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3 Reddit comments about Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies:

u/unjung · 7 pointsr/Calgary

Do you own this book?

I believe Little is more than a scramble, more tech. I wouldn't.

u/jpodster · 3 pointsr/Calgary

It should be safe for you to hike in the mountains in September. Bring bear spray and try to make some noise (no need to yell, just talk or sing) and you should be fine.

Given your experience I would suggest you skip the hiking and look at scrambling (I like to call it adventure hiking).

This guide book is standard. Summit Post is also a good resource.

Scrambles are usually steeper and sometimes longer than the day hikes most people and guide books will suggest. There may be some 4th class climbing and exposure. Most do not require any gear beyond hiking gear though some recommend helmets for rockfall and some crampons / ice axe depending on the season. Those are easily avoided. The big advantage to me as that while a lot of hikes will be up a valley or to a pass most of the scrambles get you to mountain summits or ridges. As such, the views are much better.

Some of the more popular scrambles that I would recommend are Heart Mountain (easy), Mt. Yamnuska (easy), Mt. Baldy, East End of Rundle, Mt. Lady Macdonald, Cascade Mountain (boring first half), Mt. Temple (long). There are many many more good routes.

Be prepared for adverse weather. Depending on the year September can be pretty close to winter. I've had some pretty bad snow storms even at the beginning of September. Check the forecast the morning of (it changes readily) and bring hats, gloves, and a waterproof jacket.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

u/IBlameItOnTheTetons · 2 pointsr/hiking

First, I'm jealous . . . I was up there 10 years ago with my (non-climbing) family and there's so much eye candy . . . I really need to get back there to climb some peaks!

Looks like probably a good book

Summitpost page

Hopefully those help! I want to see pictures when you get back :)