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We found 22 Reddit comments about Simran SMF-200 Deluxe 200 Watts Step Down Voltage Converter for International Travel to AC 220V/240V Countries, Ideal for Laptops, Cameras, iPhones, BlackBerry, iPods etc. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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Simran SMF-200 Deluxe 200 Watts Step Down Voltage Converter for International Travel to AC 220V/240V Countries, Ideal for Laptops, Cameras, iPhones, BlackBerry, iPods etc
200 Watts Max Step Down voltage Converter for international travel to Europe and AsiaConverts 220/240 V to 110/120V so you could use american products in Europe, Asia & other 220/240V countries.Comes with 2-round pin Euro Plug. Please note for use in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, it requires an additional plug adapter, which would need to be purchased separately. Led indicator light. Thermal Fuse protection.Ideal for Laptop computers, iPads, fax machines, Blackberry Chargers, Phone, Camera & iPod Chargers and other light portable equipment. Do Not Connect Multiple Items At One Time.* Do Not Use with Hair Dryers, Hair Straightners, Tools and other Household Appliances.
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22 Reddit comments about Simran SMF-200 Deluxe 200 Watts Step Down Voltage Converter for International Travel to AC 220V/240V Countries, Ideal for Laptops, Cameras, iPhones, BlackBerry, iPods etc:

u/snakesoup88 · 16 pointsr/photography

The powercube you shown is not a transformer. It WILL NOT convert 220v to 110v used in US. Most AC adapters operates with both 100v/220v, such as a typical laptop power block. But not all your electronic toys can handle 220v, for example travel iron. Some electrical devices has a 110/220v flip switch. When in double, read the fine print on the label of your device. Or be safe and invest in a transformer (just an example. I have something else brought in a foreign country)

u/Intell1gentL1fe · 6 pointsr/xboxone

Looks like India has 220 V. So you should be able to buy the xbox one from the US, and a European power brick, or just a European version.

You may need a plug adapter though.

edit: Yeah, looks like you might need something like this:

u/Rekt_itRalph · 2 pointsr/vaporents

After looking online with local stores I ended up just buying off amazon. I'll have to wait about a week or so for delivery but I'll have my dynavap til then. This is what I went with, hopefully it works lol


u/OGCook · 2 pointsr/gaming

$13.49 first result.

So that's a fix for under $20 that you can get through amazon. Interesting....

u/exekutor · 2 pointsr/chile

In Chile we have 220v outlets, while ya'll have 110v outlets. Before using this adapters you have to make sure that your device says 110~240.

This'll do:

Something fancier (i have this exact same one):

State-of-the-art travel adapter:

If you need 220v to 110v conversion you gonna need this baby:

I hope it helps. Cheers.

edit: Is your screen name an Opeth reference?

u/applesandpearls · 2 pointsr/peacecorps

I brought my 3DS! Cambodia uses 220v power, and the 3DS requires 120v, so if you're going to plug it into the wall, you'll need a voltage converter. I brought this one and it has been great. Your other option is to only charge it via USB cord through your computer, or through an external battery pack.

As far as Cambodian outlets go, 2-pronged American or European plugs will fit in any outlet. This is what my outlet (and most outlets) looks like. If you've got 3 pronged things, you'll need a 3-to-2 adapter. I plug the above mentioned converter into my wall (two pronged), and then plug my power strip into that (3 pronged), so I have plenty of outlets for 3 pronged things. If you're planning to travel outside Cambodia, one of those international adapters would be handy.

u/DantesDame · 1 pointr/askswitzerland

Before moving here I bought a "northern european" adaptor and found that the pins were slightly too wide for the sockets. I could shove them in, but it wasn't a good fit. However, I purchased some specifically for Switzerland and they fit perfectly.

These are the ones I bought and like the best: (all Amazon links) 3 prong adaptors and a multi-plug adaptor. They've both worked well.

And for those who need a step down transformer, I found that this one also works great.

u/alocalscientist · 1 pointr/VietNam

I used this step down electric adapter to make sure my charger did not get overloaded.

My Samsung Note 4 has WIFIi calling which I used in Vietnam. I did not have to get a sim card because I could always find wifi when I needed to. For instance, I mostly messaged people, posted photos, or called when I was back in my hotel. However buying a sim card on the fly is very easy to do too.

u/lexusguy74 · 1 pointr/Advice
u/lovecrafthp · 1 pointr/amazon

I own a transformer and it wasn't cheap but this product linked by someone else in this thread sounds rather interesting.

u/ps94 · 1 pointr/pakistan

You don't just need a plug, you need a voltage converter. Canada uses 110V AC at 60 Hz. Pakistan uses 230V AC at 50 Hz. So you need a converter that will turn 230V 50Hz Pakistani current into 110V 60Hz for your Canadian devices.

Additionally, this converter also needs to come with a plug that fits into Pakistani wall sockets.

