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Rome Industries 1705 Pie Iron Sandwich Cooker
The Original Pie Iron Since 1964Heavy Duty Square Cast Iron Design28 inch Overall LengthToasts Pies and Sandwiches With EaseGreat Fun For FirepitsThe Original Pie Iron Since 1964Heavy Duty Square Cast Iron Design28 inch Overall LengthToasts Pies and Sandwiches With EaseGreat Fun For Firepits and inchStaycations inch
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30 Reddit comments about Rome Industries 1705 Pie Iron Sandwich Cooker:

u/rbcornhole · 45 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

It's a grilled cheese but you put pizza sauce and pepperoni on it. Preferably cooked in a campfire with one of these so the edges seal shut. It's so good but they look super shitty

u/smgeier · 43 pointsr/videos

My parents have a couple of these, almost the same thing, but you put them in a fire and the sandwich toasts up really well. SOOOO good.

u/major_lugo · 16 pointsr/camping

Hello! Southern Ohio'an here.

I'm going to speak to car camping, and camping in campgrounds. I know a lot of folks on /r/camping are more into back packing, but I'm more of a roll into a campground, setup, and have a few beers sort of guy.

Car camping is a lot of fun. We have a pop up camper that we tow behind our van. But a tent is just as good.

Look into some local state parks that have camp grounds. You can find them here.

You'll definitely want to go scope out a campsite first. Like its already been mentioned, Ohio doesn't have a lot of land like out west, where you can just hike out and go camping. And, since your a newbie, I'd definitely stick to a state park campground to begin with. Before we stay at a local campground, we'll drive through and write down site numbers that we like. Then, you can book them online. I tend to look for private heavily wooded sites, where I have complete privacy from my neighbors. But, everyone is different.

Ohio doesn't have any scary animals like drop bears or snipes, really your only worried about skunks and raccoon. Raccoon like to get into garbage and coolers after dark. Usually I set a propane tank on top of my coolers so they can't open them, and either take my garbage to the dumpster at the camp ground before bed, or double bag it and put it in the back of the van.

There are no animals that are going to try to actively come into your tent, while you are in there. There's just nothing that aggressive in ohio. I believe the saying is "They are more afraid of you than you are of them." Skunks are about the same as raccoons, but they are a bit ballsier. I've had them come right up into our campsite while we're still up, and even walk right under my chair while I was sitting in it! DO NOT FREAK OUT. If you freak out, they'll freak out, and they might spray. If you don't freak out, they're just like cats. Just be calm, and go on about your business. As long as you didn't leave food sitting out, its no big deal, they'll get bored and wander off.

If you are staying in a state park camp ground, they will have showers at the bath house. There will be bath houses with toilets, sinks and showers. Works pretty much like at a gym. Generally I only get a shower if I'm out for more than 2 nights. Less than that, and I just change my socks and underwears and wipe down with some baby wipes.

We're actually considering a trip to Geneva state park soon, which I think should be pretty close to you.

Here is a pretty typical campsite that we stay at, at a state park - You can see there is a spot to park, and then a nice shaded wooded area for you to setup a tent, a fire ring, etc. A bathroom was about a 100 yard walk away. In case you are curious, the orange tape is a boundary line for my 3 year olds. They know they aren't allow to cross the orange tape, so we can trust them to run around the site without going too far.

So some basic things you are going to want to bring -
A tent. For sure.

Sleeping bags.

A tarp to go under the tent.

An air mattress, unless you like hobbling around like an old man after your camping trip because you slept on tree roots and rocks.

A cooking grate. The ones they have on the fire rings at a campground are laughable. A nice chrome one is like $20. I think I have this one.

Firewood. You are going to need more than you think you will. I pack one of those large rubbermaid storage containers that an average person could sit inside of, full of wood for each night we're camping. One of those little bundles they sell for $5 at a gas station would last maybe half an hour. This is a huge mistake I see a lot of first timers making, when I'm camping. You are not allowed to cut down wood in ohio state parks. If you are caught, you will get fined. Don't risk it. I get a cord of wood delivered to my house for $60 from a local farmer that sells it.

