep your personal information contained within your credit cards safe!SUPREME QUALITY ✔ ROCO is committed to designing quality products. It’s for this reason the ROCO MINIMALIST wallet was designed to be ultra slim crafted with a high grade aluminum. Crafted with a patented, flexible silicone band, the ROCO MINIMALIST RFID Blocking Money Clip is highly flexible, yet won't lose its strength & stability.ULTRA SLIM ✔ ROCO's engineers desired to create a minimalist wallet which would be perfect for business cards, credit cards, driver’s license, and so much more! It’s elegant, compact design allows for front pocket or rear pocket storage. Even with its slim design, the ROCO MINIMALIST RFID Blocking Money Clip can hold up to 20 cards.PREMIER CRAFTSMANSHIP ✔ ROCO pursued an obsessive attention to detail & our wallets are made from top industry standard aluminium metal. Each individual piece is uniquely crafted for superior strength and stability. You’ll love carrying your cards in the ROCO MINIMALIST RFID Blocking Money Clip!
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9 Reddit comments about ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Money, Black, Size Standard:

u/GorillaArms · 7 pointsr/onebag

I have been using a Roco for a while now. It's two aluminum plates and a band. So far no complaints, I keep about 7 cards in it. Apparently blocks RFID signals, if you're into that. I had a little trouble getting cards out at first, but now it's not a problem. Didn't take long to get used to it, break it in.

u/Bjandthekatz · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've had this wallet for about a year, and it has held up very well. The band is still stretchy like the day I bought it. It's a real minimalist wallet, has rfid blocking, and looks very sleek.

Here's a link. Hope you don't mind, made it a smile link :)

u/j8ner · 2 pointsr/EDC

gerber EAB ( $9 )

Nitecore TIP ($29)

ROCO minimal wallet ($15)

Chapstick ($2)

Earplugs ($7)

Pen ($40)

This looks over-budget, but I bought most of the above on sale. Great thread, I added a few things to my wishlist, that's why I'm posting, to keep this going!

u/polarbeer · 1 pointr/EDC

I gave serious thought to one, but wound up with one of these:

My wife and kids all wanted one after I had one for a while, so, yeah, there's that. Also what OP says - forces you to keep shit to a minimum.

u/DEUSONE · 1 pointr/asktransgender

My fashion advice? It's trivial and not really worth much time or thought. Pick what you like and keep it- I'm more utilitarian myself (as you may have gathered). Here's a wallet I like.

u/dacv393 · 1 pointr/onebag

Same thing happened to me. I used to have a fat as fuck wallet (not from money) and then I wondered one day if sitting on this tennis ball in my pocket could cause back problems so I looked it up and yeah now I slimmed down.

I have an obsession with carbon fiber so I am biased, but I got a wallet from common fibers that is amazing. I realized I practically never use cash so I got the slimmest version which was actually discontinued but they still sold me it. It folded on the other axis but this is the updated version. The benefits to me are the look, slimmer in all directions than my iPhone 7, and then I guess carbon fiber is also RFID blocking which is nice if you're worried about that. It somehow feels more secure than those card wallets and you can still fold cash into my model but the other models seem even better for cash.

It fits about the perfect amount of cards. If you can onebag then you can cut out unnecessary cards and fit into a slim wallet like this. There's a ton of apps out there to put cards into your phone as well if needed.

But yeah there's some other good suggestions here. If you just search card wallet on Amazon there's a million options. I tried one like this once and it was fine, but I did feel a little paranoid about cash slipping out or the rubber getting used to having like 8 cards so if I ever travelled with less or had to temporarily stretch it out then I was paranoid it would be loose when I went back to less cards. Plus I do enjoy still having a 'classic' wallet-styld wallet.

u/Tartwhore · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

These are in style: ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID BLOCKING Money Clip - No.2 (Standard, Black)