You also need to check how much power draw your appliances have. You mentioned cell phones, laptops and cameras. None of these draw a lot of power, so you could probably make do with a 200 watt converter like this one. It only has one socket, but you could probably buy a 3-way adaptor and run your laptop plus charge two phones at the same time.

There are many other adaptors available at this page so you can look around and see what suits you. Basically, you want one that says "worldwide" and has a C/D type plug which is the standard in Pakistan.

Other than that, just count the wattage. Figure on how many appliances you want to use simultaneously and add up their wattage to determine the power of the converter you will need. Read the reviews and pick one that has good reviews.

Don't plan on running any heavy duty appliances with it, such as clothes irons or blow dryers or anything like that. You will destroy your converter. These things are only meant for small electronics.

u/mozzor · 1 pointr/Roku

This is the one I am using with the Roku 3. Works just fine - tons of power outages where I live and its held up perfectly with a surge protector.

u/8-bit-hero · 1 pointr/China

I'm in the same boat, except I just got a PS4 Pro. So would something [like this] ( allow it to work well (and safely) in China?

u/lascruces · 1 pointr/Austria

I'm leaning towards the first option for the converter. However, it only have one output plug, and not the strip like the other one. Since the converter would presumable convert the 230V outlet in Austria to 110V, does this mean I could use plug regular power strip that I've been using in America to it and power my devices through that strip (provided they don't exceed the maximum power of the converter - 200W). Please let me know if this is safe to use.

u/poops34 · 1 pointr/AskEngineers

To build up a bit more on what MoreThanSummerParts said, there is no "simple" plug to do that. You can find outlet adapters, but if the device wasn't made to handle both 115V/230V you will either instantly fry it or blow an internal fuse. Most things aren't made for both voltages, computer power supplies often are however. Devices able to use both are almost always labeled for it, and often include a voltage selection switch.

Here is a link to a step down converter, this will turn 230V into 115V up to 200W. If your device draws more than 200W it should turn off automatically(and not melt). Generally speaking you don't want to use more than 80% of the rated load consistently.

But that's all a bit of a guess. No idea what you're trying to do as you're not specific enough. They are many types of 230V outlets, and likewise 115V.

u/AlexTree · 1 pointr/trees

You would need a converter that converts the 220v to 120v, something like this

Great, Ill send you a pm :) <br /> <br /> Yeah we have a decent variety over here. Your GF would probably still be excited about flavoured papers as they are really uncommon over here and she might not even smoked one yet. Maybe even some special pipe from the US as in the end its a present from her BF and shell be happy about it.

You could also consider bringing some munchies/food for her. We dontt have a lot of the US brands over here but dont worry too much I am sure shell be happy to see you as you are quite far away from each other, distance wise.

Haha go to the 90s it was even more relaxed back then.. lol

u/furfagcatrick · 1 pointr/BdsmDIY

Next time, get one of these. Wands, both violet and magic, need to be properly stepped down for safety reasons. Also you can get one for like $70 here. Their other stuff is overpriced a bit but the wand itself is legit and not super high priced.

u/xmastreee · 1 pointr/Coffee

I've gone the other way, and am happily using a 50Hz grinder on 60Hz.

For a 110V appliance in the UK you will need a transformer. Something like this should be good enough, but check the power rating of your grinder first. I googled it and got 165Watts but don't take my word for it. Cut the plug of it (the transformer, not the grinder) and fit a UK one, it's safer than using an adaptor.

u/xudo · 1 pointr/belgium

There are two differences between Belgium and the US in terms of electricity:

  • Belgium uses 220v 50 Hz AC, the US 110v 60 Hz^1

  • The socket looks different between the countries (Belgium vs the US)

    If it is only for 8 days, I assume the items that you would carry that need a charge is your mobile phone/laptop charger and may be an electric shaver.

    Most modern phone/laptop chargers are compatible with a range of voltages that covers both these: they have a "Universal Voltage Range" and are generally marked as 100-220 v, 50-60Hz (Like this) . You can use these in belgium without a voltage converter. But you would need an "adapter" so that you can use the US plug in a Belgian socket. I would suggest one of these. You will be able to find this in a local electronic store as well (Fry's, Best Buy...).

    Some items, especially Electric shavers generally do not support both 220 volts and 110 volts. You will need a "converter" to convert between the voltage ranges. Something like this. However note that you may need a higher power (watts) converter if you are planning to use a higher power item (say an electric drill).

    I would suggest to avoid the converter altogether if you can (do not use an electric shaver). that way you can avoid carrying the bulky/more expensive converter, which anyway will not be of much use when you come back.


    Edit: Added an image for a universal charger.
u/vipirius · 1 pointr/anime

Not always. Most cheap (1-2 euros if you know where to look) adapters are just physical, they only change the shape of the cable so it can be plugged in. Like this. To convert voltages you'll need something like this, which is more expensive and bulky.