Something to START the fire wit. Especially if you end up with green wood. Bring some kiln dried wood, like some 2x4s, and something to get that going with - some newspaper helps. Get the 2x4s burning, then add your regular firewood. I'm sure there are some folks on here that can get a fire going with 2 sticks in the rain, but when you have a hungry family sitting around staring at you while you are trying to make green wood light, it sucks.

Personal stuff. Deodorant, tooth brush, soap for the showers, sandals for the showers so you don't get athletes foot, etc.

A cooler. Gotta keep your food cold. And beer. Whats camping without beer?

Pots and pans, accordingly. Look at what food you are packing, and think about how you are going to cook it. An iron skillet might come in handy. Maybe a sauce pan. Don't overpack, here. Too many can be a pain.

When you are pack your food, Don't think just about main courses, but you'll want sides too. This is a mistake my wife always makes. We'll have chicken for dinner, but she never thinks to bring like...corn on the cob, or rice and beans, or SOMETHING besides the protein.

Water! Can't have too much water. Especially during the summer.

Can opener. My god, I've made that damn mistake too many times.

This isn't necessary, but fun - Pie Irons! My wife will pre-cook sausage at home. Then for breakfast, I put an uncooked biscuit from a can of biscuits in each side of the iron, squish it out to cover the whole surface, then sausage, cheese and a raw egg. Put that over the fire, and 10 minutes later you have something that'll make a breakfast hot pocket go crying home to its mama.

Now, this is an investment, but a coleman camp stove is handy. That way you don't have to start a fire every time you want to boil some water or fry an egg. You can get one for $40 on sale at walmart, and they use little 1lb propane cylinders.

Chairs. Or something to sit on. We have a folding chair for each person.

Something to do. Snacks. Pack SMore stuff! Cards. Star gazing charts for after dark. Frisbees, foot balls, fishing equipment, whatever you want.

u/RigobertaMenchu · 10 pointsr/camping

Hobo Pie Maker....Bread, butter, and filling into fire...then goodness in yer mouth.

u/ferocity562 · 10 pointsr/Cooking

Honestly, instead of putting together a cookbook, why not buy him some outdoor cooking equipment like a campfire grill or some pie irons. Or a dehydrator to make jerky or trial mix or other things that will keep while camping. If you still want to go the recipe route, then pick up a few recipes specific to that equipment.

Like /u/apocalypso points out, I just don't see it being incredibly useful to put together a cookbook like that without a really clear theme or something that would make it more than just a lesser version of what they could find on their own online.

u/MissLita · 8 pointsr/Cooking

Get a [pie iron!] ( You can make grilled cheese (add bacon for yum), or put pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella to make a pizza sandwich, or a dessert pie with apple pie filling. No dishes!

u/genericdude999 · 6 pointsr/camping

Yep, and comfy chairs to sit around the fire. Bring some steaks to grill, or at least a pie iron to cook things in, if you're not a great cook. Fire ring makes building fires easier.

u/pa-guy · 6 pointsr/trailmeals

I've found that one of the keys is to get them involved with the cooking. If you make it fun for them to cook while camping, they'll eat every bit of what they help with. I threw in a few ideas that you can cook without any pots/pans (just a fire and grate) which has the extra benefit of cutting down cleanup. It's advisable to bring some fire gloves and tongs, though.

WORD OF CAUTION: These are great meals for the kids to help with, but closely supervise them around the fire. Depending on their ages, only the adults should be placing or removing food from the fire/coals.

For dessert - all kids like dessert:

Baked apples - core an apple. Mix brown sugar and cinammon and fill the core. Plug each end with marshmallows. Wrap in aluminum foil and let it sit in the coals until done (turn over in 5 minutes, remove in 10). They taste like apple pie.

Banana boats - Pull one peel of the banana (leave it dangling). Scoop out some banana to make a sort of canoe. Fill it with marshmallow pieces and chocolate chips. Put the peel back together and wrap in aluminum foil. Put it in hot coals until done (about 10 minutes)

For dinner:

foil packs are good for kids because they make their own and they can be rather creative. You'll need a selection of sliced foods for them to build their meal. Slice the potatoes, add veggies and even meat (hot dogs, hamburger, etc.) Season to taste and put the entire foil pack on the hot coals. Turn about half way through. Let it on the fire until the meat (if any) and potatoes are cooked (about 30-40 minutes.) My kids have even thrown in the occasional chocolate chip. Note that you might want to spray some PAM or butter the inside of the foil before assembly.

