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Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)
Metal casing for durability and a super-compact bodySlim and sophisticated with a modern ultra-compact designNAND flash technologyWater proof, shock proof, magnet proof, temp proof, and X-ray proof with a 5-year warranty
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59 Reddit comments about Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM):

u/Blargaman · 14 pointsr/WiiHacks

This is the best flash drive option for Wii. It doesn't overheat and it has great compatibility. It even works with UNEEK + DI, and most USB drives I've tested don't.

u/Davecasa · 9 pointsr/teslamotors

FAT32 supports drives up to 16 TB. These USB drives come with a single 128 GB FAT32 partition already created on them.

Edit: Someone below reported that they received this drive as EXFAT. I got 3 of them last week as FAT32, so your mileage may vary.

u/Oen386 · 6 pointsr/RetroPie

I would suggest not doing what you are asking.

Keep the SD card you have. Get a USB drive. They're half as much, and you can add on to the space you already have.

Here is one that is ~$28. Compared to ~$55 micro SD Card..

If you keep your current card and get a USB, you would have about 160 GB of space combined. It will also save you $20.

In my personal experience, I went from a 32 GB card that was supported and worked great, to one step up to a 64 GB (same model, just a larger size). For whatever reason the card can't read continuously, which causes pausing while browsing and stuttering during PS1 movie intros. I ordered two of them, and both have the same issues. I did lots of testing, Pi 2 and Pi 3, 2 different 32 GB cards and 2 different 64 GB cards. The 64 GB cards just had issues with reading and occasionally writing. There were never errors, or bad writes, just delays which can cause pausing. Putting the PS1 games on a USB drive solved that.

Edit: If you're using all the ports on the Pi, then upgrading the card might be less of a headache.

u/isr786 · 5 pointsr/chromeos

It does. Stay clear of it. There are alternatives. I prefer the samsung mini drive myself, but there are other choices (leef, etc).

The sandisk ultra fit pulls a slightly higher voltage than the others, hence its heat problems. Sandisk redesigned it (and I'm not sure if I have any of the newer batch), but there still seems to be some concern amongst owners, judging by reviews.

So why risk it? Sandisk makes great regular-sized usb sticks, but steer clear of their mini version.

u/whorobj · 5 pointsr/DataHoarder

I've had one of these in my car 24/7 in South Texas heat for 2 years no problems.

Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)

u/internetosaurus · 4 pointsr/chromeos

I use this drive made by Samsung. It gets warm during use, but not hot to the degree I've heard about with the Sandisk drive.

u/Undeguy · 3 pointsr/RetroPie

You don't have to claim DOA, just say you're not satisfied or its no longer needed. Amazon's return policy is quite lenient. Just, try to make sure the seller is Amazon, LLC and not a third party.

to OP... this flash drive isn't that big and allows you to save on some headaches.

u/MkinItAwkwardSince95 · 3 pointsr/laptops

Yes, I use this:

And this:

To store games. Only game that gave me problems was Xcom. It installed on my USB but not the external ssd.

u/BillyBruiser · 3 pointsr/gpdwin

My recommendation is to skip the sd card and use one of the high capacity tiny usb drives. The sd card is very slow. I have the 200 gb one and I took it out because it was just so painfully slow.

I use this one

The downside is having the little nub stick out the back, but it all fits in the zip up carrying case.

u/jamesrick80 · 3 pointsr/chromeos
u/Pjd1999 · 3 pointsr/chromeos

I have an Acer 14 and I love it, good choice on that one. There really isn't that much advice to give, but for your external drive, I'd recommend one of these. It makes it easy to just keep in in the laptop 100% of the time without being annoying. And I did buy a mouse for my Chromebook, but I never use it because I found it to more of a hassle than it was worth, since you'd have this nice sleek laptop, and it would be really annoying to carry around a mouse with it.

u/N0_B1g_De4l · 2 pointsr/chromeos

I got a 128GB Samsung Fit USB to compensate for the small SSD. No complaints so far.

u/Cool-Beaner · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Read the first question in "Customer Questions & Answers":

u/gtcom · 2 pointsr/linux

I'm using a Samsung 128GB fit. Got it on sale from Best Buy for $20, now I get emails from them about four times a day.

Seriously, I think the limiting factor is the speed of the pinebook hardware, but I've never run from a thumbdrive before. I just wanted to get input before I make the same mistakes somebody else has already made.

u/ItsMorkinTime · 2 pointsr/zelda

I guess some people don't have the storage for it? Or they want the assurance that they still have their games without hassle of re-claiming their account if something happens to their system? Some people also have slow internet.

For me, storage isn't an issue. I have a physically tiny 128gb flash drive inserted in my Wii U, which gives me plenty of storage.. and it wasn't exactly expensive, check the link to see.

