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Simplified Swahili (Longman Language Texts)
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3 Reddit comments about Simplified Swahili (Longman Language Texts):

u/MwalimuG · 3 pointsr/peacecorps

When I was in PST we got Simplified Swahili. If you want a jump start you could look through that, but like mfanyafujo mentioned, the language training you get is irreplaceable.

u/mathemortician · 2 pointsr/learnswahili

Without looking at the while thing it, I'd say it looks alright. If you're willing to buy something, Peter Wilson's Simplified Swahili is amazing.

It really walks you through things one at a time without throwing everything at you at once. It's also fairly comprehensive, including any construction you could possibly come across. I love it.

For a dictionary, I would look for Baba Malaika. It's only one way, Swahili to English, but it's the best one I've found.

u/Trevie3 · 1 pointr/languagelearning

I've only ever flipped through this a bit but I thought it seemed good, and it has very good reviews.