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Running Buddy Magnetic Buddy Pouch: Magnet Pocket Pouches for Cell Phones, iPhone & Other Gear - Beltless Running Pouch Waist Bag for Running, Traveling, Hiking & Cycling:Black, XL (6 3/4
3 Sizes - Small, XL & XXL: Lightweight Magnetic Pouch for iPhones, Samsung and all other SmartphonesRecommended by Lori Greiner, Shark Tank & QVC - No Belt, Band or BounceRevolutionary Magnetic Technology for a Secure & Bounce-Free HoldWater-Resistant Inner Pocket Protects Your Valuable items from Sweat & RainHolds Essentials: Phone, Passport, Keys, Gels, Cash, ID, Credit Cards, Park Tickets
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12 Reddit comments about Running Buddy Magnetic Buddy Pouch: Magnet Pocket Pouches for Cell Phones, iPhone & Other Gear - Beltless Running Pouch Waist Bag for Running, Traveling, Hiking & Cycling:Black, XL (6 3/4" x 4"):

u/chocoholicsoxfan · 12 pointsr/C25K

Sooo I guess I should make a summary post to accompany this very sweaty selfie!

This is my 4th attempt at C25K. Usually I make it to somewhere along week 4 before life gets in the way or whatever. This time though, I signed up for a race (this Sunday!) when I was on week 3, and I think having that deadline helped me to keep going.

I ran the first 6 weeks on the treadmill before bringing it outside. I found outside running to be MUCH easier than treadmill running.

In addition to C25K, I'm a dance fitness instructor, so I did have some basic cardio endurance before starting, but it is a completely different type of workout. I also swam when I was in high school and we had to "run" 2.4 miles a few times a week, but most of us walked a decent amount and told our coach that "swimmers don't run."

I picked up a LOT of gear over the past few weeks. None of it was essential, but all was helpful. A Running Buddy pouch to hold keys/bus pass/phone, some wireless earbuds, a few nice bras, decent socks (prevented blisters- were important actually), and a few clearance things from Nike, UA, and Old Navy. But in my defense, the bras I had were 5+ years old and basically garbage, and I've been losing weight, so I needed to downsize my active wear anyway.

The last few weeks, I haven't really been following the trainer. I just run til I don't feel like running anymore, and so I did hit 3.1 a few times before today. But I've never had faster than a 10:20 pace, so being under 30 minutes today was exciting!

Next up: /r/b210k

u/emrose276 · 5 pointsr/reactivedogs

It’s such an awesome feeling to bring your dog along for you favorite things! It sounds like you had a really good experience.

I run with my dog who is mildly reactive and she does better running. My dog was definitely a puller when I adopted her and I tried several options, but finally settled on a skijoring harness. Running for her is “work time” which she loves, so she’s aloud to pull me and let that desire out (husky mix).

I use this for for running Buddy Pouch
It’s great because it’s small and doesn’t bounce, but holds plenty of treats and poop bags. As far as treating goes, we usually keep running past triggers and I’ll pause and do some simple obedience once we’re past her normal threshold distance. It works well and doesn’t interrupt the run much, but still lets me work with her. Other than that, running is already a great reward for a lot of dogs!

Keep up the good work :)

u/Sjb1985 · 4 pointsr/running

I am using the Running Buddy XL Running Pouch, and I hate it. I loved my nike running arm band that has since been discontinued and I can't find anywhere online (not even to show you a pic). Anyone have some links of what they use and love? I don't want a running belt - I am too fat for most still at this stage in my weight loss.

u/emailrob · 3 pointsr/Moto_Z

Do yourself a favor and get this

u/JustPlainTed · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

These are really nice: I have the two largest sizes at home and can check tonight which is needed for the XL, but my guess is the XL size.

u/Ashley5260 · 2 pointsr/C25K

I love mine! And I have a huge phone and have not had any issues whatsoever.

u/studyrunner · 2 pointsr/running

I know the belts are the most common, but I love this, though if you have an issue with the pants shimmying down, that could be a problem with the added weight. I use the drawstring on my leggings to prevent that.

u/LadyRavenEye · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Many/most rollercoasters have bins to the side to put your valuables in, so any kind of pack that you find comfortable will work for that.

HOWEVER! Because capitalism, lots of parks now have rides where they "don't have space" for bins, so you MUST buy (or at least wait for) a mini-locker outside of the line. This is garbage. Here are my tips:

  • Bring a disposable water bottle, like an empty gatorade bottle. Then, on rides you can't bring loose articles, put that gatorade bottle somewhere in the bushes, to retrieve after the ride. Worst case scenario, it gets picked up and thrown away and you have to overpay to get another bottle, but I've been doing this for years and that's never happened to me.
  • Wear a pack you don't have to take off during the rides. Fanny packs are getting popular which is cool, but my new thing is this: ["Buddy Pouch."] ( It's for running so it's water resistant and designed to stay put while you move. Most rides I keep it in front where it's most comfy, but some of the ones I'm too scared to do that on? Just flip it over onto the butt area and it'll stay put. There was room for my phone, spare batteries, cards/cash, and it could have carried more, as long as it was all flat.
  • Alternately I just wear shorts with zippers.

    If you're going to a water park as well as the main park, my advice is to actually pay for a locker early in the day. You can keep a towel, change of shoes, and change of clothes in there, as well as larger items you might not have room for in your carrying around bag like sunscreen.

    There are 3 things you need to be able to stay on your feet as long as physically possible: hydration, sun burn protection, good footwear.

    If you are going to a park that has bins for every roller coaster for loose articles, then I honestly recommend you buy the expensive all-day-free-refills souvenir cup. If you get it early, you can more than get your money's worth out of it. Your water will always be cold, you'll get a caffeine boost when you need it, and they usually have things like powerade for when you're extra sweaty.

u/angeluscado · 1 pointr/running

I have this pouch and it works great. I have an SE too, but it can fit a bigger phone and it comes in different sizes.

u/spazpants · 1 pointr/running

I have this one- I have an odd body shape as well, but this guy works great! I use my phone while running with my bluetooth earbuds and I don't even notice it- it stays put!

u/LuxrayAeterna · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I was looking for a good armband earlier this week and stumbled upon this:

I'm receiving it tomorrow, so I can't speak to it with experience, but I'm super encouraged by the reviews.

u/jjjjennieeee · 1 pointr/minimalism

I only carry a purse when I'm wearing something without functional pockets and can't fit what I need in my multiple slim wallet options. Also I prefer carrying a backpack over a purse, so whenever I am in a situation where I can bring a backpack around with me.

The wallets I recommend are:

- for your phone, incipio brand stowaway or stashback because these fit 3 cards+some cash which is more than any other brand I've seen (I don't like the bulky phone cover wallets)

- some sort of wallet that can be clipped to your side or shoe, here's an example with a magnetic clip and it's XL version