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Rubber bumpers, aluminum bodyHead rotates 360° and tilts 45°Clamps onto surfaces up to 2" thickSecures an object to allow work to be performed on itGreat for artists, hobbyists, and jewelers
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13 Reddit comments about SE 3" Universal Aluminum Table Vise 360 Degrees Rotating - 8436MVC:

u/DrKillgore · 18 pointsr/guns

I did it myself by watching a few YouTube videos. I bought a new hammer strut so I wouldn’t have to remove the stock hammer. The hammer pins were a tight fit and were the hardest part. I also wish I had bought a spare FB block lifter spring as I spent 5 minutes looking for that bastard when it went flying.

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u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/bikewrench

the obvious answer is get a vice. you can get small ones on Amazon for like $17

with a vice you don't even need that jagwire tool, just a small hammer to tap the barb in

u/potkettleracism · 2 pointsr/lockpicking

Depends on how tabletop you need it to be. I don't like the vacuum-seal ones, so my first one was this vise and I still use it. Doesn't work if your table is glass, though.

u/Hsoltow · 2 pointsr/ar15

If you want to build an AR on your own (grown man legos ftw) I suggest you build one. You can build a quality AR on the cheap. There is a barrier to entry from the tools you will need but from there on out you can use those tools for multiple builds. At a minimum you will need:

u/plantfriend · 2 pointsr/polymerclay

I also use this table vise to clamp onto the clay extruder so I don't have to hold onto it. It is 10x easier to use with the clamp.

u/Darth_Nitsua · 1 pointr/woodworking

What I have is this. The issue is that the top gripping portion gets knocked loose by sawing and really any force. Its making resawing a complete pain. I will keep that in mind for the vises in my future

u/Brytard · 1 pointr/Bowyer

If you have something you can attach this to.

u/crb3 · 1 pointr/diypedals

Those three solder suckers are basically the same, and all good: metal tube that doesn't scar from molten solder, and a spring actuator latch you can work with one hand. Those all have a standard size tip (and standard size ramrod for clearing it after use); see if you can also find one that takes a smaller tip (the print on mine are long since abraded away, sorry), because there'll be times when that more precise tool is better. Also, have a spool of Solder Wick on hand (and get some practice with it beforehand so you know when it's more appropriate).

The strippers... That looks enough like the Ideal tool I use, but also get one that goes up to 30-gauge.

Get a DMM.

Iron: I'm still using the Weller WTCPL I bought in '74 or '75, with a coupla parts worn out and replaced along the way, proof that a good soldering station will last you for years. I swap tips depending on the workpiece; make sure that model you buy makes that easy, and that the offered tips go up to at least 1/8" width (for soldering transformer lugs and ground planes).

I'm not fond of the gator clip style of 'helping hands'. Working styles vary, but I think you'll get more productive use out of a mini bench vise like this or this, or, better, something built with steel rather than aluminum. Mine is 1-1/4" wide and steel, and it has that half-finished "made in Asia" look but it works. The important point is that it clamps to the edge of the workbench so it's immovable even when you're hacksawing a piece of circuitboard or pounding a bent piece of brass flat for a ground lug.

u/notheywerenot · 1 pointr/bikewrench
u/IAmTheRoommate · 1 pointr/lockpicking

I like the panavice 350 but at $70, it's too expensive for my budget. Instead, I opted for a cheap hobby table vice which works well so far. At $14, there's not much risk if you don't like it or it breaks, etc...

It was this or one of those vacuum vices you can get from harbor freight for $20 and the youtube video reviews weren't particularly great.

u/darkfires · 1 pointr/E_Cigarette

I have no idea but how about a cheap table vise? Best purchase I've made for problematic issues like that.