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SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator Multi-function Pen Black/Red Ink, Medium Point with Pencil (7520-01-564-9906)
All metal construction provides added durabilityMeets all Foreign Object Damage (FOD) requirementsPen includes a special finish that won't reflect lightSlender barrel with well-balanced weightMade with pride by Americans who are blind
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20 Reddit comments about SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator Multi-function Pen Black/Red Ink, Medium Point with Pencil (7520-01-564-9906):

u/CornFedCactus · 16 pointsr/AirForce

Having both nonned and non-nonned, this is the only right write answer.

u/sa1f · 8 pointsr/EDC

Just a few notes:

  • Chromebook fits 90% of my needs, and I find myself using it more than my Macbook. It's got Ubuntu running on it for any "real"/offline work. Got it on ebay for a good deal (~$220)

  • I have a Leatherman Juice CS4, but I found it to be too large to fit in my jeans. The dime is a much better fit for me.

  • The flash drive acts as a secondary computer, it's got Liberkey on it.

  • The Skilcraft B3 Aviator multipen is the best pen multi pen i've used yet. Barely any rattling, solid brass, has red & black ink & a pencil (Perfect for any student). Would definitely recommend it over the Zebra Sharbo X.

  • Moleskine's got my school notes, homework, and other random bits throughout the day.

  • I've had the Sansa for a good 3+ years and it still holds a good charge (15+ hours). I've got Rockbox running on it.

u/TaimBak · 4 pointsr/EDC

Do yourself a favor and get a B3.

u/usafcrewchief · 4 pointsr/EDC

From personal military experience, I highly recommend this

u/FeebleOldMan · 4 pointsr/EDC
u/RecycledCoke · 4 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

The skill craft b3 has a 0.5 pencil + 1 black and 1 red pen refill and a stylus. You can get it for $30 or less. You should be able to find a blue refill you can swap with the red part online.

Here are some links:


Should be under $50 but not by much. There’s a blue / black + pencil one on amazon for under $30 but I’m not sure if it includes the stylus.

u/Ruffianlink · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/Osedox · 3 pointsr/EDC

Skillcraft B3? It's a three in one type deal with black ink, red ink, and a mechanical pencil+eraser. Sounds sort of cheesy but it actually works really well and feels quality. I write quite a bit for my job and it is really handy to have red ink on hand, even if you don't need it often.

u/yknphotoman · 3 pointsr/EDC

Hello everyone!

I had been wanting to post my edc for school and felt since the semester is almost over, now would be a great time. I am a computer science major and have been carrying this with me for several months now. Also, pls excuse the obvious line down the middle - i merged two seperate pictures together. So here is my edc from L>R, T>B.

  1. [Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-1 Laptop - upgraded to ssd] (
  2. [Portable 2K Monitor] (
  3. [Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8"] (
  4. [Samsung Galaxy Tab cover] (
  5. Degree deodorant/body spray
  6. [Five-Star 1-1.2 inch Zipper Binder] (
  7. [Cliffnotes Statistics book] (
  8. [Weekly Planner] (
  9. Snack
  10. [Maglite Mini LED Flashlight] (
  11. [Dell Power Companion 18000 mAh battery] (
  12. Laptop power brick in two parts
  13. [Samsung 64 GB 3.0 flash drive duo] (
  14. [Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition] (
  15. [Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard] (
  16. [Fisher Space military pen] (
  17. [Skilcraft B3 Aviator multifunction pen] (
  18. [Portable tablet/phone/switch stand] (
  19. Downy Fabric dewrinkler spray
  20. Portable Lysol spray
  21. Work/School ID
  22. [Portable CPR face shield] (
  23. Various single use medicine
  24. [C++ Pocket reference] (
  25. Microfiber towel
  26. [3 in 1 threaded usb cable] (
  27. [Mini usb charging cable - plus the usb transfer cable that came with calculator] (
  28. [Micro usb Cable] (
  29. [Mini HDMI - HDMI cable] (
  30. [TI-84 PLUS CE Graphing Calculator] (
  31. Sunglasses
  32. [Vectron charging case for LG Bluetooth headphones] (
  33. [Not pictured - LG Tone Platinum Bluetooth Headphones] (
  34. First Aid Kit
  35. Lip Balm
  36. Portable sewing kit
  37. Tic Tacs
  38. Purell
  39. [C# Pocket reference] (
  40. [Backpack cover] (
  41. [Umbrella] (
  42. [Not pictured - Swiss Digital TSA friendly backpack] (

    I do carry all of this with me. It's not too heavy as I've tried to minimize the weight of the items I did decide I wanted to carry.

    Some bonus pics are below:

    [Backpack loaded will all the above] (

    [Another showing the strip that reflects light - one of the reasons I purchased it] (

    [The Headphone case w/ the headphones] (

    [Inside of Five-Star Binder for those curious] (

    [Bulit in organization in the backpack] (

    [The reason I carry the extra monitor/keyboard/mouse/etc] (
u/Ryal1 · 1 pointr/EDC

I'd rather have one of these, but I can't justify the cost and the pilots aren't really leaving them behind like they used to.

u/nathanstroupe · 1 pointr/EDC
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/pens

You could get a four color, but have 2 black and 2 red, or 3 black and 1 red.

Edit: sorry, I didn't notice the "inuk", so below text might not apply. Seems to be 3 times the price over there...

But Zebra Sharbo X is nice (around 40 dollars), and skilcraft has a 20 dollar version of this pen. It takes standard D1 refills, so you can use something smooth like Jetstream.

SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator Multi-function Pen Black/Red Ink, Medium Point with Pencil (7520-01-564-9906)

You might be able to replace that pencil with a black D1, but I'm not sure.

u/cravingcheesecakes · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

You can find it on Amazon. The price tends to fluctuate around $20 from the looks of it. I got mine when the price dropped to $17.

As far as multi-pens go, I'm really impressed by how slim the Skilcraft is. The rotate-to-change component mechanism is fun to play with, and it's solidly built with a metal construction (weight is comparable to rOtring) and very nice matte black finish. Overall though, I would say it's a bit of a jack of all trades that doesn't fully excel at anything except being very convenient and portable. The pen components write pretty well, but nothing mind-blowing. I definitely prefer my EnerGels. The mechanical pencil experience is average, though the click is very unsatisfying because of how unsteady it is. However, the component is retractable (since it's a multipen), so that's a nice bonus.

You can also check out the Clutch Situation review on YouTube.

u/jDeLaBay · 1 pointr/EDC

THIS ONE is on my Amazon wish list. If it's good enough for pilots, should be good enough for us!

u/boom_knives · 1 pointr/minimalism

I really like these pens.

Black and Red Pen + Pencil.

SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator Multi-function Pen Black/Red Ink, Medium Point with Pencil (7520-01-564-9906)

u/silent_melody · 0 pointsr/EDC

Black, sturdy, thin; pencil, black, and red ink in one.

u/ragooddd · 0 pointsr/EDC

I got mine from amazon.

SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator...