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Smart Weigh Ultra Slim Jewel Digital Pocket Scale with Tweezers and Calibration Weight, 20g x 0.001g Capacity, Black
Features - The Smart Weigh Digital Scale was crafted to be sleek, lightweight, and portable. Will work great for any of your gold, silver, coins, jewelry, and mailing needsFunctions -This scale features an add-up function to weigh a few single items and the scale will add up the total weight measurements. Also features the tare function technology for net weightMeasurements - The JDS20 includes all the necessary unit measurements: g / ct / gn / dwt. Set the scale to your desired measurement by selecting the mode buttonAccuracy - Manufactured with advanced high precision sensors to provide the most accurate and consistent weight readings. Weighs from 0.001 grams to 20 gramsIncludes - A set of tweezers and two 10 g calibration weights for accurate recalibration. This scale is powered by 4 x AAA batteries which are included
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25 Reddit comments about Smart Weigh Ultra Slim Jewel Digital Pocket Scale with Tweezers and Calibration Weight, 20g x 0.001g Capacity, Black:

u/IcyElemental · 4 pointsr/Drugs
u/DrGamut · 4 pointsr/Nootropics

Quit messing around with the scoop estimates and get a scale. I strongly recommend the Smart Weigh JDS20. It's a lot better than the Gemini-20 scale because you can use weigh boats with it.

Scoops measure volume, but owing to the differing density of substances they are not an accurate measure of weight.

u/MrJebbers · 3 pointsr/DMT

This is the one I got, it's accurate and fairly cheap.

u/fofofadii · 3 pointsr/MDMA

this would be a pretty good investment for the future.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/steroids

this one for tiny raws works well. but id get soemthing like this if you think 600g is enough capacity.

u/mark55 · 3 pointsr/microdosing

Several thousand dollars?
17 dollars. With what you've done with your solution, slowly but surely, the material will break down. I suggest keeping it cold and away from light.

Scraping 2mg off of glass to put into a capsule is almost impossible. I have been there! Luckily, I have done something similar, needing small doses of a substance and wanting them in capsules for ease of dosing, so I'll tell you how I did it.

What I did is cut up tiny pieces of paper towel, say 1cm wide and 2cm long. Dropper 2ml of your %95 alcohol solution onto each of these strips and allow the material to evaporate on them. When no longer wet, roll the piece of paper towel up and put it into a capsule. Voila.

Reply if you plan on using this method, and if not, what you plan on doing. I am interested, because I have this substance and I wonder if it would be good to microdose.

Hope I helped!

u/CerebralHypertrophy · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

I use this .000 scale for etiz clonaz 4acodmt 3meopcp etc and it works fine. I own 2 of them never a problem. Used to use it for MXE too.

u/Neuro-Fire · 2 pointsr/Etizolam

I cant remember. Lemme try to find it.
Edit: Cheaper then when I bought it years ago under another brand name

u/reductase · 2 pointsr/ResearchMarkets

Milligram scale all the way. They're not expensive to acquire and help immensely with harm reduction. Even if you want to do volumetric dosing, you're still going to need a scale for your substance AND graduated cylinder for your solvent to calculate an accurate concentration.

Do not mix powders together for dosing (e.g. NBOMe w/ dextrose, etc) because mixing powders evenly is very, very difficult to do and not even perfected by science yet.

Edit: something like this is perfect. Just remember to preload the scale into the 5-10g range and tare it for maximum accuracy. These rinky-dink milligram scales are not that sensitive at their minimum or maximum ranges, so throw a couple quarters down and put your weighing platter on top to get it into the middle of its linearity range.

u/opiate-dreams · 1 pointr/opiates

I bought this about a week ago and it works brilliantly and was cheap, 0.001g - more accurate than I even need.

u/dailymail-reporter · 1 pointr/DNMUK
u/WantsReal4FA · 1 pointr/DNMUK

I have these scales, but I don't generally measure out k or c when I have it. But I have a rough idea of the weight of my lines cause I've measured it in the past (so have a 'reference' in my head if that makes sense). Only really works for the first line of k, gets progressively harder to see how big my lines are after that haha

u/psno1994 · 1 pointr/Salvia

Yeah, I'd recommend this scale here, it's really cheap and super accurate for weighing out anything less than 20g. I also use it to weigh out my bud pickups and make sure I didn't get ripped off. Just use an index card as weigh paper and you're set.

Edit- also, a large part of what makes the salvia trip "good" or "bad" for me is set/setting. I turn the lighting low, turn on some quiet, peaceful music, and block the door and windows in my room so I can't leave while I'm tripping. I also trip alone, because I find doing it with other people around usually makes it bad.

Edit 2- also, it would be super weird if I were tripping without a shirt around other people. Another reason to barricade yourself in and take a short visit down the rabbit hole alone.

u/Rolling_Tomassi · 1 pointr/Drugs

This works well for me:

It's a milligram scale but obviously if you're measuring something that needs to be closer than to the nearest ~10mg I wouldn't trust it.

u/Debonaire_Death · 1 pointr/Nootropics

My scale is currently broken. I keep meaning to get one with my next order from powdercity, but they're chronically sold out.

I just added the same one to my cart at Amazon. I'll just grab it with my next shipment. I presume that's a good scale that doesn't break easily?

u/TheTurdMaster · 1 pointr/askdrugs

I have this scale and it works well

u/GoldustRapedMyDad · 1 pointr/DMT

I'd say look for a smart weigh, but I can't vouch for any besides the one I bought:

u/tfribourg69 · 1 pointr/kratom

i've used this for all my powder needs for 2 yrs now

u/IAmTheGov · 1 pointr/PEDs

I was going to buy this scale to do it:

Smart Weigh JDS20 Jewel Digital Scale 20g x 0.001g - Black

u/BubblegumPennies · 1 pointr/todayilearned

I have the same stuff, but I have the 1 kg bag.

You can add 1/8 tsp to your protein shakes. That's about the same amount as a caffeine pill.

If you're worried of overdosing, get a scale. I have this one. It works great, but I bought little plastic boats to hold the powder.

u/klove99 · 0 pointsr/opiates

If you read my post you'd know that I'm very aware of that to which you are referring. Let's say you weigh out 1mg and put it in 2ml of water. Now you're restricted to oral or shooting, unless you have a nasal spray. Nasal spray cannot be measured very accurately. Shooting will kill you. Oral will kill a lot of people because of slow uptake they will do too much. PLUS, you have to FUCKING WEIGH IT TO DISSOLVE IN SOLUTION. If it's advertised as a milligram scale, there's no way the accuracy is more than +- 1mg, usually it's half it's stated dose (so +- .5mg). So if they have faulty measuring, they will get faulty dosed either way, the trouble is you've now had them using liquids which are much harder to dose than powders. Measuring out 1mg and cutting it into quarters is much more accurate than dissolving and trying to measure out liquids. I'm not going to argue this further.

EDIT: If you also don't know how to weigh, fentanyl is not for you. Always use a tare, and don't press the tare button. Looking for .001 versus having a 1g tray and looking for 1.001, you'll find a huge difference in accuracy.

EDIT2: Here's a scale on amazon for $35 which folks claim has +- 1mg accuracy. You'll want to pick up a 10g EXACT weight for calibration (I don't own this one, don't know if it's included). These have been weighted with $6000 scales in labs to be 10.000 exact. Calibrate to that. Then, use a tare around that level for best accuracy.