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Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator
Inflates standard car tire in 2 minutesDual cylinder inflator for maximum power inflationDirect drive inflator that connects directly to the battery for maximum powerDial gauge in-line on the hose30-foot total reach and bright LED light
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4 Reddit comments about Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator:

u/pointblankjustice · 10 pointsr/BMW

Everyone should absolutely carry some bare essentials in their car like jumper cables, bottled water, cold weather gear, road flares, and a good flashlight, at a minimum. Check out /r/VEDC if you are interested in what people carry in their cars!

I carry the following in my F31:

General Automotive

  • 2.5 lb Fire Extinguisher

  • 2 1/2 Ton Floor Jack

  • 6x6 Wood block for shimming when jacking taller vehicles

  • 4-way tire iron

  • Tire plug kit

  • Very nice dual cylinder air compressor

  • 16ft 8 gauge jumper cables

  • Quart of BMW 10W30

  • 4x 1L SmartWater bottles

  • Safety Glasses

  • N95 respirator

  • 6x 15 minute road flares

  • 3x 30 minute road flares

  • 700 Lumen O-Light M30 Triton Flashlight

  • Two microfiber cloths

  • Microfiber diamond-weave drying towel

  • Griot's Garage Interior Detail Spray

    Trauma Kit Contents

  • Seatbelt Cutter

  • Glass Punch

  • Bag Valve Mask

  • Range of various sized NPAs

  • Hemorrhage control (tourniquets, trauma dressing, clotting sponges, gauze, chest seals)

  • XCollar cervical splint

  • Saline rinse

  • Epinephrine auto-injector

  • Trauma shears

  • CPR mask

  • Non-latex gloves

  • Rite in the Rain notepad with Pen

  • Yellow and red glow sticks

    In addition, I carry a full compliment of 72-hour survival gear organized into my Get Home Bag: Gallery Here.

    GHB Contents

    On-Person EDC

  • Springfield XD-S 9mm

  • Leather SHTF Holster

  • Nitecore P12 Tactical Light 2015 Model (1x18650, 1000 OTF Lumens, many useful modes, gorgeous interface)

  • Leatherman Charge TTi

  • Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen

  • Autum Dualist Wallet (Powder-coated aluminum wrapped in Horween leather, handmade in the US)

  • VOID V02 Wristwatch

  • 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in Sapphire Black

  • Nite-Ize S-Biner with keys

  • 32GB LaCie Flash Drive

  • Exotac Ferrocerium Rod and Striker

  • Fob for 2011 BMW 335i M-Sport Sedan

  • Portland Bee Balm

  • Ray Ban RB8313 Carbon Fiber Aviators

  • BMW M Belt in Anthracite (Very decent $50ish leather belt made in Italy, marked up to over $100 because BMW knows enthusiasts/douchebags will pay the premium for that tiny embossed ///M logo).

  • Keen Flint shoes (good work boot/hiking boot hybrid, steel toe, low ESD.)

    Sleep System/Shelter

  • SOL 5x7ft Utility Tarp (Orange for signaling, reflective inside for heat retention, ripstop, grommetted, actually surprisingly sturdy)

  • SOL Escape Bivy (Breathable, durable, warm to about 50F, I use this in the summer as my backpacking sleep system.)

  • Klymit Static-V Inflatable Pad (Whether crashing a friend’s house or sleeping outside, I consider the insulation and comfort of a pad requisite.)

    Mess Kit/Foodstuffs/Hydration

  • 27oz Widemouth Kleen Kanteen (Single-walled canteens are multifunctional, and can also be easily used for cooking and boiling water, or warming your sleeping bag). 2x1L water bottles are stored in my trunk, so if I needed to, I could always grab spare water before setting out on foot somewhere.

  • The ever-popular Sawyer Mini Water Filter (There is really no reason you shouldn't have one, or five)

  • (3) ProBars (Calorie and protein dense, lightweight, easily packable)

  • (2) Paleo Jerky bars (the only grass fed/grass finished jerky I've found that tastes decent)

  • (2) Trail Butters

  • (1) Lara Bar

  • Blend of Teas, Electrolyte Tabs, Coffee, Spices

  • MSR Titanium Fork and Spoon

    Cold Weather Gear

  • REI Windstill Rainjacket/Wind-breaker (with integral hood)

  • Wigwam Merino Wool Socks

  • Marker Thinsulate Vest

  • PIG Gloves (Lots of dexterity at the sacrifice of warmth, great for protecting your hands when working on things)

  • Fleece Beanie


  • Adam Industries Pitbull Monocular Night Vision Device (MNVD), built using the Gen 3+ Omni VI MX-10160C autogated intensifier from an AN/AVS-9. This was an incremental upgrade from my Gen 3 Omni IV PVS-14, and it produces an image that is less grainy and a tad bit more detailed/better contrasted.

