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Spigen RA100 Designed for AirPods Strap for Apple Airpods 1 & 2 [NOT Compatible with Airpods Pro] - White
Compact, lightweight and extremely durableIdeal for keeping AirPods close by during outdoor activitiesFastens AirPods on each mount to ensure stability and securitySimple design that keeps the experience tangle-free with easy storage (Patent Pending)ONLY compatible with Airpods 1 & 2 (NOT compatible with Airpods Pro)
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46 Reddit comments about Spigen RA100 Designed for AirPods Strap for Apple Airpods 1 & 2 [NOT Compatible with Airpods Pro] - White:

u/ozh · 580 pointsr/funny

For those wondering: yes, this is real. (gotta love the "PATENT PENDING" bit)

u/G65434-2_II · 93 pointsr/headphones

When enough people drop them by accident and lose them, have them trampled to bits in a crowd, or both.

But oh, wait, there's already a solution for that... :D

u/UlrichNarccus · 88 pointsr/funny
u/Samhulk99 · 69 pointsr/UnexpectedThanos

You know you can condense a link as such, right?

u/grandpa_tarkin · 22 pointsr/ExpectationVsReality

I know you’re being sarcastic but that’s really a thing on Amazon.

u/ElectricInfinity · 16 pointsr/technology

One of the first things made for the air pods was, you guessed it, straps.

u/Wodashit · 16 pointsr/funny
u/jayman419 · 14 pointsr/CrappyDesign

I'm not even anti-Mac. At least not to the point that I hate it on general principle. I asked a question about a design "feature" I hadn't realized they would try to do. But let's look at the Magic Mouse 2 for a moment, shall we?

The keyboard and the touchpad can both charge during use. Which means when the battery inevitably dies, they can be used as wired devices. This is a $100 mouse that's just scotch tape and bailing wire inside and when the battery goes, that's it.

Dozens of people on support forums and in reviews are saying that the battery is dying faster, and taking longer to charge, than Apple's numbers. One guy needed 10 minutes to get 7% charge, which lasted less than an hour.

This Apple fan at Gizmodo pointed out the flaws of trying to use one on a work computer. He'd forgotten to charge it for a while, and had to keep recharging it through the day, because the whole "two minutes" thing wasn't working out for him.

And he forgot because it's not a problem with just about any other mouse in existence, and to check the charge you have to go into your computer settings. By the time you get the pop-up you're going to be without your mouse for at least a little while.

And he's not the only Apple fan who isn't thrilled about the new mouse.

On a PC, a hundred bucks buys a lot of mouse. And you can use it to just point at things and click buttons. You don't have to massage it and tickle it and learn sign language.

If you like Apple stuff, that's fine. It's your money. But when someone says "that's kind of a stupid idea" you don't need to get all defensive. Making wireless headphones that you have to connect wires to so you don't lose them is a stupid idea. Getting rid of the 3.5mm audio jack was a cynical move motivated by greed.

And even if they give you the lightning to USB adapter with the mouse, why does it need a USB to Lightning adapter at all? Apple doesn't care about legacy support.

Could it be because it's junk and they can sell $20 replacements every few months?

This is an Apple product meant to work seamlessly with other Apple products. They're making users jump through hoops almost like the design department has a bet going on to see who can come up with the most ridiculous requirements they can put users through.

I honestly think they're doing it because at this point they literally have more money than they can figure out how to spend. And they'd like to stop making it, or at least generate some losses to offset the tax burden that bringing it home out cost.

And it just keeps failing. People just keep buying it. "It's intentional!" some say. Like that makes it better? It's a bad idea. It really is just that simple.

