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Solvit 62296 Pet Vehicle Safety Harness, Large
Keep your pet safe and secure in the car at all timesMade from special strength-rated material with a breathable mesh safety vestInstalls easily in all vehiclesAttaches with heavy-duty straps and full metal connectorsFits pets 45 to 85 pounds; 1-year warranty
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8 Reddit comments about Solvit 62296 Pet Vehicle Safety Harness, Large:

u/StrokeIt416 · 6 pointsr/houston

I would strongly recommend grabbing something like the harness I have linked below. It still allows your pooch the mobility (albeit a tad more limited) but most importantly can help reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

These things aren't expensive if you shop around. I think these things should be in everyone's kit!

Sorry for shit formatting, on phone..

u/tokisushi · 5 pointsr/dogs

>How often should you stop

Consider their schedule already - try to maintain their bathroom/meal/exercise schedule while on the road. Dogs thrive on routine and in scary new situations like moving across country, it can be their 'rock' to get through the transition. You will likely need to stop 4 or 5 times for potty breaks, 2 or 3 times for meal breaks (try to find restaurants that allow dogs or parks for a picnic) and once or twice a day for some exercise (long walk after a picnic/meal, finding a local dog park to let them off leash, playing obedience games in the hotel, etc).

>Is there any way to find out the closest dog parks to the highway

When you are in the car and about ready for a break - get out your smart phone and do a local search for 'dog parks'. You should be able to find them fairly easy in all major cities you pass through (smaller towns are less likely to have areas like this). If you find yourself in the middle of no where and need a break - many places will have signs for states parks, nature areas or rest stops that you can take some long walks through. If possible - plan to stop at some of the bigger 'attractions'/parks and maybe spend an afternoon hiking. Your dogs will be much more tired for much longer with a nice little adventure (and it is good for the humans, too. Being stuck in a car driving across country is tough on everyone).

>Anything I should know/be prepared for before taking a 2,200 mile trip with the pups?

  • Bring a couple gallon jugs of water and bowls for them to drink out of if you have trouble finding a good dog friendly spot to water them. Consider getting something like this or this (if they will be riding in their crates).

  • Stock up on chews and entertainment for the car ride. Something that will last them a while but not smell terrible (Try Himalayan Dog Chews or Deer Antler)

  • If they will not be riding in their crates - they should at least be wearing a well fitting harness and be using a doggy seatbelt (it can help keep them in place and protect them in case of an accident - look for harnesses that have a crash test rating, if possible).

  • Maintain your schedule as much as you can. Try to get in a good amount of tiring exercise in the morning, a nice walk in the afternoon and a walk in the evening to stretch their legs and help keep them calm.

  • Do google searches in large towns/cities you know you will be passing through for dog parks, rest areas and dog friendly restaurants to take breaks at.

  • Big changes like this can cause some anxiety which can lead to tummy upset - bring a lot of poop bags, enzymatic cleaner, paper towels and plastic bags with you - as well as a few different sets of towels/blankets just in case. A can of 100% pumpkin puree (not pie filling) kept in a cooler with a can cover can also help with any tummy discomfort (add a tablespoon to kibble at meal times).
u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/houston

It's not going to be cheap since it's likely the dog has internal injuries. Take him/her to the closest emergency vet ASAP. A quick google search should suffice in finding a place. There's this one in Galleria/Uptown area Animal Emergency Clinic

After they have him back there you can talk to the front desk people about setting up a payment plan and if they aren't helpful talk to the vet about it. You can also sign up for a care credit account and pay it off through them. You can check it out here

Dogs typically have a high pain tolerance and are good at hiding it. Please get to a vet as soon as possible.

And please get a crate for the back of the truck. You can find cheap ones if you keep an eye out at Goodwill, Ross, or Craigs list. Or better yet let him ride in the car with a dog seat belt

u/AxsDeny · 1 pointr/dogs

I use one very similar to this one. You really have to tighten up the strap if you want to keep the dog from flying forward though. Instead of using the seatbelt as an anchor, I use the LATCH hook that's up on the C-beam of the car. Unfortunately, that's pretty high up and it won't let her lie down. On longer trips I need to give her a little more slack and go back down to the seatbelt.

The belt serves three purposes as I see it: in some crashes, dogs escape and run away. The belt prevents that. It also keeps the dog from crashing around the car in case of an accident and getting hurt. It also stops the dog from becoming a missile and taking off your head in a high speed crash.

u/pashafisk · 1 pointr/Pets

We have two rescues. Toby, our staffy/Shepard mix who we adopted at 8 weeks, and he's now two. He moved twice with us within the first two months of having him. (we had to be out of our place a week before our new place was available, so we stayed with a friend...woo college towns). This past December we adopted a berry shy, very scared 11 month old boxer/Shepard mix, and she had been coming around very well. In the next few weeks we are moving about 2000 miles.

In the car with us we will be bringing their beds (for them to sleep on, if they choose to, at our hotel stops). Also a blanket, and some of their favorite toys, so they have the scents and comforts of home, and they will be with my fiance and I at all times.
If you're taking you pup on a long distance move, check out this website for dog parks, and other dog friendly places, to stop and play at. I also just bought my dogs some "seatbelts" to keep them safe should something happen on the journey.

If you are keeping the dog in mind, and keeping their needs in your priority list, I think you'll be just fine moving with a pup.

Good luck!

u/gonzolahst · 1 pointr/aww
u/captainyuhyuh · 1 pointr/Greyhounds

We use the Solvit harness when we got our dark brindle. I realized that 60lbs of "roaching fury" that isn't buckled down in a vehicle can potentially kill us all if we suddenly stop from a vicious car accident.

She wears a harness, and we attach the harness to the seat belt itself. She eventually lays down, but it will definitely be a mandatory accessory on any car rides.