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SINGER 00218 Tape Measure, 60-Inch
60-inch, flexible and durable vinyl tape measure5-foot soft vinyl tape measure perfect tailor's tool for measuring flat or rounded surfacesBlack print on pink tapeShows inches and centimetersTabbed edges prevent fray
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u/stagehog81 · 6 pointsr/asktransgender

You use a flexible measuring tape to get the measurements. Here is a guide on How to measure for women's clothing

u/blu3dice · 4 pointsr/poshmark

Get measuring tape. You don't have to be professional or a seamstress. For inseam measure at crotch seam to the bottom hem. If you need extra help use YouTube. Empower yourself with knowledge.

u/unrulyginger · 3 pointsr/crochet

Keep your hands dry and your area clean. It is hard enough to practice a new skill, learn to read pattern acronyms, and keep count of stitches all at once.

These things specifically will make it easier:

  • go for center pull yarn when possible, or re-ball what you have (
  • make sure your yarn from your ball to your project can travel freely without hitting obstacles it can snag on like bags, table corners, etc
  • keep your hands and yarn moisture free so it glides smoother - if you're drinking a cold drink, try using a straw to avoid the condensation
  • practice with worsted acrylic or other yarn that can handle being pulled out ("frogged") and re-worked a lot without breaking down
  • start with light yarn so you can clearly see the stitches
  • always take the little bit of time to check gauge:

    a good "beginner kit", with links to what I have and like:

  • at least 2 or 3 crochet hooks in different sizes to learn how they feel and the difference in fabric density - metal are smooth and won't break on you
  • scissor
  • plastic tape measure - I waited so long to buy this and wish I did earlier
  • blunt needles to finish off ends -

    Other than that, have fun with it!! /r/crochet and youtube are your friends
u/MettaWorldWarTwo · 2 pointsr/AMA

Get a body fat caliper and a cloth measuring tape. Take measurements weekly. Body fat caliper comes with instructions but pick a few "problem areas" and "growth areas" for the measuring tape (upper thigh, waist, stomach, chest, biceps, calf). Weight is a terrible measure of health. What matters most is what percentage of your weight is unnecessary fat vs healthy bones, muscle, organs and necessary fat. Since it requires two to do the measurements, and you're married, do it after frisky times :)

u/ri-no · 2 pointsr/MtF

If you're able to get a soft tape measure you can take your own measurements.

To take your measurements you need to measure your bust at the fullest point, your natural waist, your hips, and your inseam.

Here is a wiki to help you find the right points.

u/Orgyblossom89 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. i deserve to be gifted bc its almost Halloween and also bc im starting to take charge of my health and would like this tape measure to measure my body. Its the cheapst thing on my list. SINGER 218 60-Inch Tape Measure

  2. Tell me why(why) does it have to be like this?
     -Declan Galbraith

  3. u/zephyr_sleeper needs to be gifted for being a good person.
u/justsayno2carbs · 2 pointsr/keto

It's only been a week. Give it some time. And the keto flu depends on the individual. I only got a mild headache for the 1st day. Some people feel nothing and other get a full blown "flu". I suggest tracking your food for a few weeks and see what happens. I also suggest getting a tape measure like This One. You can find them at craft stores. Progress can be tracked in inches lost. It's not limited to numbers on a scale.

u/Lady_Corgi · 1 pointr/MtF

I was shopping yesterday in Goodwill (a thrift store in the US) for a new jacket and found some that fit in mediums, larges and extra larges. There were also some larges that were way too big, and some that were way too small. When people say women's sizes have a lot of variety, they're not kidding. It's nearly impossible to universally label yourself one size or another.

I've found shopping at places like Goodwill a great start, because nobody really seems to care. However, not everyone has the privilege of living in such a trans* friendly city that I do. So if you don't feel comfortable or safe shopping in the store, I recommend getting a tape measure (the really floppy kind used for [sewing, like this] (,0,112,125)) and taking measurements of your waist, bust, etc. You can then find many online retailers that will have measurement guides, as well as reviews that might tell you if something runs larger or smaller than normal. Finally, use a retailer with a good return policy (I've had good luck with Amazon), and don't be afraid to send things back.