Not only should it likely load faster from that than a disk, because it's essentially Solid State, but I don't have to wait for a shop to open up to pick up a physical copy, nor wait for the ridiculously slow delivery services in my area to bring me my package sometime in the late afternoon or evening. With any luck, I should be able to play Friday morning, unless the download servers are simply too bogged down.. that's why I'm kinda hoping for a pre-load.

u/HGwells628 · 2 pointsr/gpdwin

The Samsung Fit Drive doesn't get hot unless it's under heavy load, unlike the other options in the same form factor. Micro SD cards are another matter though. Like others have said, the one on the WIN reads slowly, and goes to sleep when it doesn't think it's being used, so you'll want to use a program that keeps it awake if you want to store games on it or something. It will decrease your card's lifetime a little though.

u/VikingCoder · 2 pointsr/GalliumOS

I don't know that you're going to have luck with changing the SSD.

I bought a Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $41 that's the size of my thumbnail to permanently leave in my Samsung Chromebook 3.

That's where I installed GalliumOS. I definitely notice the occasional hangs because of it, but I wanted to leave my ChromeOS disk alone.

For $197, I fucking love this machine.

u/REparsed · 2 pointsr/chromeos

I've been using the Samsung 128GB for a few months with zero problems and no overheating.

u/average_human_man · 2 pointsr/Dell

You can get one of these to double your storage space:

But seriously, get 256GB if you can afford it.

u/irishtexmex · 2 pointsr/theNvidiaShield

I went with a really fast USB3 thumb drive--kinda the best of both worlds.

Your R/W speeds are going to be significantly slower with a microSD card compared to a USB3 thumbdrive or SSD. I chose this thumbdrive over the SSD because it's physically smaller than an SSD+powered adapter.

It's worked fabulously for me so far. It's plugged directly into the back of the Shield where it's 100% unnoticeable, and if I need to use more than 1 USB port for anything else I can always plug a hub into the remaining USB port.

But I would definitely go with either a USB thumbdrive or SSD over a microSD.

u/JeffGreenTraveled · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

If you have a little more cash to splash I would add some sort of USB storage into your build. Even if you don't have a ton of roms (PS1 or Dosbox or DC), adding roms back onto your SD card if something goes wrong is a time consuming and obnoxious thing. Plus you won't lose your saves if using a USB.

In summation, I like having the game files/metadata and the RetroPie data separate.

Edit: I don't have it, but I've seen this USB recommended often.

u/Hutnon · 2 pointsr/hardware

Prepare for this post to be removed, they have pretty strict rules.

Anyway, I would recommend these 2:

u/Aksen · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

I am running my Roms off a 128gb USB drive. It's a feature they added official support for a few weeks ago. USB drives are cheaper than SD cards, and it keeps your games separate from your setup, which makes things easier if you need something up and need to reinstall or something like that.

u/RobotStabber_ · 1 pointr/WiiHacks

The flash drive looks like a good choice personally I used this mini Samsung drive cause it copies cooler, but it's more money in Canada so I'd stick with what you have. As for the card, I would use a more basic one with a lower write speed and maybe only 8 gigs. I say this cause I had an 8 gig card that worked great, but when I tried to use a 64gb card with the same setup, I couldn't get Project M to load anymore. I don't what you'll try, but newer, bigger cards might cause issues

u/GodMoney · 1 pointr/editors

I use a Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit. Constantly connected and then transfer old projects to an external drive once it starts getting full.

u/Brutaka1 · 1 pointr/teslamotors

Does anyone know what I should use? I mean in regards for longevity? I have been using this drive and it hasn't failed me yet. Sometimes I'll get a video that doesn't read/play but that's one out of a crap load of videos.

u/stockcar1414 · 1 pointr/RetroPie

Go with a low profile stick so it doesn't stick out too far. I used this one and it works great:

u/mrblinc22 · 1 pointr/gpdwin

I purchased USB Drive, Micro SD, Keyboard, Mouse, USB 3.0 HUB, and Case to fit everything into.

u/Tefitef · 1 pointr/gpdwin

I use the tiny USB sticks... 128gb, sells for about 50$ on Amazon:

I got this one and the form it has fits PEFECTLY on my GPD Win... just wish it was colored black instead of white... see a photo here:

Obviously I also have a 64gb micro SD card... but I keep my SD card for simple datas, movies, music... something that runs fine on low bitrate... while the USB I placed games and such on it.

u/snorbatrox · 1 pointr/techsupport

Definitely do not get the second one you linked - it's USB 2.0. Running an OS off of that would be miserably slow.
Since you plan to boot from it, maybe consider something low-profile like this or this so that you can leave it in your laptop while you're carrying it.

u/007bister · 1 pointr/WiiHacks

Some Flash Drives just don't work with USB Loaders on the Wii I can Confirm This Samsung Flash Drive has no issues Because I used it with USB Loader GX on my Wii Without Gamecube Ports it also has worked with Nintendont and Doesn't Get Hot at All and is Very Very Very Small and Has Fast Loading Times :) Also if it Ever Breaks it has a 5year Warranty thru Samsung Hopefully it Wont Explode Like the Note 7 XD

u/Surfac3 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Yeah. These are the ones I meant though there are a couple others from different manufacturers that could also work.

