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Slow 'N Sear Deluxe for 22
Slow 'N Sear Deluxe (replaces previous Slow 'N Sear Plus) used in a 22” kettle grill you already own turns a “simple” kettle into a value-packed and versatile BBQ & grilling tool! Now with a removable water reservoir! Effortlessly create two distinct cooking zones with the water reservoir in place inside the basket for hassle-free low ‘n slow barbecue.Cook low 'n slow (225F) for 8+ hours on a single load of charcoal with stable temperatures and minimal vent adjustments. The new stainless steel riveted manufacture of the basket enables flexibility without warping. The redesigned ventilated, stainless steel base plate ensures minimal ash build-up even during your longest cooks.The new removable water reservoir sits inside the charcoal basket and holds slightly more than one quart of water. It provides steady moisture for 5+ hours during low 'n slow cooks for enhanced smoke flavor/smoke ring and helps maintain stable temperatures across the cooking surface.Made from over 7 lbs of 16-gauge 430 stainless steel. It comes with a 10-year rust-through warranty. US Patents D788,525 and D789,741. Additional US and International patents pending.30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. (Notes: this is NOT the Slow 'N Sear XL; this unit does not fit 22" Jumbo Joe, the Weber Summit Charcoal or CharBroil Kettleman grills)
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11 Reddit comments about Slow 'N Sear Deluxe for 22" Charcoal Grill from SnS Grills:

u/dudemanbro_ · 4 pointsr/grilling

Slow n Sear!

Adrenaline Barbecue Company Slow 'N Sear Plus - Version 2.0

u/jimbene14 · 4 pointsr/webergrills

Get a slow n sear
Adrenaline Barbecue Company Slow 'N Sear Plus - Version 2.0

u/TexasWhiskey_ · 4 pointsr/webergrills
  1. Learn how to use a chimney starter. Not needed, but very nice, are the weber starting cubes.

  2. Learn how to use 2 zone cooking. is a great starter.

  3. If you want to upgrade your getup: Slow N Sear by Adrenaline BBQ Co is amazing and worth every dollar. Buy some bbq insulation for the lid as well, super cheap and prevents leaking.

    With this you can cook everything from amazing tuna steaks, to slow cook brisket.
u/D3STR00 · 3 pointsr/BBQ_Equipment

Here you go. This is the only attachment you’ll ever need.

u/Hercusleaze · 2 pointsr/smoking

I bought a Slow N Sear, but you co do without. If you need to do a 10+ hour smoke, do the snake method, if less, just pile a bunch of charcoal off to one side.


Most important is you are only firing up a dozen or so coals in the chimney first, and dump them off on one side of the unfired charcoal. The unlit stuff will catch with time, and give you a long cook. You don't need more than a dozen coals fired off to begin with to get to 225 on a kettle.


After you dump hot coals on the cold coals, drop 2 or 3 wood chunks on top of your pile.

u/speakajackn · 2 pointsr/BBQ

This is the answer you're looking for. If you have a weber, pick up the Slow n Sear, it's an inexpensive answer to having a smoker.

u/HamWallet · 1 pointr/smoking

You're not going to get a good pellet or offset smoker for $300. In that price range if you want to do charcoal your best bet would be a Weber Kettle and add a Slow 'N Sear. If you want something easier to manage as a beginner, the Camp Chef Smoke Vaults are really good options. I started with the 18" and then bought the 24" and converted it to natural gas so I never have to worry about changing propane tanks again.

Smoke Vault 18
Smoke Vault 24

u/efxeditor · 1 pointr/grilling

Why don't you look into getting a Slow and Sear for your Weber?

u/grueinthebox · 1 pointr/everymanshouldknow

Fair enough. Still no interest in propane, though - at $50 or even for free. Table and bin are nice if you have a need or desire for them, particularly in your case since they were free. If I was going to spend $200 on upgrades I've been eyeing the modular cast iron grate and the "Slow 'N Sear" for awhile, but haven't been able to get myself to pull the trigger.

u/LetsArgueAboutNothin · 1 pointr/smoking

For what this is worth I own a cheap vertical offset, Original PK Grill, Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber Performer, A Smokey Joe, A Weber Spirit Gas grill, and an Oklahoma Joe offset. I have experience with all of these grills/smokers and they all have their plus's and negatives.

Here is what you are looking at. You can't get a smoker to grill, but you can get a grill to smoke. If he is looking to steak and burgers, but also smoke a bird, smoke a butt, smoke some ribs etc, then you want a grill that also does well as a smoker. For the money, IMHO, your best bet if your budget is in the 500-800 range is to get a Weber Performer and a Smoke and Sear attachment. That grill, with that smoker attachment, will cook not only near everything but it will cook near everything perfect. The only thing you might struggle with is brisket. But brisket is not a beginners cut of meat to smoke with.

Grill -

Smoke n Sear -

The Trager's are nice. However, they are electric and pellet. Which means that you are relying on pellets and electricity to cook. If you get a storm, and your power goes out, you are SOL. If you can't find pellets, you are also shit outa luck. Also, With the Trager's, the more complicated they are, the more things there are to break. The Weber is literally a steel bowl with a hard ass paint on it. You can use charcoal, wood, or a mix of both. If you keep it out of the rain, and keep it covered, it will easily last a decade or more. The same can not be said for the Trager's firebox.

PS Buy Meatheads and Franklins books, they are well worth the money.

Just my opinion. Good luck!