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Seitan and Beyond: Gluten and Soy-Based Meat Analogues for the Ethical Gourmet
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8 Reddit comments about Seitan and Beyond: Gluten and Soy-Based Meat Analogues for the Ethical Gourmet:

u/spokale · 9 pointsr/vegan

The "butter" is made pretty quickly; I started with Skye Michael Conroy's recipe from Seitan and Beyond, and made the following adjustments after making it a bunch of times:

  • Use the option for apple cider vinegar+lemon juice instead of lactic acid and choose xanthan gum from the list
  • 5/6 cup of canola oil instead of 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 2/3 cup instead of 1 cup of refined coconut oil
  • 3/4 cup instead of 2/3 cup of plain/unsweetened soy milk
  • 2 tsp instead of 1 tsp nutritional yeast
  • Reduce salt by about half, and add 1 tsp white miso paste and 1/8 tsp MSG (this has an underservedly bad reputation)
  • No sugar instead of 1 tsp

    Then I mashed in about six cloves of raw garlic and mixed with immersion blender on high until no chunks remained, before adding in around two more cloves and stirring in. The butter is quite spreadable yet firm when chilled, and while it isn't good for frying, it is quite good on toast (if broiled, it gets a very rich, almost whipped/cheesy sort of texture that apparently reminds people of toast from the Old Spaghetti Factory) or FYH vegan eggs - at dinner the other day, my omni family were choosing it over the toast with dairy butter.
u/pdxthehunted · 7 pointsr/vegan

no specific recipe, but

pizza sauce is from serious eats

sausage and pepperoni are both seitan based, from
Seitan & Beyond by Skye Michael Conroy

The mozzarella, cheddar, smoked provolone and feta were all from Non-dairy Evolution by Skye Michael Conroy. Can't recommend his book enough for serious vegan chefs who want to create dairy analogues.

The dough was from a pizza place I used to work at. Caramelized onions were just onions sauted with coconut palm sugar, and the cremini mushrooms sautéed with red wine and thyme.

Baked in the kitchen I work at on a sheet tray in an industrial convection oven at 550 low fan for about six minutes.

It was crazy good.

u/GraphicNovelty · 6 pointsr/vegetarian

Seitan is low carb. You can make your own pretty easily. This one is pretty good, and i've been working my way through this book.

For the first one, instead of following the instructions on the site, bake first 350* for an hour, and then simmer in the flavored broth for 40 minutes and let rest for best texture.

u/vickylovesims · 3 pointsr/vegan

One Green Planet has some info on how to make veggies and vegan meat in the smoker. That website is also a good recipe resource.

Your dad should try throwing these portobello mushroom burgers on the grill. They are seriously tasty when eaten alone alone, on burger buns (especially if you add a flavored mayonnaise - check out Just Mayo for all of his mayonnaise needs), in pasta salads, and on top of salads.

This isn't a recipe for the grill, but it is one for BBQ tofu. I love cooking tofu cubes in the oven because they get nice and chewy, especially if you drain and freeze the tofu first.

If he ends up really missing meat on this diet, he should check out the cookbook Seitan and Beyond. Seitan is an excellent replacement for meat and this cookbook is the most delicious and comprehensive collection of seitan recipes. The author of the cookbook also runs an active Facebook group to offer support to people cooking from his cookbooks (just search "The Gentle Chef" on Facebook). Also, Gardein makes amazing meat replacements that are excellent store-bought options if he's missing meat.

My favorite place to find consistently tasty recipes for everything from Pad Thai to Mac and Cheese, though, is Isa Chandra Moskowitz's website. She's a cookbook author who's shared a good amount of her recipes online. If either you or your dad is willing to invest in a cookbook, try Isa Does It. It's my favorite cookbook and covers everything from soups to weeknight meals to desserts.

As for Italian food, tell him to check out this caesar salad recipe. I don't use the kale, parmesan, or chickpea croutons that the recipe suggests. I make my own croutons in the oven and just use romaine lettuce in my salad. The dressing is why I linked to that recipe. I've tried a lot of vegan caesar dressings and it is hands-down the best. Chloe Coscarelli is the queen of vegan Italian food in my opinion. She's shared a few recipes from her cookbook Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen on her website (even a recipe for tiramisu that's pretty tasty). Again, if you're willing to invest in some cookbooks, this is one of the ones to get along with Isa Does It. Then if he wants to branch out into more complex vegan cooking he should check out Seitan and Beyond and the rest of Skye Conroy's cookbooks.

Here are some of my favorite websites that I think you should check out for more free recipes:

Hot For Food

Oh She Glows

Chocolate Covered Katie (healthy dessert blog that's mostly vegan)

Keepin' It Kind

Healthy Happy Life

Minimalist Baker

If he's missing any specific dishes, let me know. I have a lot of recipes up my sleeve!

u/__PRIME · 2 pointsr/veganuk

Here's some amazon links for some that I own:

u/Re_Re_Think · 1 pointr/vegan

If she doesn't want to eat tofu for things like tofu scramble, use besan-based omlettes or crepes for a higher protein egg replacement.

> I'm concerned about deficiencies (B12) but would rather find ways to include it in the food than to ask her to take another pill

Use foods fortified with B12 then, like nutritional yeast, or plant milks (cashew, almond, rice, oat, hemp, coconut, etc. There's a large variety). Check the nutrition label to make sure that the amount you're using provides at least 100% of the daily value. Alternatively, you can get a B12 supplement, and add it (if it's in liquid form), or crush it up and add it to one of her meals.

> Although I will do that if it is necessary

B12 deficiency is serious, and it's important that you find some way to incorporate it into her diet, whether it's through supplemented foods, or direct supplements.

> Also, what are the ways to get even more protein into a plant-based diet without soy?

The combination of any beans or legumes and whole grains will provide lots of protein. If straight beans are getting too repetitive, you can hide or change their taste or texture in a number of ways. For example, beans incorporated into other ingredients, bean dips, sauces or dressings made from beans, even beans hidden in desserts.

As for learning about plant-based food, there are tons of resources out there, it depends on your cooking style, and what her eating preferences are. You can recreate anything from vegan junk food to very healthy food. Here are some others:

u/wormCRISPRer · 1 pointr/vegetarian

I definitely miss seafood the most out of all of the meats.

If you do really miss fish, or other meats, you could eat them once in a while and still eat vegetarian most of the time. If you’re only eating once in a while, you might be able to splurge on ethically raised and killed meats.

There are some recipes for seafood replacements out there.

This book has recipes for 4 seafood-related recipes:
Everyday Vegan Eats: Family Favorites from My Kitchen to Yours

  1. New England Chowder
  2. Manhattan Chowder
  3. No-Fish Filet Sandwiches
  4. Tempeh No-Tuna Salad sandwiches

    This book has many more seafood-related recipes:
    Seitan and Beyond: Gluten and Soy-Based Meat Analogues for the Ethical Gourmet
  5. Tunada
  6. Mock Tuna Sashimi
  7. Carrot Caviar
  8. Ceviche
  9. Clamz (and many clamz associated recipes)
  10. Maryland Crab’less Cakes
  11. Breaded Jackfysh Filets
  12. Battered Tofysh Filets
  13. Shirataki Scallops
  14. Mock Lobster
  15. Mock Lobster Rolls

    Both of the above books have numerous other meat replacement recipes in addition to the seafood ones. You could try these. My mom really likes these recipes for seafood. I haven’t used them yet, so I can’t speak to that. However, it might be enough for you to satisfy your craving.