Steak - This normally isn't a kid favorite, but if you involve the kids with the dry-rub preparation before you go on the trip, then they'll be looking forward to helping to cook their meal. Before you leave home, get some steak and dry rub a mix of paprika and salt on both sides of the steak. If you don't have a means to keep cold food, freeze the steak and eat it for the first meal since it it will have thawed by dinner time. Just put the steak on the grill and cook it, flipping it once. Cook to desired doneness.

Bonus - if you don't mind buying some extra equipment:

Mountain pie makers - get a couple of these and the ideas are limitless. My kids love making their own - mini pizzas are among their favorites.


u/xAdamWolf · 4 pointsr/camping

Woo! One of the best parts of camping: Eating :)

One of the easiest things to do is kinda like your apple idea; potatoes in the fire. Simply stab a raw potato a bunch with a fork / knife. Put it on a sheet of foil and drizzle some water over it, rub some butter on it, spice it if you're savvy and roll it in a few layers of foil. Toss it in the coals and rotate every now and then. It's ready when it's soft.

You can also do the same thing with a whole onion. Remove the woody core and replace it with a wad of butter (see a pattern? Heh..) and wipe whats on your hands around the rest. No need to poke or drizzle with water but you'll wanna add spices. Wrap this guy in a bunch of foil to prevent burns and toss next to your taters. Pull this out when it's squishy and enjoy.

Get one of these, we call 'em hobo makers.

Butter some bread on one side and set it off for later. Conscrapulate some fillings. Ham and cheese. Feta and spinach. Pepperoni, cheese and pizza sauce (Aka "The Classic"). Peanutbutter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Pouch (tyson) chicken and franks hot sauce... Anything!

Set irons in coals, closed. Let em heat a bit. Remove; drizzle a bit of (hopefully bacon) grease on the inside and wipe with a paper towel.

Place your bread on the irons butter side down and quickly place the fillings on one side. Crimp closed and set back in the coals. Flip regularly and check. Thump the iron gently on a log to dislodge the hobo.

I've been using these things since before I can remember. They're a bit heavy but worth it. I'll drag my square one around and fry an egg in one side of it.

They even have waffle irons. Just drop some bisquick in there and you're off.

I myself have four. A square, a round, a belgan (square) waffle iron and a sausage iron (holds four sausages). Mine are all hand-me-downs that were made before I was born and have been in the family for ages except for the square one which I recently bought.

Only buy cast iron; don't get the aluminum ones with the non-stick coating. Do yer due diligence and season the iron ones. The aluminum ones will warp, the non-stick coating chips off, and they're made like crap.

Hope that helps :D

u/E-werd · 3 pointsr/shittyfoodporn
u/keke_kekobe · 3 pointsr/recipes

Buy one of these, a loaf of bread, a bunch of butter, and literally anything else you enjoy eating.

Scrambled egg, bacon cheese campfire pie? Dear god.

u/sortaplainnonjane · 3 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

We have one of these and use them to make any variety of sanwiches. Pizza with sauce, cheese and pepperoni is a personal favorite, but you could easily do turkey and veggies for a healthier option.

Ninja edit: PBJ is awesome this way. Yuuuum!

u/formington · 3 pointsr/shittyaskscience

Depends on the type of pie.

u/leftnewdigg2 · 3 pointsr/vegetarian

Tin foil packets - chopped veggies with oil & seasoning wrapped in tin foil and cooked at the edge of the fire. Endless options for tin foil packets, but I like potatoes & squash with lemon juice and Mrs. Dash. Also, baked potatoes & corn on the cob are staples. And if you can get your hands on a couple pie-irons, pie iron vegetarian pizzas!

u/EroicaSymphony · 3 pointsr/loseit

First you find a cast iron bush pie maker. Here's one on amazon.

Next, spray it with pam, put 2 pieces of bread on it, and fill it with whatever you want to. I have done pizza filling, eggs, and for dessert, low fat cream cheese with apple slices (you could also use peanut butter or any pie filling. Bush pies are amazing and can be as healthy or unhealthy as you want them to be.

