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RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday, Tillandsia Purple, Medium
MADE FOR EXTENDED WEAR: Lightweight, durable, and made for all-day outdoor adventures; Designed for easy on and off2 LEASH ATTACHMENT POINTS: Reinforced webbing at chest stands up to pulling and gives additional control (ideal for training, too); Aluminum V-ring centered on backPADDED FOR COMFORT: Foam-padded strips across the chest and belly provide equal load distribution and comfort when running, walking, or restingCUSTOMIZABLE FIT: 4 convenient points of adjustment for full range of motion; Easy access ID pocket for safe storage of your dog's tagsEASY TO SEE, DAY AND NIGHT: Bright, easily visible fabric with reflective trim helps your dog stand out against any landscape day and night
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5 Reddit comments about RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday, Tillandsia Purple, Medium:

u/sydbobyd · 6 pointsr/dogs

Fun! I'll let you know some of my dog gear, but your preferences and dog will be different.

I usually bring three different leashes with me, depending a little on where I'm going. She can't really be off leash, so I take a 30 ft line to give her space to wander or splash in the river on a break. If the trail is too busy or the hike is a pretty short one, this often gets left behind or never used.

A basic 15 ft leash is perfect for hiking with her. It gives her a bit more space, but isn't long enough to cause much trouble getting wrapped around things, and I can easily pull her closer to me when I need. I tied a couple knots in it for easier grabbing and holding at different lengths. I can also use a locking carabiner (I always have a couple on hand) to attach the handle to my backpack for hands-free.

I also love my Tuff Mutt hands-free waist leash. It has two handles if I need to hold her closer, and I really like the bungee. The only downside is that it's a bit heavy for a leash, but I find it's worth the weight, and I'm almost always just doing day hikes so it's fine. I don't know really know how it compares to other hands-free leashes though since it's the only one I've used.

I recently got a Ruffwear Front Range harness for hikes. It is the only harness I've been able to put on her, so I really can't compare much. Seems to fit her comfortably and works well as a back-clip harness. I haven't been able to use it as a front-clip without it sliding around too much. But I don't really need the front-clip when hiking, so I'm pretty pleased with it overall. If my dog wasn't so finicky about harnesses, I'd be trying other options though. You might prefer one with a handle, I've heard good things about the Ruffwear Webmaster.

I currently have an Outward Hound travel bowl for water, but I'm not a huge fan of it. My dog doesn't always drink all the water I pour, so then I've wasted water. And I either have to put a wet bowl back in my bag or clip to the outside and hear the annoying swish of it rubbing against the bag. It's not a big deal, and it works, but I'm eyeing one of these instead.

Happy hiking!

u/ImLuckyOrUsuck · 4 pointsr/tripawds

A harness is very helpful. They sell good ones by a company called ruffwear on Amazon.

RUFFWEAR - Front Range, Everyday No Pull Dog Harness with Front Clip, Trail Running, Walking, Hiking, All-Day Wear, Tillandsia Purple (2017), Medium

Be prepared for a rough 10-14 days of whining and minimal sleep. All dogs are different, but most recover well and have a quality life on 3 “wheels”. Be sure to keep the cone on as they will lick the wound and cause infection/bleeding. Be diligent with the medication and hot/cold compresses to reduce swelling and fluid accumulation. When in doubt, call the surgical vet. My bud lost his right rear leg in February to a cancerous sarcoma. He’s as happy now as he’s ever been. Only real difficulty is going down more than 3 steps. (They hop so it just doesn’t work.) Of course, my dog is 77 lbs so it may be different for yours. Good luck!

u/sarieesar · 3 pointsr/AustralianCattleDog

I love the Ruffwear harness I got for my ACD. It's my go to whenever we go hiking on busy trails. It's well padded and very adjustable.

u/winning-colors · 2 pointsr/reactivedogs

I treat my dog whenever we encounter another dog, but we're at the beginning of our training (just rescued him in May; got behaviorist last month). We avoid other dogs too. He does have a [Ruff Wear No Pull Harness] ( which makes it a lot easier and I don't worry about choking him. He's also not a big dog (beagle-lab mix; about 30-35lbs depending on how many treats he's had!), but he is very food motivated. We work on sit & "look at me" when there are no dogs around (when walking off peak times) and I give him a training treat instead of a high value treat. I do second someone else's comment about muzzle training because it will give you peace of mind.

ETA: Apollo is adorable! He looks like a cuddly guy :)