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Schlage BE365CAM619 Be365 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel
Create and delete access codes for trusted friends and family (up to 19)Guaranteed to fit on standard doors. Backset of universal latches and deadbolts fits 2 to 0.375 inch or 2 to0.75 inch backsetsSilicone coated keypad prevents numbers from wearing offPairs with our most popular trim styles to coordinate the look throughout your homeApplications-Residential single- and multi-family doorsInstalls in minutes no wiring needed;Door thickness range: 1 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches thick (35mm 44mm) standard,Thick door kit available
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26 Reddit comments about Schlage BE365CAM619 Be365 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel:

u/McFeely_Smackup · 16 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Avoid the keypad locks that have a motorized bolt movement. the slightest amount of binding will jam it and frustrate the hell out of you. THIS kind operates likes a more normal bolt where you have feedback from the knob when it's binding and you can jiggle the door as needed. It's something you do without even thinking about it with an old fashioned keyed deadbolt.

u/absntmindedprofessor · 10 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Get one of these

u/LXIV · 8 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I have a Schlage. I've had it for over 5 years, and I love it.

u/Kontu · 5 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I've been super happy with this one:

It only engages/disengages a clutch that allows the deadbolt to be turned, so batteries last quite awhile. You could install it yourself it's no harder than a normal deadbolt install. The downside to the one you linked is it uses the battery to turn the deadbolt itself, so I've only usually seen it last ~3-6 months of use with that style before the battery needs to be replaced. The other style lasts closer to 2-3 years in my testing

u/scoby-dew · 5 pointsr/raisedbynarcissists

Another great idea is a keyless deadbolt.

I have the key wired to the subframe of my car just in case the electronics don't work, but in the years I've had the keyless locks, I've never had to use it. The best part is that you can program some of them from your smart phone.

u/Dandw12786 · 3 pointsr/homeowners

If the batteries die, you can use keys, but obviously the pad won't work. I got these for my deadbolts and this for my garage door that didn't have a deadbolt. Took them all to the hardware store when I got them to get them re-keyed so they all had the same key.

u/antiquehats · 3 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

OP, remove the chain lock, give it to her for her room. Invest in a kickass unpickable deadbolt

u/Hold_onto_yer_butts · 3 pointsr/homeowners

> keypad is great. Having a keypad with a key backup is also great.

Do we call these "smart locks" though? This Schlage Camelot has this functionality, but no wifi/z-wave/anything connectivity.

u/astew90 · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I'm assuming what he means are electronic locks or smart locks. Personally, I have a Schlage BE469 deadbolt on my front door and a FE595 lever on my garage door.

The BE365 is also a good pick for a deadbolt if you don't want a smart lock, and it costs about half as much as the BE469.

Last note - If you buy a smart lock, do your research on connectivity options first. Schlage has 3 different smart lock options for Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Bluetooth.

Also @ u/_tanith

u/polytropon · 2 pointsr/IWantOut

I bought [this] ( for my airbnb unit after a tenant walked off with a key. (It was an accident, but it still panicked me). I have a backup key in a lockbox, but this has been so great. In fact, when I recently had to call the paramedics to my house, I was able to give the code to the 911 operator, which saved time and meant I didn't have to open the door.

u/shelf_satisfied · 2 pointsr/DIY

One issue is that most of the keyless entry deadbolts/doorknobs are designed for doors thicker than 1 inch, which is the thickness of the storm door you're considering (although maybe the area where the lock is installed is thicker?). Instead of a doorknob on the interior side, you could go with a model that has a lever, like this one:

That would give you more clearance, but you should measure everything out to see how much space you have to work with before buying.

u/FlyingBasset · 2 pointsr/RealEstate

I have this one.

My distaste with the motorized ones is the battery life is much shorter and on most if the battery dies you're screwed.

I loved the idea of an automatic locking deadbolt but in practice this one works great, seems more sturdy, and went through a year including snow without battery replacement.

u/striblingwalk · 2 pointsr/AirBnB

Why not get an electronic lock with a keypad, and text them the code? I know some hosts like to meet in person but that may be worth foregoing if they're more than half an hour late. This works great:

u/PUnitThugLife · 2 pointsr/Edmonton

I had 3 sets (handle and deadbolt, 6 locks total) to re key at my house. I was quoted around $300. I just bought 3 of these off amazon during prime days for $90 each and installed them in about an hour. Coincidentally they match my handle hardware perfectly.