Last: toast that thing on the fire

u/BornAgainNewsTroll · 3 pointsr/Cooking

Do bacon grilled cheeses or pizza sandwiches in one of these:

u/b1ackfa1c0n · 2 pointsr/kayamping

They are small and can only cook one thing at a time, but you might look into pie irons - I've seen some people cut and shorten the handles on them.

u/BalloonSponge · 2 pointsr/AskMen

Mountain pie makers! Too many people don't know the joys of a mountain pie!

Buy these ones, they won't melt in a fire:

Then you put a thin layer of cooking spray, bread, pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese (it's like a pizza grilled cheese) and cook it over the fire. Perfect camping food.

u/steve_youngblood · 2 pointsr/Cooking

My favorite is just white bread with cherry pie filling.

Or white bread with pizza sauce and mozz.

Or you can put some cornmeal batter in there and add some corn dogs. Boom. Corn dog sammy.

Those things are versatile.

u/doomrabbit · 2 pointsr/trailmeals

I've helped with cooking for 50+ youth groups. This is spot on advice.

Pasta is a no-go. Giant pots of water take way too long to boil.

Sandwiches benefit from a side of soup. Canned soups don't have to boil. Heating should be your watchword.

Also, camp pies are awesome for groups. Bring some canned pie fillings and white bread, and butter or pan spray. Lots of apple filling, everybody loves apple pie. Buy a few of these and you are set.

u/TheMellowestyellow · 2 pointsr/grilledcheese

For you, and /u/Commander_Cuntmunch, here's where you can buy something similar.

u/MediocreFisherman · 2 pointsr/GoRVing

> Pilsbury tubes of dough?

Thats exactly what I'm referring to.

With a pie iron (and get a good one, get a Rome Brand Pie Iron, so its cast iron, the aluminum ones suck) either you use bread, or a dough like from a pilsbury tube.

Smoosh the dough out flat to fit it in each side of the iron, put your fillings in the center, close it up, and put it over the fire, rotating often.

Here is a breakfast sandwich I made

I put cooked sausage, raw egg and some cheese between the dough, closed it up and cooked it for about 10 minutes.

Camping hot pockets!

I've made Reuben, Ham and cheese, all kinds of stuff.

If you use bread instead of biscuit, you just put your bread in each side and let it stick out around the edges, then after you close it up, you just cut the bread off thats stick out side of the iron.

u/RandyHoward · 1 pointr/recipes

Get a pie iron. We always make french toast in them in the morning, grilled cheese for lunch, and a few different desserts. Try filling bread with peanut butter, bananas, chocolate and marshmallow and cooking it in a pie iron. Or try it with cherry pie filling. Everybody gets to make their own however they want it.

u/suzerz · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I believe they have a few different names, "Hobo Pie" is another I've heard. We make them when we go camping in things similar to this.

Basically you butter some bread, put them butter side down in the cooker, and put your toppings in. Personally I like pizza pies but I've made some with apple pie filling and some cinnamon, om nom nom! Then after you have your toppings, you put another buttered slice of bread on top (so the butter side is touching the top of the maker), and close it up. Cook in the dying coals of a camp fire and eat pure perfection. :)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Great contest! :D

The American Dream includes owning a home. I just bought a home, so fuck yeah! You don't get more American than apple pie and home ownership, so I present to you this cast iron pie maker. Fire + sammich/pie maker = AMERICA! It would provide me with many gooey apple pie sandwiches. For America. Ohm nom nom!


u/thisiscoolyeah · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

Hobo pies! (Camp style grilled cheese)
hobo pie maker
All you need is cheese for grilled cheese but one of those squeeze bottles of pizza sauce and some pepperonis over the grill! You've got pizza pockets FA DAZE

u/Pinalope4Real · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love camping! Am getting old enough with my creaking bod that it's not so easy to do anymore though haha

Get yourself one of these and pack margarine, bread and canned pie filling...of course a can opener and your campfire snacks will rock! They are so awesome. You can make hot sandwiches in them too!

Take tons of pics!