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Rolling Tray Stash Box
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION- Heavy duty dovetail corners won't fall apart like our competitors boxes. High quality handmade bamboo box is beautiful and durable.ROLLING TRAY LID- Lid flips over and becomes a multi-purpose rolling tray. The groove at the bottom of the lid will help keep your herbs and papers in place, and the circle at the top will hold your grinder. The additional square cut out will keep your smoking accessories from sliding around!MAGNETIC LID CLOSURE- Four strong magnets keep the lid securely closed.REMOVABLE DIVIDERS- Customize your storage space and create extra room by removing the dividers as needed.SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO MATERIAL- Our wooden stash boxes are constructed only out of premium bamboo, and have an excellent finish. Tasteful and discrete, and makes a great gift for a smoker, or anyone who needs some extra storage! We stand behind all of our products with a 100% money back guarantee. Please let us know if you are not satisfied in any way and we will make it right!
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u/MonjoJustPawn · 1 pointr/EntExchange

I was looking at this one before I started doing the cars. I should be able to make something way cool if you could get past large size. an all in one solution heater ABV catcher with debowler, a copper heatsink and room for a jar full of weed and your grinder.