  • Yaesu FT-60 Dual Band HAM Radio (Emergency communications, police/fire traffic, NOAA weather broadcasts)

  • Verizon Mobile Hotspot

  • PNY 5000MAh rechargeable USB charger (2.1A compatible)

  • UMX Android Burner Phone (disposable phone, prepaid card info and emergency contact numbers under the battery, charged up, and preloaded with useful survival manuals and Backcountry Navigator Pro with cached 1:24k topographical maps of my area)

  • ACR PLB-375 Rescue Beacon

  • Petzl Tactikka-XP Headlamp with red/blue lenses (replaced my Quark QP2L-X, as the hands-free functionality is very useful for setting up camp, working on a broken down car in the dark, etc).

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet (Core i7/256GB SSD/8GB DDR3/Win 8.1 Enterprise), soon to be replaced a Surface Pro 4 once they ship.

  • USB Micro Cable

  • Surprisingly decent bundled earbuds from my S6

  • 1ft Ethernet cable

  • USB-to-Ethernet adapter for the tablet

  • 256GB External USB SSD (in Ineo housing, with encrypted copies of critical documents/identification, as well as a bunch of my usual tech tools, for those impromptu "my computer has a virus" conversations at friends' houses, as well as our enterprise software and system images.)

  • Micro SD Card in SD Card Adapter


  • (4) MSR Groundhog Mini Stakes

  • 100ft Blaze Orange Paracord and Spare Carabiner (mostly for guy wires and a center line to make an A-frame tent
    out of the tarp)

  • Spare Nitecore 18650 2600mAH Battery (for my EDC light)

  • Small Roll of Duct Tape

  • Roll of Electrical Tape

  • 6 sq. ft. of Tin Foil

  • Zip Ties

  • Bit Kit for my Leatherman Charge TTi

  • Spare Dog Poop Bags

  • Zebra F-301 Pen

  • Rite in the Rain Pad

  • Cold Steel SRK Fixed-Blade Knife with Kydex Sheath (Such a great, sturdy knife)

  • Spare 14rd Glock Magazine w/ 14rds Horandy Critical Defense +P Hollow Points


  • SOLO Butane Torch Extendible Lighter (Good for getting under tinder, burns fucking hot, and also great for cigars)

  • Waterproof Matches in Sealed Container with Striker Paper

  • Film Canister of Wax Soaked Cotton balls

  • Tea Light


  • Toothpaste

  • Compact Toothbrush

  • Tampon

  • Ass Wipes

  • Nail Clippers


  • Tactical Tailor IFAK

  • Epinephrine Auto-Injector

  • CPR Mask and Gloves

  • Quik-Clot Combat Gauze

  • Bitch Stickers (Band aids, gauze wrap and pads, etc.)

  • Benadryl

  • Mixed Aspirin, Zyrtec, Anti-Diahrreals (in the Advil tube)

  • Oral Rehydration Salts

  • Portland Bee Balm

  • Superglue

  • Bug Spray (100% DEET)

  • Sunscreen

  • Shears

  • ACE bandage

  • TUMS
u/TexMarshfellow · 2 pointsr/VEDC

I actually have a timely example from the sub today!

At this link, you can see my response to a (currently-removed) comment which included an Amazon affiliate/referral/whatever you want to call them link/tag.
The comment has a link to this compressor — — but instead of the link ending in the Amazon Standard Identification Number code for the product (B005Z8HAUK), it ends in a referral tag (B005Z8HAUK?tag=[AssociateID]).
The part including and after "?tag=" are the "affiliate" part of the link; Amazon Affiliates receive money for every product purchased from following that link (and might receive payment just because someone clicked it, I'm not sure), which is a violation of Reddit's spam policy, and the comment was auto-removed by the spam filter. I manually approved it conditional on the commenter's editing of the comment, mainly because the comment itself still contributed to the discussion, but since they have not done so yet, I pulled it again.
There are also shortlinks for Amazon referral codes (e.g., but shortlinks are also auto-removed by Reddit for their potential for malicious content, so you don't see them very often.

TL;DR: if it includes "?tag=" then it's a referral link.

u/JesusSquid · 1 pointr/Justrolledintotheshop

I have a 12v pump and 35s on my jeep took under 5-10 minutes dead flat. It clipped directly to battery. Heard the 12v outlet pumps were trash though.

Fuckers honestly often used from balls to the golf cart to grandfathers tractors. It is the most useful car accessory I've bought beside a high quality snatch rope and recovery equipment.

If your interested... 35's to 35-40 psi was minutes. Didn't stop watch it but was impressively fast.

u/macbooklover91 · 0 pointsr/VEDC