I can give more specific information about particular types of clothing if you're interested, but don't want to drone on if it's useless info.

u/vocabularylessons · 1 pointr/rawdenim

You don't want to start off too small, it quickly becomes unbearably uncomfortable (I recently learned this lesson the hard way, bleh).

Cop a tape measure if you don't have one already, measure your waist where you jeans rest (make note of the rise!) and buy jeans based on that measure. Use N&F or BlueOwl's measuring guide for reference.

I'm considering those N&F jeans myself, but I'm also feeling patriotic. I'd suggest buying from BlueOwl because you get rewards for being a repeat customer.

u/newaddress1997 · 1 pointr/asktransgender

Hmm, depends on what you're going for.

If you don't care about creating volume and just want to feel cute and feminine in it you could go with a lightly-lined lacy bit or a bralette and then you don't have to worry about getting padded cups to lie naturally. Here's a cute unlined bra with lace and polka dots from VS and a lace bralette from Aerie.

If you want something that has a more traditional bra shape to stuff, maybe something unlined with underwire? It should gap at the top less than a heavily padded bra, but the cups should still keep their shape enough for you to stuff them.

Last thought on that note is to get something very padded in a small size, but it's hit or miss if things fit in a way that's comfortable and looks good under different types of clothing.

Also with these I would recommend going to a store if you feel up to it and trying them on. If not, buy a fabric tape measure and get your measurements yourself.

The circumference of your torso (right under your boobs if you have any fat there) in inches is the number of your band size assuming you're US-based.

u/Taome · 1 pointr/zerocarb

I know it's hard to do but I really suggest ignoring the scale because weight by itself is useless as a measure of body fat. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger weighed around 235 lbs in contest condition which would put him in the obese category according to standard weight charts even though his body fat was around 8% during competitions. BMI is similarly misleading as a measure of body fat because it also completely fails to take into account how weight is distributed between muscle and body fat. (Schwarzenegger's BMI was around 30% when he was in contest condition, which again puts him in the obese range.)

In other words, what you are really concerned about is not your weight per se but what percent of your weight is body fat. The simplest way to track body fat percentage is to just keep track of how your clothes are fitting, for example, is it becoming easier to button your pants, is bending over in pants that were tight before becoming easier and more comfortable, etc. You can also take photos of yourself in the mirror every two weeks or so in shorts and a crop t-shirt or sports bra to assess your fat mass loss. A simple tailor's measuring tape, e.g, this one from Amazon, can also be used to track belly fat (be careful to use the same location and tape tension/tightness each time).

If you want to be more precise about tracking your body fat %, you can try skinfold calipers, for example, these from Amazon are a bit over $6 and will be perfectly adequate for your purposes. Read the instructions thoroughly, practice a bit so you get the hang of using them, then use them every week or two.

Aside from checking how your clothes fit, try to limit yourself to using whatever other method(s) you use to track fat mass loss to once every week or two because day-to-day changes just aren't going to be measurable. Also keep in mind that it is common for people to gain muscle on a higher protein diet even without trying to do so. This is especially likely to happen if the prior diet was protein-deficient. As a result, weight gain doesn't necessarily mean an increase in fat mass, indeed, it could actually represent increased muscle mass which is a good thing. Again, ask yourself how your clothes are fitting, do you feel stronger and have more energy and stamina?

Anyway, I hope this is useful. Congratulations on getting off the antidepressant and good luck to you.

u/Closet_gal · 1 pointr/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

I only found it just the other day, keep looking you'll find one sooner or later. try buying one of these it helps a lot.

u/vagarp · 1 pointr/FashionReps

The two pairs from the 'money x3' shop should fit you since they're stretchy, the Gucci pair might be small.

You should really consider buying one of these otherwise its a guessing game when buying stuff from taobao.

u/nonbinary_as_fuck · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Get a fabric tape measure and measure around the broadest part of your pecs, under your armpits.

u/phatphoeater · 0 pointsr/bodyweightfitness