Now I never have to worry about keys. I don’t lock the handles now only the dead bolts. It’s oddly liberating to not have to carry a house key anymore after always having one in my pocket.

You can even program in guest codes for people watching your house while you are away, then just delete the guest code when you get back.

u/RalphHinkley · 1 pointr/homedefense

Yeah and you can go a lot cheaper too: ?

I think my brother uses those and they are a nice way for him to deal with travelling and needing to control access for people that are house sitting/making deliveries/etc.

u/SleepNowMyThrowaway · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I simplified.

I keep mine in my pocket, and all I have on my remote entry key-fob is this and a single key that opens a padlock that I use for my gym locker, back gate, and shed.

I bought a 4 padlock set that uses the same key. Idiot proof and only one key required.

Finally I installed this on our entry door and porch door (ours is bronze colored) and it's probably the best addition we've made to our house.

So my keys never usually leave my pocket and are unobtrusive in any event; my car door unlocks by sensing the fob, and a 4 number code opens the house door.

u/pjs32000 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

The deadbolt hanging up and battery life are the reasons I got this one instead. Mine doesn't have it, but I think they also make one that has wifi and can manage codes remotely. I highly preferred the manual closure of the deadbolt, it gives me reassurance that it's actually closed when I lock up.

u/MuchLu · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Yes, that's my setup. I have a keypad deadbolt with a passage lever. I can program different codes for different people and then delete the code after it's intended use. Pressing four buttons is also way faster than finding/inserting a key.

u/Ladyice426 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement
u/Zzyzx1618 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

I'll look to try that one out but I'm not too hopeful, I tried a different Schlage lock and it was too big and wouldn't fit properly.

u/EineBeBoP · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel by Schlage Lock Company

Invest in one of these so you

A. Can't lock yourself out again
B. Always use the dead bolt since it's so easy.

u/grooviegurl · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Programmable light switches are super handly for when you're out of town and want to make it look like you're home, and if you're forgetful about turning off lights.

Keypad deadbolt never worry about getting locked out. If someone is house sitting you can give them the code and then change it when you get home.

Energy saving outlets are great for things like charging cell phones or computers and keeping your power bill lower.

Wifi thermostat. I think Nest is overrated and expensive for what it is.

Electric crockpot-pressure cooker-rice cooker-yogurt maker. This thing does it all, seriously. Pressure cookers are awesome for getting things cooked quickly so you can buy cheaper groceries (dried beans vs. canned). Slow cookers are great for tough pieces of meat, roasts, soups... They're also great in summer as they don't heat up the whole kitchen. It being multi-purpose is a bonus for kitchen space.

u/drleephd · 0 pointsr/gadgets

I still prefer my Schlage keypad deadbolt.
I think it's one of the best things I've purchased for my house. the 5-star amazon reviews back that up.

  • if your door isn't perfectly aligned there's a chance that this might not lock your door unattended.

  • entering 4 digits and turning the deadbolt manually gets you in and out faster than waiting for a motor.

  • Manual deadbolt knobs save batteries. the manufacturer supplied battery has lasted over 2 years and is still going.

  • the Schlage keypad deadbolts cost at 50% less.

  • you can create and delete temporary codes for guests or contractors.

  • because of the long battery life, one could remove the pins for the key-lock and have a true keyless front door. This makes the lock bump proof. (I have them on my front and back door. initially I was skeptical about this but when batteries last over two years there's almost zero chance that they'll both run out at the same time.)
u/mishugashu · 0 pointsr/videos

I'd rather him pick my deadbolt than ruin my door frame. As I said, a deadbolt isn't going to stop someone who's intent on breaking in. It's just going to keep the honest people honest. Also, I never said anything about NFC. I'm talking about something similar to this:

E: Oh, just realised I said "digital" instead of "electronic". My bad. The link I listed was definitely what I was thinking about when I did the original post, though.