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u/Wolpfack · 3 pointsr/NorthCarolina

For those of you who have no idea what creasy greens are:

>The botanical name is Barbaraea verna; they are a mustard in the Brassicaceae family. Creasy greens are a small leafy green often known as upland cress, winter cress, and early yellow rocket. They are similar to watercress in taste but do not grow in bogs the way watercress does.
>Euell Gibbons, the master forager, reported in his book, Stalking the Healthful Herbs that “100 grams of winter cress (creasy greens) contain an impressive 5,067 I.U. of vitamin A and 152 milligrams of vitamin C. By comparison, the same weight of raw broccoli spears rates only 2,500 I.U. of vitamin A . . . and oranges (which of course are universally acknowledged as a good source of vitamin C) provide a comparatively measly 50 milligrams of C per 100 grams!”