Ever read The Princess Bride? Apple is Yeste. Domingo died, Inigo has the last great weapon that will ever come from that shop, and the customers don't care. So they make things gaudier and less useful and double and redouble the prices.

u/letmeusespaces · 10 pointsr/funny

Apple doesn't make it, but here you go

u/TheStokedHomie · 8 pointsr/me_irl

I found this on Amazon. It's similar enough.

u/MisterJukebox8 · 7 pointsr/funny
u/bfredo · 7 pointsr/funny

Spigen TEKA RA100 for AirPods Strap Never Lose Your AirPods Patent Pending Air Pods Strap Wire Cable Connector for Apple Airpods - White

Not an Apple product, but still very ironic.

u/DoILookUnsureToYou · 7 pointsr/Android
u/Oscar--Goldman · 6 pointsr/memes

They are real but I am waiting for the next gen strap to be released.
It's rumored the updated version, coming out for Christmas, will have the capability to keep your Airpods fully charged. The strap will connect to your phone, enabling your phone to become a mobile charging device.

Spigen Airpod straps on Amazon

u/TooBrokeForBape · 4 pointsr/funny

Its not even an apple product

Jesus, people in this thread are all jumping on the hate train with no idea what they're talking about.

u/lol62056 · 3 pointsr/PewdiepieSubmissions

It’s actually not, amazon sells them

u/jeejeer · 3 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating
u/Genoce · 3 pointsr/rickandmorty

Not an official product, but it apparently actually exists. :D

u/BZenMojo · 3 pointsr/LateStageCapitalism

This isn't.

Just need some sort of USB attachment... you know... for charging.

u/Awesome_Squid · 2 pointsr/me_irl
u/nickolove11xk · 2 pointsr/iphone

Problem Solved

u/sahaDizel · 2 pointsr/memes
u/HereForTheC0mments · 2 pointsr/funny

Nobody said it was an apple produced product. ironic yes...#reading

They do exist though

Spigen RA100 Designed for AirPods Strap Compatible with Apple Airpods 1 & 2 - White

u/incapablepanda · 2 pointsr/technology

oh yes, my friend. we've come full circle. but we're innovating and being courageous, and that's what's important.

There's a variety of third party sellers. I also would not be surprised if Apple sold a version that was, because of its Apple branding, like 200% more expensive and about as durable as their god awful first part lightning cables.

u/Dany_Heatley05 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Yes! I go running with them in and I've not had a problem yet. Even if you were worried about it you could always buy one of these for $10

u/TommyAdagio · 1 pointr/AppleWatch

Darn it, if I'd seen this yesterday it could have saved me $11.

u/christophercoolman · 1 pointr/ProductPorn

This is from Spigen and they have 50% right now.

Here is link if someone interested: It's only $9.99 now.

u/ramblesthecow · 1 pointr/airpods
i got this one and i like it quite a bit. it is a simple design but the build quality is solid. once on the airpods it holds nice and tight so no worry of them just falling out.

u/Aienache · 1 pointr/boostedboards

Have been anticipating the AirPods for long!

Spigen AirPods Strap Never Lose Your AirPods PATENT PENDING iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus Air Pods Strap Wire Cable Connector for

Apple Airpods - Exclusive for Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus

^^Have had those staring back at me for weeks...

Can't wait to shred hard w/ the AirPods!

u/Cainedbutable · 1 pointr/funny
u/shananies · 1 pointr/applehelp

Yeah totally get that. This is what I use for those situations where I think I may lose them. I don’t need it that often though

Spigen TEKA RA100 AirPods Strap Never Lose Your AirPods PATENT PENDING Air Pods Strap Wire Cable Connector for Apple Airpods - White

u/slyce604 · 1 pointr/funny

Not fake, also as stated above, not Apple... LOL you bought Apple products and admitted it.

u/Airazz · 1 pointr/nottheonion

Stupid Amazon listing, white objects photographed on white background.

u/A-Bone · -5 pointsr/funny

Thought this was a joke.

Not a joke.

WTF Apple???

EDIT (4:30pm EST): Yes, guys I understand that they are not made by Apple... No shit..

The WTF is because we even need to have an accessory like this..

Apple: "We have freed you from the tyranny of cords.... Oh.. BTW you might want to buy a cord so you don't lose those, which we don't make because that would be an admission that we solved a problem that really didn't exist and immediately created a more expensive problem."