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Spinning Hat Cap Zappa Bottle Opener
Bottle opener and cap launcherProjection that can span over 16 feetIdeal gadget for breaking the ice at any partyUnique and funMeasures approximately 6.5 By 1-inch
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37 Reddit comments about Spinning Hat Cap Zappa Bottle Opener:

u/H720 · 272 pointsr/gifs

I doubt I'd play with it much beyond a day because it's a bit big for a keychain and I'm not an alcoholic, but it's $3

I try to find cool stuff like this for /r/INEEEEDIT, my sub. If you like stuff like this you'd probably like the subreddit too.

u/shawner47 · 78 pointsr/gifsthatendtoosoon

I have a few of these. They feel kind of flimsy, but work surprisingly well. Get them here:

u/Rogem002 · 50 pointsr/interestingasfuck

The same item on Amazon UK is frequently brought with Silicone Beer Savers Bottle Caps Tops :/

u/Sarcasticorjustrude · 35 pointsr/gifs

I need this.

Edit: Found it, Cap Zappa.

u/ask7852 · 23 pointsr/PeopleBeingJerks
u/JustYourStalker · 18 pointsr/funny

Looks like this

u/osfan456 · 17 pointsr/holdmybeer

Here ya go!

u/The_edref · 13 pointsr/UniUK

Speakers will make your life so much better. I'd recommend getting a shower speaker too, your flatmates will love you.

A door stop is the right answer.

If you get a memory foam mattress topper your life will be so much better. It makes any bed amazing, and, although they aren't particularly cheap, they can last a very long time. I have this one

Get some good quality pens and books of paper. You don't want the refil pads as they always fall apart sooner or later, get some which have metal binding on one side. For pens I always got a box of these or these. They make the vast amounts of notes you need to take much better.

Don't buy the recommended reading until you have checked how many copies the library has. There's a good chance you'll be able to read them enough without paying for them, or search Bookname.pdf into google and it will probably be there.

Pint glasses are very useful things to have, but I found it added a nice touch to my flat if they were all borrowed from pubs.

get a multipack of playing cards on the cheap from amazon. You'll probably get through a fair few packs in first year. Some poker chips were a nice thing to own as well. In 3rd year I got Cards Against humanity as well, and it is a very good game for predrinks

Get minimum 1 good frying pan, 1 good saucepan, a good wooden chopping board, a good chefs knife, a baking sheet, and a colander.

Get a bottle opener like this one and you will have hours of fun pinging the caps at people

I didn't use mine much in 1st year, but all the other years of uni my bike was a great thing to have. It allows you to shop further away (so cheaper) and reduces your reliance on public transport. It also means you can get out of your area of the city occasionally, which is nice.

A french press means you can make a whole pot of great coffee for your flatmates when you are all getting up after a heavy night, at which point they might crown you or start worshiping you or some shit

u/not_a_throwaway24 · 6 pointsr/HumansBeingJerks

Looks like they're for sale for $3.50 on some other sites but idk how much shipping is there! I googled "beer opener shooter"!

u/zilla13 · 6 pointsr/whitepeoplegifs

For the lazy: Spinning Hat Cap Zappa Bottle Opener

u/Regis_Fillbutt · 5 pointsr/interestingasfuck

I bought it from amazon, it was like $6. Kinda a crappy bottle opener but its great for shooting your buddy from the other side of the couch while he's looking at his phone.


u/WhatWasWhatAbout · 2 pointsr/nashville

Pair this with a Bottle cap opener/shooter, and games on!

u/jxcvi · 2 pointsr/gifs
u/Bioamp09 · 2 pointsr/gifs

Beer Bottlecap Launcher For anyone that was curious where to buy one like myself

u/Noticemenot · 2 pointsr/ProductPorn
u/raptorraptor · 1 pointr/drunk
u/Iridebike · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

Bottle opener launcher

Spinning Hat Cap Zappa Bottle Opener

u/skazito · 1 pointr/interestingasfuck

check out Amazon FR You can play darts with bottlecaps. Also, I want that beer poster now, preferably pocket friendly.

u/Vetrusio · 0 pointsr/gifs
u/TheWonderfulWoody · 0 pointsr/gifs

For anyone interested, the product is called the “Cap Zappa.”