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Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish Tube - 1.76 oz.
Used by professionals for years, Simichrome does a beautiful job of removing surface rust from chrome, polishing aluminum until it looks like new, even sprucing up delicate, heirloom family silver without leaving scratches or abrasive marksIts unique, finely mixed formula produces a rich, brilliant shine on any uncoated, non-ferrous, metal surface including, brass, gold, silver, aluminum, magnesium, pewter, chrome, sterling, copper and stainless steelIn as little as 30 seconds, you can watch a small, faded item go from dull, oxidized metal to a having a perfect mirror finishIn addition to restoring the original luster, Simichrome also leaves an invisible, protective coating to prevent further tarnishing and help keep the shine much longerA solid favorite for home, industry, auto, motorcycle and antique users, Simichrome is the fastest, most effective metal polishing and cleaning agent in the industry today
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20 Reddit comments about Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish Tube - 1.76 oz.:

u/MorrisBark · 7 pointsr/NewOrleans

I clean my own jewelry with this polish and double layer cloths.

I got an heirloom platinum ring resized at Symmetry three years ago. They were honest with me about time frame and gave me a discount in the end. I would recommend them to anyone based on my experience, though I know others may not have had the same.

u/Seventh777 · 4 pointsr/bikewrench

I've used this stuff in the past with great results:

u/dbreaultjr · 4 pointsr/howto

simichrome .

Used this for years on my motorcycle chrome. Works awesome, and one tube lasts forever, as you only use a tiny bit.

u/emarkd · 3 pointsr/knives

Cleaning a knife is easy. You can pretty much use any sort of solvent you've got handy, but if its too strong it may take off your blade labels. Start with water. It's actually a pretty good solvent. You'd be surprised how well it works most of the time. Afterwards make sure you dry it good and wipe the whole thing down with a good machine oil.

Or pick up a specialized metal polish. I like Simichrome. It's a great cleaner/polisher/protectant all in one step, but there are several good products on the market. A tube of something like that and a drop of oil for the pivot is really all you should ever need.

u/919rider · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

This crap. Going to buy it for the same purpose on my bike... after everything else is done. So, never. But yeah..

u/agent_of_entropy · 2 pointsr/howto

Use an all purpose metal cleaning paste like Simichrome.

u/motor_boating_SOB · 2 pointsr/howto

This and a brillo pad would probably do it, cover it with oil afterwards.

u/TatteredJack · 2 pointsr/Tools

Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish Tube - 1.76 oz.

u/Encinitas0667 · 2 pointsr/Harley

Gonna need some Simichrome, from the looks of things.

u/alephnul · 2 pointsr/AcousticGuitar

The first thing I would try is Simichrome polish along with a lot of elbow grease. That may well help fix some of the scratches too. If that works, follow it up with an application of Renaissance Wax.

I think that should clear up your finish.

u/blappy347 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I clean my bike after almost every single ride. Sounds like overkill, but I live in a rural area with a lot of bugs.

I'm a bucket and hose guy. I usually just use some generic car wash soap from walmart with a decent car wash brush/sponge thing. For stubborn bugs, I've found that those fluffy round things that girls use in the shower work pretty good and don't leave scratches. I bought a pack of quality microfiber cloths to dry it down.

I'm still experimenting with different brands and types of wax for the painted pieces, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Finally, I polish the chrome. I've tried a few different brands and they were okay, but then I found THE ONE. This stuff is great, and not just on chrome. It made stainless steel pieces shine like I've never seen before. If you have chrome, you need this polish, thank me later.

u/seejaypee · 1 pointr/Yotography

They one on the left is raw aluminum, and the two stacked up are nickel. I did a titanium that just arrived last week with the same polish as well, but it didn't seem to do much for that material, but it totally blasts out nickel and aluminum. :)

I use Semichrome polish

u/deathbeforeupvote · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Mothers Metal Polish - Warning: It's a microabrasive.


u/MrNanny · 1 pointr/jewelers

Try Simichrome. I found that it works great on flat areas on silver. Use a soft cloth and the compound.

Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish Tube - 1.76 oz.

u/GlockGuru · 1 pointr/Glocks

No, there is no one product that is going to do it all for you - Especially not over an extended period of time. Most of the time I use either FrogLube, or Ray's Gun Wax on the outside of my EDC Glocks. Sometimes, and for shorter time periods, I'll use either Break-Free, Ballistol, or pharmaceutical grade Mineral Oil. For, 'safe queens' that go untouched for extended lengths of time I like to use: FrogLube, Ray's Gun Wax, or Sentry Solutions, 'Tuf-Glide'.

I always clean my EDC Glock bores with a brush, patch, and either of these chemically identical products: Flitz Metal Polish, Simichrome Metal Polish, or Iosso Bore Cleaner. (Be careful with the last two products on the outside of a blued gun - OK!) Afterwards I'll run an isopropyl alcohol soaked patch through the bore, and then final coat it with Sentry Solutions, 'Smooth-Kote'.

On Glock's well know internal lubrication points I like to use one drop of Lucas Gun Oil which seems to have an affinity for metal and stays put very well.

u/DirtyMexican87 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

And if you really want it to shine, the steel wool + [simichrome] ( . It's a metal polish and works amazing. Plus makes it for easier cleaning on the next application. A little bit goes a long way.

u/vintagenib · 1 pointr/fountainpens
u/Tyrantkv · 1 pointr/oculus

This is the link to the one I got costs a lot less. Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish Tube - 1.76 oz.

And here's the exact lens cleaner spray. Set of 2 Carl Zeiss Lens Cleaning Spray 2oz - 60ml Travel Pack

A couple things that I've read here that I want to clear up. The fresnal ridges are not on the side of the lens that you look through, they are on the other side so you're not sanding that down you're sanding down a side that is supposed to be smooth. If the scratches on your lens are not visible in the hmd then obviously you don't *need to do anything, unless you're like me and just can't stand scratches.

Proceed with caution but a pro tip - it doesn't matter. You'll be happier after the scratches are gone. Also get yourself a small thumb sized led flashlight. You can hold it in near the lenses to better see the scratches. Enjoy the clarity...