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Sony VCTHSM1 Helmet Side Mount for Sony Action Cam (Black)
Mount your Action Cam to the side of your helmetAdjustable for tilt and roll to ensure best angle of recordingSecure your Action Cam with included leash and buckle lock
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4 Reddit comments about Sony VCTHSM1 Helmet Side Mount for Sony Action Cam (Black):

u/Thatkidluke · 3 pointsr/motorcycles

the Sonys are challenging the GoPros. you should consider the AS200V because it has build in SteadyShot which is important for less shaky Videos. (or else you have to edit in Post and that results in warping)

i doubt that you would need a 4K action cam but there is also a model for that.

All action cams lack in low light performance, so keep that in mind.
if you want to add your Cam to the side of your helmet, you will need this mount as well.

good Luck!

u/I_am_Nic · 2 pointsr/sonyactioncam

I personally would recommend the helmet mount, it will give you the smoothest and therefore best result.

If you can't bring your own helmet with you or mind about loosing the adhesive plate (it is very hard to remove them, even if you manage to remove it, then the adhesive strip can be damaged).

So the next mount I would recommend is the chest harness, since you can easily use it and it is a non-permanent solution (adhesive pads are what I call a "permanent solution").

Don't mount the camera directly on your scooter/motorcycle/bike, since you will get a shitty result - mounting it on the vehicle itself should only be done for a second perspective.

u/lejazzvp · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

What do you use to mount it on your helmet?

Edit: THIS I guess?

u/FeelTheWrath79 · 1 pointr/sonyactioncam

You would have to buy the helmet mount. It also mounts on the side, so if you wanted a top mount, you would probably have to find a gopro adapter for it. From my experience, you can point the camera down more than you think you should to get a better angle.

There is no issue with not having a screen on the camera. You just need to download the sony play memories app from itunes and then connect it to the camera. DO THIS NOW. Don't wait until you get to Asia. Then go to best buy or your local electronics store that has a demo unit in stock and try connecting it to your phone. You might be able to get the password from a sales person if they still have the box and manuals there. Then you can see everything the camera sees, which will help you get the correct angle.

Don't forget to get extra batteries and a battery charger as well! The sony brand batteries are the most expensive, but they do get pretty decent battery life.

Edit: I think there is a shoulder mount, but gopro has a lot more of these kinds of accessories, which means you would need to get an adapter for it.

Second Edit: Are you taking a computer of some kind? If not, I would recommend a memory card with 128 GB. You can put A LOT of footage onto 128 GB.