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Secrid Slimwallet in Vintage Brown, 16mm Slim
ImportedThe Secrid slim wallet. Special design credit card holder made from aluminium and leather.With a click all cards slide out gradually. The cards will not fall outA perfect mens wallet. No problem to keep it in your back pocket. No breaking, No bending.2 year full warrantyJust 14mm flat. Can hold banknotes and 12 cards maximum
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1 Reddit comment about Secrid Slimwallet in Vintage Brown, 16mm Slim:

u/MakeMineMarvel_ ยท 1 pointr/wallets

hey thanks for the reply i appreciate it, ive been online all day finding different wallets. its like a whole new world and apparently a hobby i have no idea existed. your wallet seems cool sorry you cant find it either, sucks that this feature isn't more common when its super useful.

ive found a few that seemed interesting that i can link if you wanna look at as well.

Vaultskin MANHATTAN is also a bifold and has a front pocket as well as banknote wide rear slot(which is super rare to find in a minimalist wallet too apparently, everything is either a money clip(maybe ill get used to it if its a nice wallet overall or worse a bungee cord on the back(which is super ew and a no from me dawg haha)

and out of that category i found the secrid to be very interesting, it has a spring slide for cards inbedded in a more traditional wallet form. tho carrying cash can still be a little tricky