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Shepherd Hardware 9133 Heavy Duty Rubber Door Wedge, Brown
Heavy Duty door stopper is perfect for use in industrial / commercial environmentsDurable rubber construction with anti-skid baseNon-marking to help protect hardwood and laminate floors from scratches and dentsSafely wedges doors with up to 1-1/2" of floor clearance1-1/2-inch x 4-3/4-inch. Dimensions (Length, Width, Height) 4.75in x 2.125in x 1.75in
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13 Reddit comments about Shepherd Hardware 9133 Heavy Duty Rubber Door Wedge, Brown:

u/00Lisa00 · 573 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NTA but You can get around this two ways. Replace the whole knob with a locking one. Keep the old one and put it back when you leave. Or even easier buy a rubber wedge and put it under the door. Shepherd Hardware 9133 Heavy Duty Rubber Door Wedge, Brown $3.49 problem solved.

u/N-Depths · 127 pointsr/confession

Here is a 4$ door wedge. If you really can’t afford it, please let me know and i will ship it to somewhere you can pick it up from

u/hazeldazeI · 9 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL
u/MidwestJackalope · 9 pointsr/homedefense
u/blanketyblank1 · 7 pointsr/confession

Door stopper is under $4. Better than a chair under the knob. Shepherd Hardware 9133 Heavy Duty Rubber Door Wedge, Brown

u/bobaimee · 5 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

This is very cheap and very hard to get through

Shepherd Hardware 9133 Heavy Duty Rubber Door Wedge, Brown

u/Scorps · 3 pointsr/Darts

Just dropping a semi-related tip here, since the leveling systems usually suck unless you have rota-lock picking up 3 of these rubber door stops and jamming them in 1/3 of the way around the board really helps keep it nice and flat and keeps it steady when you pull darts etc.

Something like 3 of these is what I use:

u/toast-witch · 3 pointsr/childfree

(you forgot to delete the first two paragraphs when editing)

you're gonna need one of these. whats your brother got to say about this? cos thats some shitty behaviour from your mom

u/NotARobot-IPromise · 2 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NTA. His behaviour is very concerning to me. I feel like it might be a good time to look for a new place to live.

In the mean time, you might want to consider getting a doorstop (a rubber wedge that you wedge under the door, like this:

They’re meant to keep doors open, rather than closed, but they’re very inexpensive, no installation (beyond shoving it under the door each night) is required, and I think it might make it harder for your (very creepy) roommate to barge in.

u/lightingal · 2 pointsr/Assistance

You stay safe, as well!!! I noted you're not in the US, so I'm not sure how locks work there. If you can find one at a hardware store or like this one at Amazon, or for a few dollars more, there's some that are designed specifically to stop anyone from getting in your door. After you shut the door, you jam it under the bottom, so nobody can push it open easily.

u/Pele2048 · 2 pointsr/cars

Classic? The AW11 MR2, FC RX-7, Honda CRX, came out after the DeLorean...

And they're still making little rubber doorstops:

Dat timeless shape. Mad Aerodynamics yo.

u/screwedbygenes · 2 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Okay, I'm a fire sign. I still know how to mind my fucking manners. They're not fire signs. They're rude and out of line.

Since they do not have mental boundaries? Use physical ones. While baby wearing can help? Another great one is the lovely and dead cheap doorstop! And we're talking the cheap kind. Works on all floors and fits neatly into a zip up pouch so you can store one in your diaper bag. If you do not have access to a door that locks? This will wedge a door shut long enough to change a baby or feed a baby in privacy. That means no grabbing the baby. If they try to follow you in? "Sorry, we're teaching the baby that he's allowed to have privacy when he's in vulnerable situations."

Another way to use a physical boundary? Face to face confrontation can be hard. So can causing a fuss. Distance is easier. So, when a reasonable boundary has been crossed? Like, either one of them doing something you have specifically said you do not want done? Would you look at the time? You have to go. If they're over at your house? You've just come down with a splitting "You're giving me a" headache. They have to go. And at the end of this? "Say goodbye to Granny!" exit.

If you are going to start working? The only way you agree to do so is if you and your SO both agree to, and can afford to, put your son in daycare. No, they will not be taking the baby for their own fun. No, they will not be on any pickup forms. No, they are not on pediatrician permissions or anything else. That daycare acts as a physical wall against them. Those professionals will call the police if these two decide to pull anything.

u/mr224196 · 1 pointr/homeowners

Depends on what type of French door, but
AmazonBasics Patio Door Security Bar, White, 1-Pack

May work or perhaps
The Door Bull - Door Barricade Lock Out Security Device, Add Extra, High Security to Your Home - an Innovative Solution from The Law Enforcement Experts

Or the reliable low tech
Shepherd Hardware 9133 Heavy Duty Rubber Door Wedge, Brown