Kingston Digital 64GB Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C Flash Drive (DTDUO3C/64GB)

Taipove USB3.0 Type-C3.1 High-Speed Transmission USB Flash Drive For Apple's Macbook,Google's Chromebook Pixel, Nokia N1 Tablet Etc (Type-C&USB3.0 Silver32G)

Verbatim 64GB Store 'n' Go Dual USB Flash Drive for USB-C Devices, Blue (99155)

EAGET CU10 USB 3.0 + Type-C 3.1 OTG Flash Drive, Smartphone Pen Drive U Disk for Macbook, OnePlus 2, Google Nexus 5x 6p, Other Cell Phones and Tablet, Water Proof, Shock Resistant, Compact Size-16GB

It seems like you could just dremel off the USB A section as the storage seems to be located between the USB c and USB a plugs. I'm hoping someone comes out with the super micro drives without USB a soon. Like the ones from Samsung and Sandisk that are literally just the USB a plug and a piece of plastic. (Like this Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)

I imagine most of them currently have USB a plugs because USB c isn't as prevalent and for transferring files having an a plug on the opposite end is convenient. Sony also makes one (Sony 64GB USB Flash Drive for Type-C Smartphone and Tablets (USM64CA1/S) that is kinda small that fits into an adapter for USB a so the drive itself is USB c only but it's still about as big as the ones I linked with USB a plugs built in.

The taipove one, the second linked one, will probably work the best as it's completely flat around the USB c connector where as the Kingston and verbatim have a slight rise before the USB c plug.

u/jonhuang · 1 pointr/jerseycity

If you have extra USB ports, you can also easily add a bit of space like this:

$36 per 128 gigs. It won't be as fast as a hard drive, but good enough for file storage.

u/unixcorn · 1 pointr/gpdwin

The only things I would recommend is this case to use when you need to store it and aren't carrying it around, this flashdrive, and a pair of bluetooth headphones. Anything else and it's no longer simply a portable gaming device that you can just take everywhere or slip in your pocket. If you're gonna buy all that extra stuff just get a regular laptop.

u/mavdog · 1 pointr/EDC

Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)

I've had this for over 3 years now and it lives on my keychain. It's ridiculously small (I attached it using a piece of 3mm accessory cord) and gets wet and hot and dusty and it really just doesn't care!

Edit: when I say small I mean smaller than my thumbnail!!!

u/zephroth · 1 pointr/Futurology

Generaly speaking backups are just that. You don't necessarily need to back up your whole computer Just the important data.

So depends on what is important to you. If its just documents its not so bad. If its an archive of all your grandparent's photos yeah that can get a little costly.

I have a 1TB Mediafire for $45 a year. Plenty to store all my important documents and some of my imaging stuff. My video I have an acceptable loss policy, I have 2 - 5TB drives that I make sure are exactly the same when changes are made. But I am taking a risk with that even.

Yes the more data you wish to keep the more costly it is.

I can get a 256GB memory Stick for about 40 bucks

Meida fire costs now 7.50 a month or 90 for the year so call it an even $150. to get decent backups.

On the second part what you are talking about is cold storage. its a different type of data backup. It's low availability, you have to physically go get the disk. I would recommend at least 2 types of medium for that 1 offsite, could be in a bank, a parent or friends house, or at work. The point of the offsite is that if something physically happens to your location (Flood, tornado, hurricane) you know that the data is stored safely away from your area.

Honestly I would be happy if everyone had a cloud account and their computer. that will cover 80% of the instances where your computer crashes and you need your documents back.

u/Scottap · 1 pointr/chromeos

I actually think your best bet would be an USB drive. They offer faster speeds at the same (or less) cost. If you think Samsung works best with Samsung products, I recommend you this paired up with this adapter

Why is it better? The SD card gives you 95MB/s (Lots of Android apps can't be sent to your SD Card (without rooting) because they are really slow, imagine that using an OS such as Ubuntu/Debian) and 128GB for $81.38. The USB drive + adapter gives you 128GB, 150MB/s and an adapter for other things other than your drive for $49.94.

