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Stanley High-Visibility Low Pressure Disposable Foam Earplugs, 80-Pack Tube (RST-63008),Yellow & Pink
HI-VIS COLORS: Vibrant yellow and magenta color scheme makes these hi-vis earplugs easily visible in the ear; also helps to prevent loss or misplacementEXCELLENT NOISE REDUCTION (NRR 32): Self-Adjusting foam expands to create a secure seal for excellent hearing protection in even the loudest environmentsIDEAL FOR SMALLER & LARGER EARS: Smaller earplug profile is ideal for smaller ear canals, but low pressure foam expands to fit virtually any ear canalSUPERIOR COMFORT: The contoured T-shape of the foam earplug allows for easy insertion and removal throughout the dayPROMOTES GOOD HYGIENE: The smooth, soil-resistant, closed-cell foam skin helps prevent dirt build-up and promotes overall ear safety; 80-pack tube
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14 Reddit comments about Stanley High-Visibility Low Pressure Disposable Foam Earplugs, 80-Pack Tube (RST-63008),Yellow & Pink:

u/NewChameleon · 38 pointsr/uwaterloo

ok let's calm down, one at a time

>I've been just walking around by myself, eating by myself, going to class by myself, sitting in class by myself

totally normal, in uni it's actually a hassle to get other people to eat/walk with you because everyone have different schedule

>my living conditions are near hellish. I have a double room in REV and my roommate is someone who loves parties.I wake up approximately 10 times a night

This is pretty serious, you can't study if you don't sleep, try earplugs? I've used those ones and they do wonders

Now you know mayyyybe res is not a good choice, which is why most upper years live off-campus
>I am in all three advanced math/cs courses which I'll drop down from on Monday

If you feel you can't handle it, then drop down to the 135 version, there is NO shame in dropping down, in fact props to you for going 145 in the first place

>Lastly the food. I've tried Shawerma Plus, Paninos, Subway (in SLC), V1 cafe so far and it all tastes sort of bad. I also feel guilty because it's so expensive but anything less than a combo meal and I don't feel full.

newsflash: almost all on-campus food are literally garbage, if you want better food go to plaza or do grocery shoping and cook it yourself

some old posts about what to get in plaza: 1 2 3

u/lilylemony · 3 pointsr/self

I went to a David Bowie concert on my 15th birthday (Sound & Vision tour with Adrian Belew). Heaven on earth, but HELL on my ears. They rang/vacuum cleaned for a good 3-4 days afterwards and I was terrified.

Thankfully, my hearing went back to normal and I have worn earplugs at anything that's potentially loud since. I second the Hearos or these, which are apparently even better at blocking out decibel levels and fit more snugly and deeper in my tiny ear canals. Just treated myself to a gigantic container of them.

Once is all it takes.

u/Dumplati · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

Thanks for the help.

Went with the following.

BLACKHAWK! Sportster Range Bag, Black

3 Trigger Locks

Chamber Flags


Stapler Staples

Cheap Earplugs

Cleaning Kit Should I also get a collapsible one? Was unable to find one on Amazon.

Eye Protection

Primary Ear Protection

Anything I missed?
[Secondary Ear Protection] ( Incase my main ones fail, or I have a guest.

u/Cross94 · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

What kind of rifle and what caliber were you using? Were you shooting off a bench, prone, standing? As for the earmuff issue, just bring a decent pair of foam earplugs next time. Personally I use these.

u/OrbisTerre · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I use 2 of the spacers to get the speakers closer. I just use these foam earplugs.

Having a hole makes sense, but those ER20's look like they would stick out too far, get caught on the helmet lining.

u/dontRead2MuchIntoIt · 1 pointr/vancouver

Save your money and get one of these:

None of senior citizens in the Eagles concert will care about its bright color. [Source: doing it myself]

u/WWSSADADXZ · 1 pointr/guns

I bought a big bulk pack of Stanley in-ear foam earplugs and follow up with a pair of Howard Leight ultra lightweight compact folding earmuffs. The foam earplugs are cheap enough that I don't care if I lose them, and the Howard Leight earmuffs are small enough to fit 2-3 of them in my range bag easily in case I have friends come along.

I like the comfort of the setup as it offers a good double layer of protection, yet the Howard Leight earmuffs aren't in the way when I fire a rifle. I also wear them with eye protection no problem.

u/fortyfive33 · 1 pointr/bostoncalling

I have sensory issues with sounds and use Stanley Low Pressure earplugs.

u/justanotherreddituse · 1 pointr/sleep

I like these, after a while you don't even notice them. They highly muffle sound unfortunately but on the bright side they can go through my washer no problem.