If you think losing an USB slot is just too much, you can always buy this hub instead of the adapter. Total: $57.94

u/Sunsparc · 1 pointr/techsupport

What about a Samsung Fit drive?

u/TheMrG · 1 pointr/gpdwin

I went with 128 GB Sandisk Card on amazon, and a really small 128 GB Samsung USB

What Mr.Kogashiwakai said about the case is very true. I got one for free with my Win, but it is so small. It fits all I need, but no more. Some of those DS cases have like 10 pockets so I'd check that out.

u/CaptZ_3148 · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

I have a 128 GB flash drive and never have any issues. This one actually and it works well.

u/hoppeeness · 1 pointr/teslamotors

I think mine is pretty fast.

Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)

u/WholeWheatBagels- · 1 pointr/chrultrabook

I would recommend against an SD card since that will be fairly slow. A small USB 3 flash drive would work much better, like this:

I use it and it works great.

u/Rourne · 1 pointr/teslamotors

I use this one from Samsung and haven't had a single problem. Car is running 42.2.1

u/jamiegandolf · 1 pointr/gpdwin

It's a great machine. Only problem I've had is the forced updates from Microsoft that have kind of broken my automatic controller functionality in a lot of games. I've seen other issues, though they all seem to be repairable/reversible issues. This specific issue has made it difficult for some of my games to easily see there's a controller available.

I have a 128 GB Samsung Ultra Fit USB flash drive that sits in the back. It's very low key and not noticeable. It does make it difficult to move the screen back completely but the position it is in is just fine with me. There is also a common issue with the USB 3.0 port that makes it sometimes not readable but it just takes a little move and the system recognizes its in there. Just seems to be a cheaply made port, is all. It works most times and has never randomly disconnected on me. This just usually becomes a problem when I remove it and put it back in. Currently there doesn't seem to be anything this small to allow for portability and ease of putting in your pocket, etc. that's above 128 GB. I paid like $30 for it at a local store. That has all of my games on it with Skyrim being the only game I have installed on the internal memory.

In addition to that, I have a 64 GB Micro SD card that is in there and I've just started using it for anything extra I have. 256 GB Micro SD cards are pretty pricey at $150+ for a decent one that will work with your gaming needs.

If you truly stick to emulators, I think that 128 GB USB flash drive will be suffice for you for everything while helping you save money and allowing you time to save up for a 256 GB Micro SD card like I'm doing.

The GPD Win is pretty pricey on its own but you can get lucky if you don't mind getting one used. I got one in superb condition for $300 off eBay (the number 1 key doesn't work, but that's okay) as they are about $439 brand new starting and they take longer to ship because they come from China. I've also read some people having issues where customs opened their box thinking it was drugs. There are also people on this sub selling theirs, one guy today posted one asking $250 and saying it's brand new in the packaging. Doing that may help you save money to put towards an expensive, good SD card too.

u/boodled · 1 pointr/gpdwin

I like my Samsung Fit, it's been reliable and fits well. When I tried this version of the Sandisk Ultrafit 128, I had trouble with it spontaneously unmounting itself. Possibly because it was physically running into the lid, or maybe I just received a bad drive. Maybe the newer plastic model is better though

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Dell

I'm using one of these with my XPS 13 and it's fantastic, I never take it out:

u/detjensrobert · 1 pointr/GalliumOS

I very much second the USB drive, I use this one ( and is possibly the best thing for this computer.

The 32 gigs the 14 has is more forgiving than other chromebooks' 16 so you dont need to worry as much about slimming the install. Programs and such wont take up a whole lot of space so you shouldnt need to try to put them on the USB.

u/JimboLodisC · 1 pointr/theNvidiaShield

That should be plenty of space and speed. However, I'd probably look at benchmarks and find the fastest card you can afford. Lexar and Samsung make some great cards as well.

I'd also maybe suggest taking a look at the Sandisk Ultra Fit flash drive. It sits kinda flush, so it might be a workable solution for much faster speeds.

u/HeidiH0 · 1 pointr/linuxquestions

Just get a low profile samsung fit, and write to it.

Fat32/exFat is the common denominator if you don't want to do a NAS.

As long as Mac doesn't F up the partition, you should be fine.

u/Rossoneri · 1 pointr/chromeos

I have an Acer 14 and it's awesome. The screen is amazing quality for watching shows and the aluminum build is really beautiful.

I really don't think storage should be an issue at all. Invoices shouldn't be taking up a large amount of space. As the other user mentioned, google drive makes for a great place to store things, or to store backups. Additionally even though it doesn't have a sd slot, you can still get a usb drive for backup or storage of old

You can also get a usb drive like this: which barely sticks out and can easily be left in all time.

u/Dfwcajunguy · 0 pointsr/PUBGXboxOne

I wonder if this would work? I don’t see why not.
Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-128BB/AM)

u/Carl_Gordon_Jenkins · 0 pointsr/Atlanta

i'm looking into something like this. any opinion??